Ta-ta-ta-daa !! 

2006年06月25日(日) 21時37分
Oh god I feel so tired, even I slept allmost 12 hours last night.
Well, we were (me and my boyfriend) in lahti (I life there btw) and then we left to the tampere, and went to the amusement park called "Sarkanniemi" (The name is in finnish ofcousre)
Yeah, that wasn´t really what we expected, there wasn´t any really good or scary apparatuses at all... It was totally BOOOOORGIN !!
Well, and when we tried to get some food, we had to stood and wait almost an hour in a line, to give our order.. That wasn´t the point, now IT WAS A POINT !! And we went to the table, to eat.. We even had to wait almost half an hour to get my boyfriends hamburger there.. I wonder what kind of service is that when over twenty random dudes and we needs to wait over 1½ hour to get food.. IN A AMUSEMENT PARK !!
But now, we are in a Seinajoki, in my boyfriends place..
At last.. Well, Marcus (that is my boyfriends name) is sleeping or resting right now, I wonder is he coming ill... He have a bad cough :´( Not funny at all, and he said that it really really hurts he´s throat.
I tought that it would be good if he could rest today, ´cause he had to go to work tomorrow o___o;; Poor him.

Today, we went to the market, and we bought some meat, noodles and I bought chocolate <3 ^O^
Oh, I allmost forgot to use these cute smilies in my post xDD
Yes, when my love wakes up, we´re going to make some food ^-^ Meat and noodles, sounds good huh? ^O^ Yes it does.

Anyway, now I´m going to stop writing at this time, I still have lots of thing to do here, I tought that I would help Marcus and wash the dishes today ^o^;; So aaaa...

Bai Bai


2006年06月15日(木) 6時53分
Moo syonki pizzaa lallalalallalaaa !! o(^O^)O <333
Kohta rakkaan kanssa nuksumaan <3

o(O_O)o OMG !! 

2006年06月15日(木) 3時17分
Taa tyhma sivusto ei tunne a kirjainta jonka paalla olisi kaksi pistetta O___O;;
Siispa aina kun kirjoitan suomeksi tanne, joudun kayttamaan a-kirjainta o(^-^)V Mika ei aina ole niin mukavaa o.o;;

ta-ta-ta-taa-taa-ta-ta-taa !! 

2006年06月15日(木) 0時33分
Holaaa, I´m at my boyfriend´s place now in "Wallriver" seinäjoki o(=^O^=)o Yatta yoooo !!
Marcus (that´s my boyfriend´s name) is sleeping now, he had a hard day at work, umm.. now he had slept over 3 hours already, wonder when he might get up, or he is not going to sleep at night at all _(u_u)_ not good...
Well, it was meant to that we have to clean up this aparment today, let´s see how it is when my mr. would get up L(^-^);; I´m ready to help, anyhow anywhere anytime.. Only for my man xDDD
Well now I laugh too much, it hurts o(>v<)o ROCK ROCK !!

Do I write too much huh? No? Well then V(^O^)o<3

No I was just kidding, no more this time daaaaaaarlings...
See ya !
Sayonara, bai bai (^o^)/~ *waves*


2006年06月14日(水) 18時18分
Johoo, onpa taas niin siistiä kun on japanilaisella sivulla "nettipäiväkirja", no ainakaan en voi väittää ettenkö joten kuten ymmärtäisi japania :DD
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