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September 11 [Tue], 2012, 15:32

In the trafficking crime in general severely punish at the same time, according to the requirements of the criminal coach factory outlet online policy of "tempering justice with mercy", pay attention to differentiate between, on the whole the circumstances of the crime in general, but also has all kinds of legal, though discretion the plot of the case, but in accordance with the penalty, ensure sentencing justice, penalty when their sin. During the meeting, the HuangErMei also examines the zhangjiajie in hunan province WuLingYuanOu excellent court of the people's court, the court can travel speed cutting. Recently, the Shanghai Beijing are suffered from news that the primary and secondary school teachers' qualification will break the system of life tenure. Shanghai municipal education commission: from the beginning of this year, Shanghai middle and primary school teachers' qualification in the first after registration will no longer be the system of life tenure, Shanghai primary and secondary school teachers only continuous registered five times, namely for 25 years, can avoid the registration; Additional as we have learned, Beijing qualifications for teachers in the future will no longer enjoy "the system of life tenure", instead, or 5 years time limit. Teachers every five years will the authentication registered once. If the assessment is unqualified, will exit the profession. (according to the Beijing news) "The five-year" instead of "the system of life tenure", true can solution at present teachers' quality of sorrow? Such "card" what can prove??????? These numerous questions worthy of our thinking. "The five-year" break the old education and rigid system, can through the competition, "promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis". The author is concerned about is, "five-year" assessment and have you ever done sufficient feasibility? We welcome all sorts of about education system reform innovation and try, but the prerequisite is to be considered. Can't say on the mouth to phases, and the actual is "gets fast forward" for "achievements". "The assessment content including virtue, business evaluation and teaching workload evaluation, teacher's morality will be the primary conditions, implement a ticket veto." From the emotional speaking, the author agree with that assessment. But starting from rational can produce a lot of worry, such a good thing, in the future will become teachers the trading of excuses and cover? Therefore we are make innovative attempt at the same time, should also be made before and after trying to try, to deal with the new problem fully prepared. In the process should be refining, assessment process and the results should be more comprehensive public, should also do more prepared for public widely supervision, but also to from the legal system, security evaluation of public justice, can't let teachers' evaluation has become "turnip pit"! September 11, news, clsa Asia banking research department director Derek Ovington in investment BBS, which, although at present the mainland bank shares on the low side, but the mainland bank still faces many uncertain factors. He said, difficult to predict the impact of interest rate marketization, and at the same time, mainland Banks is also facing the problem of bad loan scale, the short term no specific solutions.

In China's economic slowdown circumstances, although the government coach outlet store online will launch economic stimulus policy, but he said, these policies in the short term to mainland Banks won't produce a great influence. Oil prices after "three even fall", two consecutive months raised. Yesterday, the national development and reform commission issued notice, from today zero hour raise product highest retail price of gasoline and diesel oil per ton rose 550 yuan and 540 yuan respectively. Price adjustment, our province 93 gasoline price is 7.67 yuan/liter, 97 # gasoline price is 8.10 yuan/liter, again "broken 8", 0 diesel, it is 7.62 yuan/liter. 【 news 】 Fell three times up two oil prices back to six months ago Yesterday afternoon at about 6, henan province development and reform commission (NDRC) to calculate the price management office of each product rise. Among them, the number 0 diesel by original 7.15 yuan/liter raised to 7.62 yuan/liter, 93 # gasoline by original 7.23 yuan/liter raised to 7.67 yuan/liter, 97 # gasoline by original 7.64 yuan/liter raised to 8.10 yuan/liter, 90 # gasoline by original 6.82 yuan/liter raised to 7.23 yuan/liter. Oil prices this year after three times after cut, go back to "6 times". But the two rise, let oil prices almost and March 20, oil prices is flat. With km fuel consumption 8 litres of private cars, for example, every month mileage of 1500 kilometers, such as the use of 93 gasoline of words, the rise in price, more than 52.8 yuan per month and will be spending. For a 1.4 L of small cars, every km after the price adjustment will cost about $50, that is to say 100 km to spend 2 yuan. 【 the 】 Gas station queuing up part of the gas station make "oil shortage" The news of the price on Friday began to preach in the online crazy, though users complain about "two barrels of oil" always "flood many fell less", also had to reluctantly to join queue refueling army. At about 6 yesterday afternoon, reporter has visited many gas station of zhengzhou, and found that every gas station are full, refueling vehicle exhaust to the gas station outside, when the peak work, resulting in more traffic congestion. Meanwhile, some gas stations in oil but peak appeared "oil shortage". At about 6 yesterday afternoon, the reporter in zhengdong the multiple gas station see sold out of the brand, this is not individual phenomenon. Netizen "karenyuan world" said, early in the morning to run for three gas stations are not 97 gasoline. "Later in the gas station at ordinary times there are oil, just one to price adjustment will make waste oil, obviously is rised. People are always benefit the damaged party, why there is no relevant government departments in this case supervision?" A citizen helplessly said. 【 analysis 】 CPI increase rebound pressure people's lives by shock "This price adjustment and a few times price adjustment, will have a direct impact people living costs." Henan commercial economic association executive vice President, treasurer, secretary-general song to qing analysis says, August 10, raised prices, are in the "three even fall" turning period, in the society feedback the effect will have a lag phase, the residents in the short term not feeling. But this is two consecutive months of rising oil prices, coupled with CPI from July through a bust, again "broken 2", oil price adjustment will directly affect the logistics, automobile passenger, vegetables, eggs and milk necessaries of life, it is easy to lead to the rise in price.

