June 06 [Fri], 2008, 21:17
I was bitten by woolly bear.
My right shoulder have puffed up and hurt.
I am performing a simple procedure.
It will be good tomorrow.
Oh! hurt!


June 05 [Thu], 2008, 21:38


June 05 [Thu], 2008, 20:55
My friend is going to Australia.
She stay at hotel for five nights and at host family's home for two nights. She is going to Sydney and Cairns.
I worry about Sydney will be cold and she has a poor listening and speaking comprehension.
But she do it well than my English skill. huhu..


June 04 [Wed], 2008, 20:45
I made a vase again.
It is heigh 17cm ,diamethr 75cm, conie vase.
It is feel coolness.

I want to see, how will it be arrangemented by designer.


June 03 [Tue], 2008, 17:40
I went to watch the firefly to the river nearby my house with Pixy and Fairy last night.
there were many fireflies in the darkness.
they moved slowly and they were lighting slightly.

Pixy and Fairy looked them seriously.

It was so mysterious scenery .
We were satisfied with them.

One of them came into my car.
I wanted to take out it, but I sat off it.

my garden 

June 02 [Mon], 2008, 22:49

Wild life Pixy.
She is hunting for lizards.
She can't catch it easily but she will proceed daringly.

This is "rococo".
I remember about Marie Antoinette.

out side the box 

June 01 [Sun], 2008, 22:24
Sometimes they say,"We need to think outside the box".
It means to think differently, think in new and creative ways, see things in different perspectives.
But it's difficult.
Then I visualized hybrid living things.
For example rabbit and rose, dog and sunflower, ,,etc.
I have be united animal with plant together.
I recalled the horse mount a bike.
I loved him.

my friend 

May 30 [Fri], 2008, 22:26

The earth of glass was shattered to bits.

I could not have my home.


May 28 [Wed], 2008, 17:53

Fairy is falling me always.
She is very sensitive to heat.
She is completely worn out.

It looks that she is planted in the kitchen garden.

let's fly together 

May 27 [Tue], 2008, 15:27
It was beautiful brighten night.
There was a full moon above many roses.
We were talking about to explore in the space.
We expected to use magic carpet because it need not fuel.
We have organized to something place we will be going to.
I'd like to go hot spring over the earth.
We walked toward the magic carpet and ride it at last.
I sat , my body was in his arms.
I did not hear the roar of engine.
The magic carpet took off soundlessly.
We have been looking forward to useing this transportation and
we are satisfied with it.
In a moment the earth was looked a small blue point.
It was the scenery that I never knew.
We were kissing as holding.
This magic carpet will be arriving to the jupiter shortly.
When we saw a star ,we could not recognized if it was jupiter because the temperature dropped suddenly.
And we saw a small white equipment on the ground.
We hesitated to get off it.
He came up with a article of newspaper.
He said that we were nearby at mars and it will be phoenix.

When did we arrive to jupiter ?
We wanted to get a marvelous view from jupiter and take a hot spring .
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