head and gave a small sword monk

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> Set Chapter XII Kim Sin demons this time, there is no longer despise black Qing appearance, some heavy referrals cents Emperor said: "Too emperor, that devil appears again, should not we be caught as soon as possible Under him, so as not to cause panic Once upon a large area, after suffering from fairy palace, this is the second murder of a gold cents since. "cents Emperor shook his head and turned to long to be immortal and asked:" Long March on the fairy, You have a site previously it? "long month long to be called fairy nodded:" Back to the emperor too, in the back before the next fairy has hundreds of miles of Sin Temple sealed up, fortunately of Sin Temple forbidden remote, Miles are no passing nearby, a time no one noticed, does not need to be cleaned under cents with people go? "slowly depress the ladder cents Emperor nodded, calm and said:" Long May the immortal, heavenly pair with you went to the house of Sin, for a fairy of Sin Temple during the re-established, so as not to attract attention. "Long March, said the sentence, and then turned and disappeared. Then they turn to ask Black Emperor Xian Qing said: "Black on Qing Xian, Lin Yuan to help you lower bounds on the immortal three hundred years, then every hundred years up to the time of the Emperor to report status." Black Qing suddenly hesitated, then nodded, and then simply asked: "Too emperor, why not directly rounded up that devil?" Fairy God smiled and said: "Once upon a time a hundred years ago has been thrown over, do not they did not find him? under arrest in such a vast, even though ten cents gold are not necessarily hide the past, which only shows that people are not in the Once upon coupled with previously loudly on the fairy said, I'm afraid that people have the ability to cross-border silent. "" Silent Cross circles? "Black Qing and not from the wild fairy surprised, cross over to any one of eight bands to powerful fairy who is not impossible. But that is the need to get prepared, and there are other fairy helpful, a person at least have ten bands cross over the repair. The silence is even more impossible to cross, Once upon a time on, I'm afraid there is no sound even immortal empire did not cross over into another profession skills. But also a cross-consuming skill thing. Whenever Once upon being opened, will always cause a large area of ​​the earthquake, within one hundred thousand years has huge movement. Although surprised. But the two things that the thought boundaries tragedy, but also suddenly have believed. Emperor Xian Some people do not see the depth smiled. Light: "The Emperor guess he could continue under the boundary of evil, and Lin Yuan cents on the boundary will be alone in the dangerous, dark fairy on your device Qing Once upon a technique known lower bound will certainly help him much safer." Jin Xian Xian basic practice two surgery is surgery with gold Xianshu, as the main spell, as the main. The device operation is dominated by physical attacks and powerful incomparable. "Of course, Once upon a time the plan is to continue within the search for land." Although Chu Xiandi in the end has in mind is not clear what, or black Emily nodded down and turned to leave. "Loudly on the fairy, you still soul, reincarnation rebirth strike went to black when Lin Yuan Qing two cents in on. Would certainly go again Once upon easily." Countless people in troubled monk when he was a man sheltering in a wild mountains broken clean up their booty. An eight-stage gold cents Yuan Ying, a gold seal, a thumb-sized world, a four bar cents order. Cents to make it useless for monks carved his name immortal make, and is four bars so big, can easily be out to identify it. Then put the monk close up, golden seal Yuan Ying well as the world which is a rare good thing. Monk to the world in order to hold thousands of fairy practicing enough not feel crowded, you must have a wider region, although the fusion of two worlds, already among the highest in the Once upon within the count. But for the monk who is far from enough. Collapse world and the first gold seal, the monk Yuan Ying took first in the hands. Kim Sin Yuan Ying whole presents a transparent gold, looks very attractive, because of the loss of the soul as the ideological body, so looks a little dull, which simply shaking. And the head also opened a hole in the top. An eight-stage gold cents Yuan Ying is such a big force. Monk wait no longer, his hands repeatedly shot scattered Yuan Ying. Mouth and swallowed it. Golden Immortal Infant force from the mouth into the pubic region, and then they were black lotus absorbed clean, and is constantly refining, black lotus body lives the fire burning strong. Originally necessary to break the six bands into gold cents zenith in the golden monk was just out of the refinery, it will feel a kind of systemic For full blast to feel. A channel is refining golden zenith from black silk lotus base is slowly spit it out, crowded into the monk body up and down, but his body had already extremely tough, or so crowded beneath will certainly let the body splitting like pain. Instant gold refining zenith was only 10%, they could not restrain the monk body, upper and lower body strength like all fairy general rumbling volcano explosion, the monk suddenly rise again free soul, and feeling the soul of the ocean continue to roll up big . Body constantly emitting a golden light, and countless zenith in the pubic region, each within the