The expert inside course of coach signature leather study says, the rise will increase in September CPI rally further pressure. Downstream transportation cost pressure will conduction to prices, in the face of "double festival pressure", and the people daily spending will increase. From all over the country's five "after 80" and "90" volunteers, use modern grass radical marketing, to use the traditional marketing mode selling dried fruit of xinjiang the old farmer to hope. Taobao, 6688, micro bo become xinjiang the old farmer sales dried fruit keywords. This year, volunteers in xinjiang kashi established dimensional auspicious dani company. And the past dried fruit unmarketable dilemma, compared to the average daily turnover now two or three ten thousand yuan. These dried fruit a uygur name: Vizdan, meaning the conscience. And in sina micro bo, more and more celebrity begins to pay close attention to "d auspicious dani". Social network combined with electronic business to solve agricultural products unsalable problem Before go to xinjiang, LiuJingWen in "shenzhen crystal newspaper work, in July 2011, he to aid the identity of the cadres in xinjiang to xinjiang. LiuJingWen believed that social enterprise is to use commercial way to solve the social problems, it is a kind of new public way. Attended the "social entrepreneurship skills training", he has the social network combined with electronic business to solve the old agriculture of xinjiang agricultural products unsalable problem ideas. Later, he came to a like-minded like, anhui engineering university social work professional ChenJunJun and uygur young wheat close jose mention river. Zhang ping is LiuJingWen wife, she is a senior taobao sellers. LiuJingWen to aid in xinjiang, zhang ping heard LiuJingWen to help uygur farmers sell dried fruit, and suggested that can be placed on taobao sell, reduce costs, and give a complete operation process. LiuJingWen out of work, like and uygur villagers chat, the villagers also very warmly invited him to go to home. Gradually, he found that the peasant households of the kashi home most dried fruit slow, then, five volunteers began in his own micro bo send help uygur farmers sell dried fruit for help micro bo and set up to help farmers taobao shop. Do it now, only a week, acquisition trail of dried fruit, photo taking, on taobao registered accounts prepared. Dried fruit have obtained name: Vizdan, meaning the conscience. The volunteers hope "conscience" has become the team's values. A usually letters tell cause micro bo da attention March 21, 2012, the uygur, the hui, han three national five members composed of d auspicious dani company also was registered smoothly. "90" of the JiaQian to join, also for d auspicious dani brought more fresh blood. On the same day, they in sina out on the first micro bo. The beginning dried fruit sales general, xinjiang's logistics is "not to force", xinjiang region is vast, logistics car often are all in one place, etc for several days, wait until full vehicle will be sent to the airport, railway stations, caused the "express the xinjiang became surface mail" the phenomenon, d auspicious dani is not exceptional also, the beginning their orders from xinjiang an immediate, often is a half month after delivery time to delivery.

LiuJingWen think, whether in micro bo to find a sales ability, celebrity effect high people to help, finally, he found that the "old banyan". Old banyan WangJunTao real name, is 6688 e-commerce company CEO. LiuJingWen hold a chance mentality hair a usually letters tell to old banyan, old banyan in article thousands of usually letters tell accidental point open, and reply immediately said: "I can help you, I'm hui, I am from emotional special support this matter, in the hope that through the electronic commerce to help xinjiang agricultural products sales!" Old banyan sir became d auspicious dani's chief adviser, micro bo's link old banyan, volunteers, xinjiang farmers from now on tightly together. Micro bo launched on buying dried apricot boom At first, "d auspicious dani" micro blog fans only 6, 5 founder and old banyan, as of August 28, d auspicious dani fans number is 2346, more important is, a large number of micro bo celebrity attention d auspicious dani and forwarding d auspicious dani micro bo, such as famous writers NingCaiShen, 360 chairman of the board ZhouHongWei, superior meters net founder WangLiFen (micro Po), the famous professor HeBing, angels xue barbarian, famous work in the media public welfare people DengFei, etc. D auspicious dani also farmers want to customer said in micro bo in stick out, the guests feel uygur farmers is very lovely. Early August, d auspicious dani joint 6688 mall, specialized in micro blog launched a dried apricot buying upsurge. Half a month, dried apricot sales more than 3 tons, turnover reached 210000, success help farmers solution the burning issue. Since 6688 and the cooperation, the old banyan sir provide free 6688 Beijing's warehouse, d auspicious dani kashi acquisition from the dried fruit, kashi uniformly to Beijing airport warehouse, then from Beijing distribution center through the ShenTong (micro Po), motion (micro Po), and other express company service customer, buy a wrote in the evaluation of "express to force".Shanghai 952 person-time complaints small mouth bottle milk tastes weird since this year bright dairy (9.00, 0.06, 0.66%) many times be exposed to the quality problem Top earlier complain "will be take out dead" bright dairy industry to exposure quality event. On September 8,, the Shanghai more bright milk subscriber found received 220 ml pack light small mouth bottle milk tastes weird, suspected metamorphism. Light admitted that complaints 952 person-time, says is the vehicle temperature not standard lead to some of the products rancid. Affected by this, bright dairy industry stock 10 opened under pressure, the share price fell 2.37%. Claim event is processed 8 morning, many Shanghai milk subscriber found, sent to the home of milk appear SuanFu peculiar smell, appear, peculiar smell of milk are 220 ml pack light small mouth bottle fresh milk. Bright dairy industry in the afternoon, said the company received consumer complaints reflect small mouth bottle milk (220 ml/bottle, batch number: 20120907) palate appear rancidity situation.