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September 27 [Tue], 2011, 11:34
Cleaning of bags
1. Genuine leather series
Use polishing oil to dab at the stains gently. If your bag will not be used for a long time, just choose a dust bag to pack it in a dry place without being squeezed.
2. PU, PVC series:
Never use any polishing oil containing chemical substances to bad at the bag in order to avoid chemical changes which may affect bag's appearance. Proposal is that you had better use clean water or some particular polishing oil to wipe off the stains. For bag not used in a long time, just choose a dust bag to pack it in a dry place without being squeezed.
3. Cloth material
Use water mixed with some detergent to tab at the stained points. For bags not used in a long time just put it away in a dust bag in a dry place without any accumulation.
Some general cleaning and maintenance methods
Tip: Before the use of any agent or detergent to wash bags, you should try the detergent out on some conspicuous place of your bag to guarantee that the cleaner can't give rise to any chemical reactions to your bag. If so, just stop without spoiling your bag in a large scale.
1. Usually, to clean your bag, you should use some cleaning brush or cotton cloth suitable for different textures to wipe off dust and besmirch.
2. For leather bags, if you clean them with detergent specialized for leather, then cleaning cloth for glasses is a good and cheaper helper. It will not scratch your beloved bag. And you just need to make sure that the detergent is spread all over the bag to the right amount. Then your bag will soon regain its gloss.
3. Some erasers with dual use for pencil and pen can be used as cleaner for suede bag
If your bag is not dirty enough, just use the eraser for pencil cleaning. Otherwise use another side to remove stains. This lies in the strong friction eraser brings but you should use moderate force to avoid any damage to your bag.
4. When cleaning your bag made of nylon or cloth, you can just use wet cloth without water dripping to dab at the surface gently. Apart from bags of silk satin, you can try to use a toothbrush with toothpaste on it to do local cleaning.
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5. Whatever material your bag is made of, just remember that your washed bag must be put in a ventilated place first instead of being dried under the sun because bags are in their most fragile condition after being cleaned by water.
Sudden exposure to high temperature will make your bag's color fade away or cause the leather stiff and brittle.UGG Classic Cardy Boots 5819 gray Womens Boots

6. For bags covered with hardware, you can dry it with dry cloth after being washed. Or do some micro-oxidation. Try some flavor or toothpaste to dab at the hardware. That's ok.
Cleaning Skills for Special stains
1. For white bags in their yellowish condition, you can just use your toothbrush to dab at your whole bag with some neutral detergent. At the sewing parts, just use your used toothbrush to do the cleaning.
2. With your bag being attached to besmirch, just clean the part with eraser gently and then dab some colorless leather cream on it carefully.
3. For pure white bags, you can just use diluted disinfectant or bleach for treatment and mind you here before use these things you must try them out in small-scale area to see whether they are OK.
4. Besides for tawny bags, you can just try to use banana peel to dab at the bag, which can polish and clean your bag clearly.
5. For oil stains, they can be removed with detergent or you just use your toothbrush to swab the stained points with diluted oxalic acid before being washed and then do some conventional treatment.
6. To remove the stains caused by ball pen trace, you can use alcohol of 95% for treatment.
7. For glue on your bag, you can try some IPA Isopropyl Alcohol or grease removal which can be bought in chemical products stores. Or you can try some essential balm for test.
Treatment of folds on bags
During the delivery process, bags are usually being folded up which may cause many folds. Solutions:
Decision method:
1. Stuff some soft or gentle things into bag, and folds will disappear after a period of time.
2. Use the hair dryer with hot air to blow the folding crease for 5 minutes and the crease will gradually disappear
How to improve durability of bag
1. keep bags dry; bags kept in wet or damp condition tend to get distorted.
2. Never load too many things in your bag, which will cause your bag wrinkling, deformation or cracking.
3. If your bag adorned by hardware is scratched without being repaired, you must avoid it being exposed to chemicals or being scratched again.
4. Do not put your patent leather bags into polybag for fear of being adhered to it.
5. Bags of different colors should not be kept together in order to avoid being dyed.
On storage of bag
1. When seasons change or your bags are not used for a long time, you must tidy them and then put them away in a good order.
2. Put your bags away in a place without being exposed under sunshine or very damp place.
3. Bag should be placed first in the shade after being washed and dab a layer of leather protecting agent on its surface before being stored.
4. I n order not to deform your bag, you should stuff some plain colored cloth inside to maintain its original shape. Paper filling can't be used for a long-term because they absorb moisture which draws pests.
5. Place some desiccant (moisture-proof agent) to prevent moisture. But avoid moth balls or other things of odor.UGG Classic Cardy Boots 5819 gray Womens Boots

6. Bags must be placed in intervals to prevent being dyed by each other of scratched.
7. Being stored instead of being buried, your bags must be taken out for some fresh air on a regular basis. Once per season, that's all right.
Just share some tips in maintaining our beloved bags. If you have some other good advice, just share with us.
Sophie Hu's, as an amateurish writer, likes reading books on western and eastern culture.
She keeps an eye on the fashion industry especially bags and enjoys investing in fashionable bags of affordable price.
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