One thing about Rift Bard Abilities

August 14 [Thu], 2014, 10:08
Motif of Tenacity - Plays a Motif that minimizes all harm taken by celebration and raid members by 5% for 15 seconds. Once more, this buff is awesome, hold it up as much as possible. Maybe sometimes you need rift bard healing during the game.
Coda of Distress - Plays a Coda that uses combo factors to boost the non-physical damage taken by a group of enemies by 7%; duration based mostly on points. That is virtually a straight up damage boost for you and any casters. Retain it up as much as you are able to.
Anthem of Defiance - Plays an Anthem that increases the magical resistance of party and raid members by 31. Protects your group towards magic results. Not fairly as helpful as Glory, given that a lot of casters can supply resist buffs already to finish rift bard leveling build.
Motif of Grandeur - Plays a Motif that increases healing received by party and raid members by 5% for 15 seconds. All our Motifs are well worth trying to keep up if attainable, but this one particular is the one particular you'll be able to most afford to skip if desired.
Anthem of Fervor - Plays an Anthem that decreases the cost of abilities for party and raid members by 10%. This is the anthem you would like. 10% more affordable all the things to your entire group is simply remarkable. Use it and delight in.
Verse of Captivation - Plays a verse that mesmerizes just one enemy for 8 seconds. Our single target CC. Really worth taking when you've got the factors to obtain here.
Motif of Encouragement - Plays a Motif that triggers as much as five surrounding critters to comply with the rogue for 15 seconds. Getting beat by a man which has a lute is negative; when he beats you up which has a posse of bunnies, which is just downright pathetic. 5/5 throughout the board for your awesomeness element.
Fanfare of Know-how - Plays a Fanfare that increases intelligence and wisdom of the party and raid for an hour. Likely the very best on the fanfares, this will assistance your casters.
Verse of Vitality - Plays a verse that instantaneously heals get together and raid members. Instant AoE heal; the sole downside is definitely the 1 minute CD you will get a rift bard macro motif.
Verse of Joy - Plays a verse that rejoices party and raid members, restoring 50 mana per second, 5 vitality per second, 5 power per second, and 5 charge per second. Remarkable capability for your group. Definitely a will need to have for that PvE bard.

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