meridians in the body writhing. And in monk lose vigilance when suddenly his head cross-legged meditation sky, suddenly a dark cloud began to gather, and there have been voices heard neighing. "Demons?" Monk suddenly surprised, Kim Sin demons to be crossing into the gilded, golden statue of a monk already has suddenly put a layer of things are forgotten, gold Sendo Daybreak is completely soul to cross, Only successful crossing the robbery to get back to the flesh, and bathing gilded light. Seeing flesh constantly emit bursts of golden run out, but God in the flesh monk Yuan wanders outside, it looks just like ghosts in general. Sky tis demons constantly together after they gradually soul buckle to the monk to come, and the black cloud also continued to howl out noisy creepy sound. But these voices are not unfamiliar, even to experienced monks are all evil creature, howling every sound is so familiar, it makes the monk a strange feeling suddenly rises, do not know what it is, in short, was very good. Fortunately, however, the monk was a coincidence at all costs a few years ago would have shirk sins to their parents on hand, totally improper these have been howling about. And gone are so accustomed to down, because he knows that he made and all this is for their own good, and did not lose anything. Constantly howling black clouds covered the monk's soul, and the whole wrapped up. Monk could not see anything just feel, only darkness, and continued to enlarge the howling screams. Like devils discuss life in general sounds. Mood repair sage monk level,Oakley Active, plus all sin again shirk clean. Naturally do not feel uncomfortable, such things as soul slack is no relationship with him. I do not know how long the voice of experienced attacks, dark clouds suddenly stops, quiet. Monks know the sound deterrent to disappear, is attacked on the memory, which he would have seen Letters from the heart Once upon a magic item. Sure enough, at this time. Monk had only soul form, suddenly appeared in a familiar mountain among the immersive feeling is simply to make people could not tell in the end is how the same thing. Monk could not resist a touch of rain rocks, just how real it feels, at this time, a little boy appeared in the vicinity of the monks, the little boy was ugly, ugly people feel sad. At first glance he recognized the monk, this is him, then he is. Like a little boy does not yet exist and generally came to the monk and the magic crossed the monk's body, he ran behind a huge rocks. Monk turned his head, a piece I recognize the small print engraved rocks. That is the year the monk to 'book'. His favorite lettering above it. Little boy picked up a beautiful blue exudes small sword muttered something to himself, and constantly engraved in stone. Just think of Daybreak monks too bored, the horizon suddenly a golden flash, a kindly old man smiling little boy from here to flying. Also at this time, turned into a young monk at the time to myself, that body had disappeared. "A small contingent of children, this old rocks, pretty soon you carve dead." Xiaohe elderly monk fell beside laugh watching monks. When the body suddenly become children of their own, so the monk suddenly some flawless. This old man is his master. He will never forget, but this is just an illusion. Not to mention his master did not die, he did not need to miss. The moment he hands the small sword lost, on his own master, said: "Daybreak, do not play these tricks work for me!" Master a golden sword will be recovered in the hands of a small, strange looking monk, said: "a small contingent of children, not learn kung fu master will not force you, what demons are not demons. "monk smiled coldly, in a very cold meet the child's tone said:" Then let me take a look at me now there is no bad master ! "the moment he shoved it rushed to the master, it is usually when he wants very freely transported from the zenith, unexpectedly nothing, he immediately rushed to empty fell to the ground, put his hand to catch the master, Xiaohe He said: "The little guy getting naughty." not even zenith are gone? monk suddenly hesitated, then looking for a slow,Oakley Lifestyle Sunglasses, revealing a very cute to face, Angtou for master said: "Master, The small sword to me, I have to engrave the words yet. "Master smiled and shook his head and gave a small sword monk. Monk turned to climb the rocks, just when he was ready lettering, while the master do not pay attention, suddenly sword stabbing his chest, suddenly feeling a pain splitting pass it the body, then Cuanxiang head. Also at this time,oakley sunglasses sale, the screen suddenly a turn, turned into darkness, pain monk suddenly disappear. Suicide tactics fruit get rid of the illusion. If there were nine bands like monks powerful soul force and sage realm of mind, is not so stabbed himself, especially with such a terrible real pain, if unusual fairy certainly will first try to hurt themselves, rather than will be a blow to kill himself. This man is nothing less than a monk vicious, and even start their own are so unsparing. A tract generates different fantasy, but also eliminated by the monk, the monk had just put the memories of all repeated, and good evil monk to do things when it did not even hesitate, or certainly difficult for many. ps: Palace Lan gilded gilded fairy loudly, plus himself will become a monk gilded, three gilded one, what would be the situation? [Www.quanben.com] (a wholly novel network www.quanben.com) <
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