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> A heavy rain. WWw! QUANBen! COM the hot weather was pouring through the cool. Pleasant climate, good mood Young reforms. After correcting operations, Young reforms stretch, stretch, this rare refreshing rì son, Yang reform ready to go out around and always stay here, some lack. Young reforms just want to go out, but saw Wang Chengen joy in. "How?" Is preparing to go out Young reforms asked. "Your Majesty, wedding, wedding ah! Sun master came the telegraph!" Wang Chengen face joy has covered the entire face. "Oh, let's see fast!" Young shouted reform, since the build-East Krupp started from the north telegraph is a connected one. "Your Majesty, wedding ah! East Krupp and Lindan Han war one game Lindan Han really lost, has now receded west ......" Wang Chengen quickly introduces. Young reforms took delight telegraph, looked up, and sure enough, yellow Daikichi moves quickly, the action can be considered concealed, even well aware of the Ming Dynasty on the prairie, but also religious ties to the direction and location withheld raid down to the Lindan Han a surprise. Etc. Lindan Han and Ming Dynasty, when the place proved accurate, yellow Daikichi has a surprise to the edge of the Xar Moron River, this location in the White City (now Chifeng) is the North, a little out of power, you can direct Baicheng, Lindan Han is definitely a surprise hit. Of course, Young reforms even know Daikichi yellow route and location of troops, it will not tell Lindan Han, Young reforms also counting Lindan Han Huang Daikichi and fights, and then took the opportunity to follow up on it. "This yellow Daikichi, be a personal matter, but ......" Yang reform after reading the said something quietly. Yellow Daikichi's surprise, gave Lindan Han no small pressure, may pass through the Ming Dynasty has been weakened, yellow Daikichi strength than ever before, Lindan Han Ming continue to strengthen and support through more than the history of that time to be much stronger. Did not like the history is so depressed without a fight, finally battle a second time. But it seems Huangtai Lindan Han Ji Tiansheng on restraint, a war down, Lindan Han still lost. Of course, no lose so thorough follow-up pressure forced the Ming Dynasty, yellow Daikichi afraid to make every effort to catch, Lindan Han let out Chifeng toward providers are (ie, Kaiping Wei Ming) receded, finally fairly orderly. Did not like the history of the Great Crash. "Go platform ......" Yang reform seen telegraph, thinking for a while said. Which can be considered in accordance with the script to go, does not exceed the strategic judgment, how do the rest, the emperor has no Young reforms dictate it. ...... Platform inside. Real this time, not here discuss what has been, at most, be considered to be a briefing, Bingbushangshu explain the situation after several parties. Be nothing to say, the rest is Ming posted up, waving army. Grain, Huang HS army to force the East prisoner again westward, so as to achieve the purpose of sweeping grasslands. And these, has also been agreed that the natural normalization Sun Chengzong to coordinate command. Messages sent here by this time, I'm afraid at the front, the Ming has been posted up, so it touches nothing to say. Some dull atmosphere. Bingbushangshu Shen Mao-see atmosphere with some boring, thought. Decided to prepare yourself say something, he became Minister of war, although the emperor did not stripped of his rights, but he do, also a large secretary, nothing commendable place. Shen Mao also wanted to do something with the other, to do something he can show something personal merit and ability, it touches a lot of preparation, but many of them are not on the table, and now almost all take a share strategies, however, this rì Sun Chengzong sent this latest telegraph, so that he felt as if time is up, those of his stuff, seems to be loaded onto the countertop. "Qibing Majesty, the minister there is one thing, do not know what to say should not say." Shen Yong-mao thought, said, he did not dare to intervene in a big strategy, can not intervene, but he still has some clever little of. "Oh, what is going on?" Still considering how to go next policy reform Yang asked. According to today's situation, Lindan Han ran west to take the lead, after a chase in yellow Daikichi, if this trend is maintained, it is likely to reproduce the history, will go Lindan Han rushed Gansu and Qinghai. So, this northeast, Inner Mongolia, which should be regarded as falling into one of the hands of the Ming Dynasty, the rest is the Northwest's economic