Yan Ziyun cares about road

December 13 [Thu], 2012, 14:50
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultThe twenty-eighth chapter the devil beast attack Xuanyuan bro, you so desperately do, big brother is not to say ,want us to have a good rest, starting today ,there may be a battle ,even if you have back Dan ,the flesh not tired ,but your spirit will be tired .
Yan Ziyun cares about road .Regulus laughing Canada Goose Freestyle Vest Outlet,now to feel whole body Tongti happy ,handling of world of aura, said: no ,playing night of Lian bone boxing ,let me even more full of vigor and vitality .
Yesterday night, because there is no light the bonfire ,by virtue of the moon ,everyone looked not too clear Regulus played boxing moves, but they are able to feel the cold wind and a domineering ,hard, this is a kind of from Mitac momentum, for every person who practice magic, have great oppression ,to suppress .
Their mind will already know ,Regulus cultivation ,is absolutely can override their magical powers ,could be regional powers ,only Yin Zhenluo knows ,Regulus the asceticism is day of class Mitac peak, Yin Denon seems an ,the regulus or against itself to retain some information ,but she did not strange Regulus ,can say those ,have been described in Regulus on she has enough trust .
Xuanyuan experienced yesterday night Lian bone ,feel now their bones become more firm ,more force is from one hundred and fifty cattle force ,directly soars to one hundred and seventy-two cattle force ,most people simply don .
bucket dZi brought effect, is too big ,can imagine ,some people practicing life only in bucket ,fighter ,fighting division level stop, per cow ,for they are a huge barrier, extremely difficult to cross the chasm ,but Xuanyuan is able to one night ,twenty-two cattle force ,it is enough to prove the Xuanyuan terrorist training qualification .
Xuanyuan to his increased strength is not satisfied , bucket dZi has no real power play ,because bucket dZi is .There ,general arrived .There ,with their own anger, be that after running up, make this a magic weapon power doubling ,but Xuanyuan is not currently drives bucket dZi power .
Yan Liang again at a glance at Xuanyuan ,increasingly sure Yan Ziyun eyes ,Regulus ,gave him the feeling is in all the time growth ,watching the regulus above for five cm in height ,has reached seven meters ,Yan Liang knew ,Regulus absolutely in the bucket realm ,a refined bone ,had reached the great realm, otherwise it can not be overnight ,above five cm tall ,really do not know the Xuanyuan into the bucket Division peak realm need to accumulate much strength ,can break through !Yan Liang did not say anything, just to touch on lightly we started .
Xuanyuan a pedestrian with riding horse black month behind Yan Liang ,everyone is very cautious ,with the fastest speed to continue in-depth .Regulus sitting in the lone star body ,hungry straight thunder ,to lone star feed a Bigu Dan ,you eat a bomb ,suddenly found his stomach was a little hungry ,Regulus and eating a Bigu Dan ,it felt a warm current into all the limbs and bones ,nourishes my flesh .
Seeing this, Yan Ziyun surprised ,said: the junior ,you suddenly had two channels of dan ! Regulus mocked up ,said: to eat two should have no ? Yan Ziyun sighed ,said: I entered the fighting spirit realm is also a long time ,only to the fighting spirit realm of daily peak ,just need to take up to two Dan to meet their physical needs ,I now have just need a Bigu Dan is enough ,that is to say ,your body only by the body ,strength ,are stronger than me .
Regulus heart hearten ,laughed : rest assured ,big sister, I will not humiliate you . With Regulus took Yuet Wah door gave a heavy magic sword ,even the name no , Youlong sword is to cannot but when, who do not want to show show .
Yan Liang led the party ,before the day, suddenly ,after more than 10 devil beast directly towards a Regulus them the team to kill . Be careful ,against them ! Yan Liang hands out a sword ,named month awn sword ,is the nonesuch of ghosts ,the sword out, Yan Liang immediately rushes his huge grudge .
This a vindictive in Yan Liang hand mudra ,immediately coalesce into thousands of like light condensed into one ,mase suddenly rushed out in these magic bestial body .These deficiencies toothpick size one ,in this more than 10 devil beast body ,splitting from countless bloodstain ,more than 10 devil beast made a miserable howling ,eyes burst a blood light UGG Sundance II,seems to have cornered ,be desperate .
Results one can imagine ,has more than 10 Yan Liang took, devil beast ,in less than a moment between ,be executed ,wherein the regulus will execute a black panther . The harvest ,the demon animal fur can sell much money .
Yan Liang then just down, everyone rejoiced when ,suddenly a bigger group of a beast in charge came here .Yan Liang frowned ,shouted : low case something, we care . Five minutes passed, this time for thirty-eight first bucket division level devil beast coming, was beheaded ,and luckily everyone condense in together ,it makes a few weaker bucket division disciples suffered minor injuries .
Kill the beast ,Yan Liang felt a sudden ,said: ! A horse Shengchang hiss ,a pedestrian rushed towards the forest to catch .Regulus was understood ,these creatures ,they will not attack ,but someone will the devil beast away to here .
It seems like for their own people ,have already appeared, and know their own position ,then it will only become more and more dangerous .Yan Liang obviously knows ,this is deliberately do so ,if you just stay there, harvesting conquests ,absolutely for attracting more world of Warcraft siege ,although he does not have something ,but there must be student killed, this time not interested in the forest, but hung on Moku, absolutely not allow strength of wreck here .
Someone did this . Regulus road . I know ,these people do not dare to appear ,want to borrow the magic bestial hand kill us . Yan Ziyun felt cold ,that Zhang Meili ,began to kill decisive up ,after all, are raised to be the next generation of Yuehua door head, Yan Ziyun scheming or some, suddenly can be figured out .
t know who is under the hand, arrive soon hung day Moku, with many true brothers confluence, we overwhelm with numerical strength ,no one dares to overtly . The voice of a drop, Yan Liang in the hands of month awn sword broke the harsh light ,a sharp you tear out ,out in front ,all dare resist exist ,one one were ripped from .
Two hours later ,the land becomes more and more desolate ,hard Men's Canada Goose Banff,various toxicants are unable to survive ,the trees become scarce .However, an another breath ,together ,with the sound of fighting ,interweave together ,shares floated to the smell of blood .
Yan Liang led a pedestrian speed ,move away, accompanied by the sparse trees ,light becomes more bright ,slaughtered the sound more and more, more and more complex ,a roar ,the devil beast roar ,when this picture appears in the sight of all the people ,even moon gate disciple ,with a group of devil beast battle in together, this group of devil beast ,forces the highest ,should have arrived to fight the king realm .
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