When the morning sun shining on the earth

June 15 [Sat], 2013, 18:07
Zhang Xiaobao and Wang Juan ate. The court was chosen people also catch up, the faster they eat, some over time chewing,Oakley Jury, can't let the little prince and the little lady. Zhang Xiaobao two people also go ahead regardless, separate to teach, and from time to time to study together, the whole night, two men and the inner man had no rest even for a moment. When the morning sun shining on the earth, Zhang Xiaobao and Wang Juan that yawning, let the inner courtyard of the people to rest, and force them not to do other things, can only eat sleep, night is when they show. The inner courtyard of the people at this time a stand chest, feel oneself is the most powerful, last night a little prince and young women have been exaggerated, had a quick meal, touch the pillow to sleep. Zhang Xiaobao and Wang Juan have a hot bath, lying to the bed to sleep. Towards midday, Zhang Xiaobao and Wang Juanxian woke up, familiar with, do not eat. There after more than a hour to eat, two people have things to do, last night only to teach others, forget to take to the table things, so many people, put on the ground behind the performance, can not see. When two people came to the small bridge next time, Li Xun and that what the book has come, where happy to talk about, Zhang Xiaobao, haven't waited to greet and Li Xun, next came three men, standing in front of Zhang Xiaobao kept up and down. Zhang Xiaobao blinked a pair of innocent eyes looking back, so the king cuckoo, don't know three people is it right? What happened. "You are the treasure?" One in three men asked. "Well." Zhang Xiaobao should be a sound. "Small treasure, this is Wang Shenshen, call the." Another young man beside say. Zhang Xiaobao understood it, it should be mother didn't want to see people, lane is bad to his relatives, a little hesitated, or ask a way: "Wang aunt." "Hey ~! Well, baby,Oakley Split Jacket Clearance, come, let me hug." This Wang Shenshen heard Zhang Xiaobao's voice, crouch down, with open arms. Zhang Xiaobao this without any hesitation, let Wang Shenshen give up. He had wanted to good, no matter who, even let mother unhappy people, oneself this time also to the performance of the naive, lovely, the family foundation to explore out, then back to his mother. The king aunt know where arms the well-behaved children want is this thing? Have a look again standing on the ground, looked up from King Juan, asked: "are you a royal cuckoo cuckoo?" "Well, i." Wang Juanye the same time,Oakley Oil Rig, at the same time the heart for the Wang Shenshen prayer, hope she is not the mother of Zhang Xiaobao did let Zhang Wang sad thing, is based on Zhang Xiaobao's head, and that seek revenge for the smallest grievance character, some sins. "Jujube, the cuckoo cuckoo also hold up, don't station on the ground outside, feet cool." Hello Wang aunt happy sound nearby of the servant girl jujube. Jujube just thinking to hug Zhang Xiaobao, but it was to beat Wang Shenshen, could hold little lady is good now, quickly put the king cuckoo to hold up. Also King cuckoo's face with a kiss. Wang Juan also is not free, >
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