strategy. Several minister also looked Bingbushangshu Shen Yong-mao, to see if he could say something. "Huibing Majesty,Oakley Sunglasses Oil Rig Cheap, is such that the minister, according to today's situation, Lindan Han retreat west, east Krupp was I drove toward the west, which has almost become a foregone conclusion, then it is likely that this will be the focus of the war in the desert from the north shifted to the northwest desert West, rì be more likely after the Northwest Area, Desert West, Chen Fucai, no great wisdom of His Majesty ideas, but also do everything we can, and are willing to His Majesty on the minutiae try ...... "Shen Mao said with a sincere, he does have self-knowledge, he did not know that the emperor of the Lord, but also to the emperor will not get any great attention, yet very flexible mind on some things, ready to prove their value, Bo emperor's value. "Oh, Qingjia there to me straight, I'm all ears, if beneficial, since when I adopted ......" Yang reform actually laughing encouraged. "...... Your Majesty, has always been moving troops and horses, forage first, Your Majesty to fight Mongolian desert, food arranged several years in advance, Chen admire extremely ...... today, even though the war has not hit the Western Regions, but also prepared by Skip Western food, the minister ventured, look for a number of suitable feeding Western march to war, especially dedicated to His Majesty ...... "Shen Yong-mao said seriously. Young reforms listened, nodded, Mao still use this application with some thought, somewhat grow at least know to do things according to their own ideas, Yang Shen Yong-mao reform looked, eyes really high so little. "I do not know what is eating? Fit the Western Regions?" Young reforms asked. "Your Majesty, that is, cut cake." Shen said with Mao and the excitement seems to hit the jackpot. "Cut cake?" Surprised not only Young reforms around a few ministers also no small surprise, cut cake is, as the old běijīng they naturally know, the thing can be used when the march eating? That's impossible, are skeptical looking Bingbushangshu Shen Yong-mao. Could Young say the most surprising reformed, Yang reform come from? Cut cake is what? Young reform will not understand this thing, crossing over at Young reforms before they have been "fame", and now, Yang reform heard someone call myself cut cake to combat time when marching rations, Yang reform was mine too not light ...... that how much money twelve ah! "Your Majesty indulgences. Minister puzzled, but this cut cake with rice, dates, or bean paste made of chunks on the board cuts retail at, so called cut cake. Snacks to eat this thing can really do, you can If the battle for Western consumption march, I'm afraid it is just the opposite, this thing is not easy to save ...... "cut cake but běijīng town famous eating, for this may be a few people who are familiar with, the moment someone asked it. "Yes ah! Majesty, which cut cake minister also eat at home, though the taste can be said, as if war march when eating, I'm afraid is not right, it kept making neither suitable soldiering ......" if not old běijīng , lived in the city for so many years běijīng on běijīng many also know that some of the feeding, the moment there are more people against it. Young and these old běijīng reform but they think differently, although Yang reform naturally know běijīng cut cake this stuff. However, Yang reform, the cut cake this stuff. More famous is xīnjiāng cut cake, the thing ...... Bingbushangshu Shen Yong-mao was not urgent, but self-confident smile, seems to be asking questions such as emperor, he is good to show his wisdom. "Qingjia but said the Western Regions cut cake?" Young reforms from the "Cut cake" pondered recovered, asked. "Your Majesty really Holy Spirit, the minister said the cut cake, it is the Western Regions cut cake ......" Shen Yong-mao slightly surprised, this thing, he did it for a long time to find homework. He wanted to cut the cake to say, I am sure you will think that he said was běijīng cut cake, one can conclude that the emperor he said is Western cut cake, so he was very surprised, the emperor Holy Spirit, really extraordinary. Western cut the cake? Presence of several ministers were puzzled. běijīng cut cake snacks they have eaten, you can cut the cake Western, they did not heard about it. "...... Ha ha ha ha ha ......" Emperor flurry do not know what to describe laughter filled it real platform. And they were all surprised to see the emperor, the emperor did not know what the situation out. Young reform does have some panicked which reason, natural