5 Things to Know Before Plugging In to Closed Circuit

September 02 [Mon], 2013, 17:21

Closed Circuit starts off with a literal bang, as an explosion at a crowded London market leads to the arrest of suspected terrorist Farroukh Erdogan (Denis Moschitto).

Before the "trial of the century" starts, Erdogan's lawyer suddenly diessuspicious much?so a new defense attorney, Martin Rose (Eric Name Brand Handbags Bana), steps in. Because of some classified evidence, the government appoints an additional defense attorney, Claudia Simmons-Howe (Rebecca Hall), who's prohibited from talking to luxury handbags on sale Erdogan or his lawyer. One problem: Claudia and Martin just happen to be ex-lovers, and that's out of order, Your Honor!

Can these two keep their gavel banging a secret? Will their guilty-pleasure behavior make them vulnerable to sinister players involved Cheap Designer Handbags in the case? You have the right to read these facts:

1. A Mixed Verdict: Three months before cameras rolled, the filmmakers tasked Bana and Hall with learning Replica Handbags as much as possible about the British justice system. The actors sat in on cases and studied processes relevant to the story. Director John Crowley also called for an intensive two-week rehearsal prior to shootingunusual for a film. All this prep pays off in the performances, especially Hall's, but they're still working from a script that's loaded with exposition and plot contrivances.

2. Row, Row, Row Your Boat: Bana, who headlined Ang Lee's Hulk, Brand Name Handbags is no stranger to bulking up for a role, but CC required that he learn how to row. He trained with a coach in Melbourne and the U.K., and the sport proved more physical than expected for the actor. Bana shows off his "sculling" skillsand taut physiqueearly in the film, as he rows down the River Thames. The location provides great views of the MI5 and Parliament House buildings, which figure prominently in the plot.
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