June 13 [Fri], 2014, 1:10
The tavern today was a store which has the special feature in vegetable salad besides a healthy tofu dish or seafood.
Compared with before, a tavern also receives the impression that the healthy intention is increasing.
Although a tavern today is also so, it is because the female group and the elderly-people group of touch called the uncles of the town which truly seems to be pleasant increased, or greasy dishes decrease in number, and he has a feeling whose menu using vegetables or tofu increased.
.. also had a trap.
He is a member who goes together.
I hear that it will become a meal [ heaviness after all ] that it will gather in a tavern since people who would like to eat meat, such as yakitori, firmly are together and will surely place an order centering on such menus if it thinks.
It seems that there is not much quantity than expected, and, as for saying [ which has a tomato, a cucumber, etc. besides a salad / the tavern's vegetables ] too, although it stops and asks, the carrot and the green pepper are seldom contained this time.
... It returned, while considering the degree, and シメ was carried out with "home country green soup."
When saying so, this much quite green vegetables were seldom seen in the tavern.
Since I call it "the menu of vegetables" not much, it will go to a vegetarian's store next time.
The sense of security that minimum vegetables can be got with "home country green soup" is large.
"Skin was young increasingly" was said by the friends who met after a long time.
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