Needless to say, this thing fate is indeed a difficult unspoken things. After a brief gaffe, they said: "Shen Qing Jia, you talk about this Western cut cake how to do it, tell him not suitable for use when in the Western march to war." "Zunzhi! Majesty, nor that this cut cake cut cake, Western cut cake, but use walnuts, raisins, grape juice, sesame seeds, roses, Bataan apricots, dates and other raw materials brewed with sugar, brewed after the suppression by the use of wood, will be very heavy solid , a palm-sized cut cake is enough food for a whole day a soldier, bring twenty-three, enough to use three or four days, there are portable benefits; again after you make this cut cake can be stored for a long time, after several May not rot, rations made after does not rot, do not take place; Third, it can not light a fire to cook cake cutting, eliminating the need for the military operations of the fire to cook the pain, especially intense Scout World War, is absolutely the finest rations; fourth, which cut cake sweet and delicious, sweet but not greasy, but it is to recuperate, recover jīng force of the finest quality goods, people after eating, you can quickly regain their strength and ease fatigue is the number one is definitely a good rations, there are so many advantages, the minister believes, will help the economic strategy for the Western Regions Majesty ...... "Shen very contented with Mao, the benefits of these cut cake that out. Young reform is naturally funny, this cut cake, the reputation of the twenty-first time to the world how, now, seemingly as if to become their own rations ...... conquer the Western Regions, which is a bit mean. Other ministers naturally do not believe that there will be cake cutting so many benefits, intuition also find some thorns. "Your Majesty, I will not speak it cut cake inconvenient, how effective is this production of raw materials alone, I'm afraid is not easy to collect and costly ah!" Someone once asked a question in this regard. "Yes ah! Majesty, which walnuts, raisins, sesame seeds, dates, none of them are not valuable items, the minister made out of something that is certainly good, tens of thousands of troops may be eaten, I'm afraid not withstand such a consumption ......" Someone asked a question. "Your Majesty, if the scouts as jīng sharp as a special wartime rations, but also there is a certain value, if the army can eat this, I'm afraid Majesty also unaffordable ......" Someone gives a more eclectic answers. Young reforms I was not too concerned about these words, his mind full of mind cutting cake "past life." "Shen Qing Jia, how do you say?" Young reforms asked, laughing. "Huibing Majesty, it is true, the minister also considered this issue, but there is also some small ideas to alleviate the sorrow of His Majesty ......" Shen Yong-mao said happily, obviously, he can get here this issue said. Obviously done some homework, to impress the emperor, the emperor was valued, the idea that somehow can not. Emperor would only be looked down upon. "...... Majesty, cut cake with those of traditional materials, really expensive, used to force food, really can not afford, but it is not no way around it. Majesty, this Western cut cake inside the most used, fear is sugar, and His Majesty, if the past, I can not afford the DPRK is totally sugar, but now with the sweet potato, sweet potato can be used to replace sugar. Majesty, as long as the border back on some of the sweet potato, sugar naturally useful in countless It can be cheaper raw materials suddenly down a large portion of ...... "Shen Mao excitedly explaining how to use, obviously, to this day, he did not do less homework. Many ministers are bright spots, ah! Today, large Ming Dynasty war, a large part of the food is grown nearby, such as people and animals can eat sweet potato, border planted too are now everywhere, which can support tens of thousands of combat troops, or thanks to southern shipped in the past. I am afraid that this money will have the ability to turn an overhead grade. Young nodded reform, the Shen Yong-mao indeed used some thoughts, pure sugar perhaps prices are high, but fill the stomach, do not pay attention to sell sugar sweet potato that was many as you want, with the sweet potato sugar instead of sugar brown sugar. Perhaps it is not impossible. See the platform where the emperor and his ministers were all nodding, Shen Mao more hard with it. "...... Your Majesty, the minister intends to corn instead of walnuts, so, but also saves a lot of money ......" Shen Yong-mao said seriously. Corn this thing, the presence of people who