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September 10 [Tue], 2013, 17:12
Four hundred and thirtieth chapters days Soul Soul School Library day fourth grade can be said that the existence of different, they have little hard xìng required courses, survival training after returning, the main thing is dominated by self- , library information inside the limitless what they have to absorb nutrients slowly, unless the stoop, or libraries is that they will come to the place every day. Welcome to the website can read reluctant to voluntarily remain in fourth grade graduates, there will stoop guy what? Think all know it is impossible, before coming here, Feng Zheng have met their psychologically prepared. "Brute force girl, seems your mind xìng really 'very good'." Zhengfeng Ping Gu Yue Jing looked, said: "I need to 'help' you long remember xìng do?" Yesterday he In the dormitory had been asked to Fu Yan Jie 'human self-propelled guns' interpretation of the term. So, clearly the meaning of this term, he will not allow others to call him so. Ku Feng Zheng though afraid, but because there Murong elegant presence, she dare not believe this guy how she, cried: "Who is the brute force girl, do not mess up my nickname, you are the human form since the" hospital things have gone a long room, Murong Ya is not a narrow-minded people, for Feng Zheng hatred, had almost disappeared. "Satsuki, do not cause trouble," Murong Ku Ya gave a sharp eyes, she and Feng Zheng yesterday signed a 'temporary truce' until the AC game before they will no longer fight. Ku can not because this girl's provocative and breaking agreements, or for her, or for him, are no good, my sister is her portrait of adults determined to win things. Thanks for supporting novel Murong ya watched, Ku should just whispered: "Yes." In fact, for Murong Ya, the Zheng Feng askew in addition to not accept her bad temper, the other side really does not have much opinion, she is also very curious, Zheng Feng actually came early in the morning for what a library. "You do not have class today, what grade? Skipping?" Murong Ya curious said that she was rhetorical, a year apart from holidays rì outside, every day class, she would like to ask just Feng Zheng came here Bale. Feng Zheng justifiably be said: "I leave it. Moreover, can I come to the library, but also need your blood evil Guards regiment approved it?" "You" when Ku was about to retort, but was again stopped by Murong Ya the. "That would not, I'm just curious it, you do not want to say we will not force you." Murong Ya smiled slightly: "Satsuki, let's go.", Then faded, she took Murong Ya Gu Yue walked Books shop. After a month when the ancient Feng Zheng around, carrying Murong Feng Zheng Ya waved his fist, made a face, but with a trace of doubt in his eyes. May the eyes of the ancient silk doubt that the source is quoted hospital this morning, she would like to ask Zheng Feng, his xìng orientation what? If he really and Lili Wei wrote, is a 'little affected', she may be able to think about and this guy an apology. After Canada Goose Tremblant Pullover Jacket all, if Zhengfeng Xi Huan boys, that human nature is not self-propelled guns of the ~ that is not natural enemies - female xìng before that thing in North Face Gore Tex Outlet the girls female residents, naturally it is a misunderstanding ~ ya mood since Murong trouble, Feng Zheng will not be bored to take the initiative to provoke, but the premise is certainly not to annoy him that Ku. Feng Zheng also quiet followed behind them entered the Murong Ya library. He has also recently begun to realize that they are no common sense, so before we came here, he had specifically asked the cliff, in the library needs to pay attention to what the result was not too complicated. Cliff just tell him to remember a little like, 'can not be in the library shouting' when into the library after Zheng Feng was discovered that this is not deserted, although the outside and not too many people, but Azeri library years old can not be filled every one desk, but the number is definitely a lot. Such Feng Zheng doubt that these guys come out of nowhere, what is the time comes? Murong Feng Zheng Ya seems to see through what they thought, whispered: "You are the first time come to the library bar. Wonder why so early thing, but here there are so many people do?" She and Satsuki almost daily will be in the library for some time, if Feng Zheng had been there, she would not remember, because the whole day the soul academy, only two of them have the same color sè hair, so she just concluded Cheng Feng is the first once inside the library. Zheng Feng did not speak, but still nod, Murong Ya since mention his willingness to take the initiative to answer questions, he is still not loading force to refuse. Murong Ya smiled and said: "In fact, promised very simple, they have been since yesterday stay here. Days Soul School Library open twenty-four hours a day, a lot of people stay here overnight student, after all the classroom teacher to impart knowledge is still very limited knowledge of the beast Yu endless miles, more aspect is to make their own initiative to explore, if only class that point information alone is simply not enough. "division for the soul of the beast speaking, even every few days never sleep, nor will they cause too much impact, so stay up all night reading for these people, and no big deal. "It is so." Feng Zheng understanding should be a sound, emotion, staying up late watching the group of k students with books, if he is not have a tail, perhaps he would have found that these 'k book family' is one of them. "Murong sister, you simply do not need to explain, and this guy so much. Even a grade, it would have been more than one semester, but this guy is actually the first time today, come to the library, but is a very narrow view opinionated frog nothing." Murong Ya Ku tugged the sleeves muttered. Murong Ya laughed: "first-year student busy, no time to come here is not surprising, until you come to the twenty-three grade, naturally become a frequent visitor here, if to the fourth grade, which is every day must come to the place. "Zheng Gu Yue Feng but will not because of the words of the angry, because he was really the first time here, and he looked up and down here, a total of three shelves, felt faint for a small head ache, his brow suddenly jump a few times without next. All library shelves than he saw in jinrui study some bigger, so many books, he wants a one look through it, exactly when you want to find the information he wants ah To know that his time is not much, only less than a month only. A month's time, really a one slowly look through, but even here one percent of the books are not necessarily read. Murong Feng Zheng Ya always from the expression, guessed his troubles. "What you need to find the information, though I did not bring up reading books in the library, but they are free I still know where a total of three, all the books only on the type of animal soul, each genus xì ; ng, as well as its features to divide the content area and grade without any restrictions. "Ya Murong slowly explained:" Because even a simple entry into the soul of the beast is xìng, at different stages Now, perhaps it will have a different perception. "" When you or a control beast's time to see, you can only see the basic content, just literally can be when you become so after they reveal to see, there may realize deeper knowledge Hunshou according to their different characteristics are xìng, extending to them the soul of technology characteristics, coping style, feeding, and even developing direction "had told him these tails Therefore, Feng Zheng and not much feeling, but the tail was praised: "The great metamorphosis, you are the sister seems quite promising, at least understand that knowledge is dead, people are living this truth, in such a state of mind Go read the knowledge, than those who would blindly memorizing much easier. "If ya can hear the tail Murong appreciated, she will be proud of, from the tail of the mouth can not be praised too many people At least Feng Zheng learning this regard, it will never be the tail yelled worthless, let alone praised. "It's about methods used after Wu Ling" Feng Zheng said. "Hunshou Wu Ling of what?" Murong Ya pondered a moment and asked: "What is xìng and Hunshou types? Xìng different genera of the martial spirit has its own characteristics, different types of Hunshou , Wu Ling of the weapons will be different, so they are placed in locations were divided off. "...... Canada Goose Women's Palliser [ps: red really seeking votes, seeking collection, thank you]
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