Here you can choose one good comb for you

April 09 [Wed], 2014, 13:21

How to choose good comb or brush for your hair?
The material depends on the type and condition of hair. For example, curly hair <リンク:
>new hair replacement methods is better with combs or brushes made of wood as a comb or brush made of plastic , for smoothing the hair with the brushing technique is the best option a round brush made of ceramic, the better concentrates the heat and ensures that the hair remains smooth for longer .
The shape of the comb or the brush is determined by the length and texture of the hair. Long , straight hair<リンク:
> Hair Replacement Services is best with a flat brush and comb bristles protected , the hair is combed , without damaging it . In response to the ever- controversial issue of how curly hair should be combed , we advise you to breitzinkigen combing. For short hair <リンク:
>New Hair Replacement combs and brushes should be given with compact teeth or bristles of preference . With hair extensions brush must be used with soft and long bristles ( the knotting of the hair used do not tear out ) .
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