are not too familiar with, and now large Ming drought, in addition to the main planting sweet potato accidents, there are other drought as it is one of corn, but also to promote crop emperor, one of the last two years acreage also increasingly large, according to the characteristics of this crop xìng view, indeed when the word was on the cheap. Including Young reforms included, are consistent with Mao on Shen gave a nod evaluation. "...... Of course, this requires advance arrangements for border planting, but fortunately it is also suitable for maize cultivation in arid areas, but also easy to feed, unlike the rice is so necessary jīng heart maintenance, if able to grow large, will be very cheap ...... "Shen Yong-mao said seriously. Platform where people still nodding. Rations planting arrangements in advance, this is absolutely nothing new, and now the emperor is so dry. "Of course, it can not fully use the cheap stuff instead of, or have mixed with some of the more Jingui,Oakley Scalpel Outlet, the minister forget, sweet potatoes and corn accounted for the bulk of sugar, then served with peanuts, it is already a very good cut cake , and if you want to maintain the taste, then add some raisins, dates, walnuts, is also possible, if not mixed too much, but also be able to control costs, and want to be able to eat every rì raisins, walnuts, dates, like This rations, it will definitely have to love the soldiers, together with those of the previous bit, Chen thought, this cut cake, is simply heaven for me Ming dynasty Western operations prepared ...... "Shen said with Mao excited. Have to say, Yang reforms of their admiration of the queen secretary, did not think, he can out of these things to the whole, it appears that people are indeed have some pressure, with pressure, have the power, will move mind to the problem, which Shen Yong-mao is definitely a living example of ah! Platform in a while whispers. "Your Majesty, the minister believes that if really can produce these materials cut cake, if there really Shen adults put it so well, but this is a good thing, rì Western after operation, but it is a lot less hassle, especially Today's Scout war, often several rì raid, there is no effort to cook, if ready to eat this stuff, for the army's military, but it is not a small upgrade ...... "Han Kuang stood up, gave a positive argument. "Qibing Majesty, the minister believes that this is indeed worthy of consideration, just do not know can not make such a cut cake to, just do not know how it tastes to eat, how to eat after the effect, if true, as Shen adults say is so, but it is my good fortune DPRK. "It was also in favor of another, of course, but also with suspicion. "Your Majesty, the minister has been brewed at home, try to cut this cake, and already have some prospect of a solution, and has been eaten as people try, its pure taste, taste mellow, sweet and sour moderate, fragrance was very hot, sweet but not tired ......, Your Majesty, I am not there now toward sugar ginger candy and tea two complementary physical eating it? But because this sugar is too tired of people, many of sergeant less than a last resort, it touches not like to eat, the minister is trying to come Improved way, this has been cut cake ...... "Shen Yong-mao said quickly. This time, the platform really is full of people with admiration for Shen Yong-mao, and has been a trial? And the outcome, it seems, is indeed very body center. Speaking of ginger candy, tea, sugar, everyone can understand, the thing to eat is delicious, really fresh and tasty to eat the first few times, but if the long-term eating, eat, it is absolutely dead tired, if really do a sweet and delicious, sweet but not greasy cut cake to, it is definitely not a small credit, on the battlefield will be very suitable for today's needs. This is something that will be particularly suitable for scout war. Scouts have a go for days, there is not too much time and jīng force to bury the pot to cook, especially at noon, in particular, and the enemy confrontation, it is very likely to confront a few hour, or even days, scattered trace of jīng forces are likely to cause problems, you could save a trace jīng force is good. "Oh, really? If it does so, it may be regarded as a Qingjia intentions, and if true,Coach Online Sale, I shall certainly not hesitate to reward ......" Yang reform eyebrows flew up, and if the lower-ranking civil and military are like Shen with Mao such a positive, and that they need no longer be so hard. Cut cake Past and Present, does have a different purpose. <
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