Red Cloud will 'drop treasure

June 13 [Thu], 2013, 17:36
> One hundred and seventy ninth chapter lotus hand Zhunti idea is impossible to achieve, with God must array has been launched, many treasures anywhere can get 'Zhu Xian Jian Zhen' and 'nine Yellow array' of aid, Zhunti Although powerful, but there is no break in addition to the ability of a 'six streamers soul', if 'six streamers soul' so good to break that Tongtianjiaozhu three powers must array nor will become so heavy. Let this fierce battle realms Immortals eye-opener, especially Lao that double the power of the world, although only the Void community, but who do not know will not be with the Lao rì repair To enhance and evolve into one of the true small world, this change allows Nvwaniangniang whom also surprised, obviously Lao's double world with its own innate Lingbao 'rivers boat plans' all have the same power of space , you can use two pieces of treasure Lao evolution of the world, while he also can do so, and her 'rivers boat plans' than Lao treasure that two more suitable for evolutionary world, you can say it is too Laojun on a two-fold world to Nvwaniangniang opened a door, also to many realms re-opened a door cents. Lao naturally exposed to a two-fold world know what kind of impact, but he did not care so much, otherwise Tongtianjiaozhu under this strong Yuanshi Senior western two holy seal there may be those who will is cut to teach a single large, who want to develop their own ideas to teach all be in vain. World Xuan Huang isolated bipolar world of evil spirits, broken 'Zhu Xian Jian Zhen', 'nine Yellow River Front', 'Wan cents array' origin, to a certain degree weighed into three powers must array of forces, there Yuanshi Senior aside assistance Tongtianjiaozhu can not break open the 'mysterious yellow bipolar world' blockade, without the support of this earth evil spirits with God must also support the array not too long, so they will have a fight since the force. Lao think very well, but he was less forget Nvwaniangniang, since Nvwaniangniang been shot naturally not remain indifferent in the protection of 'ten thousand cents array' is cut to teach his disciples the same time, brings Nvwaniangniang of the 'Red Hydrangea' help Tongtianjiaozhu contain Yuanshi Senior part jīng force, without their efforts to confront with Tongtianjiaozhu. Nvwaniangniang this shot situation changed again, Lao pressure increases, then Lord Lao Zi said: "Gentlemen, Young, we can not go on like this, or if I was breaking the power of the world That must array with God will restore the original strength, then our situation on the difficult, we try to forcibly break open a while, let ternary array must stop. "Yuanshi Senior hear the remark also very much agree with the long-eared set light fairy said: "fixed light fairy, you cut teaching matrix should be very understanding, this three powers must array exactly what disadvantages?" long ears fixed light fairy although the cut-off to teach position also, but this top secret, how is he able to know,Oakley Holbrook Online, just listen to him and said: "I was with God must array just learned how to be able to know that such top secret, but the three arrays should be among the weakest of the 'nine Yellow River Front'!" long ears fixed light fairy say nor useful, he spoke Lao, Yuanshi Senior and the West two holy are clear, but the long-eared fixed light can be considered immortal words remind Lao adjust their direction as well. Yuanshi Senior Leng Heng said: "net say useless things, these are things we need you to tell you?" Yuanshi Senior dismissive let the hearts of long-eared fixed light fairy very angry, though he knew what Yuanshi Senior the man, but really is the people in mind when faced with intolerable. Unlike Yuanshi Senior escorts can hear the remark could not help frowned and said: "This is too difficult Yuanshi senior fixed light fairy, he is nothing but a pair of truncated cut to teach his disciples to teach the peripheral things can understand how much!" Taishanglaojun not want Yuanshi Senior and West two holy as trivial argue this point, Leng Heng said: "We still think about their own situation, if this can not be beat Destroys cut out to teach, that Gods also the end of the war, as you think about the consequences of their own can not afford! "Lao remark let Yuanshi Senior and West two holy calm down, they are now also in danger being, indeed not This is a little small and debated. Just want to mention opinions Yuanshi Senior yù first attack force 'nine Yellow River Front', the saint's face suddenly escorts sè changed eleven livid, looks very terror, never previously calm. Zhunti rushed quickly asked: "Brother what happened?" Escorts sage angrily: "Western accident, my 'second grade lotus' damaged, I'm afraid the Spirit of Our Lady also turtle rescue out!" Then cited saint is wrong, the West is an accident, 'second product Jinlian' mosquito Taoist swallowed Mishina, but the Spirit of Our Lady did not rescue the turtle, but was drained by a mosquito Taoist flesh and soul into 'six reincarnation 'reincarnation away. Mosquito Taoist sage since being escorts after Qinxia been in repress her strength, not escorts sage knows his real strength in preparation for escape in the last fight when he was a saint escorts repression, mosquitoes Taoist we will know if we can not leave the escorts saint is impossibly he wanted to get out, so he no longer resist, when escorts sage to 'second product Jinlian' repression of their own spirit and the Tortoise mosquito Taoist sage's mind after they lived together like Spirit of the Virgin to devour turtle enhance their own strength to get out. Also escorts Taoist sage underestimated the ability of mosquitoes, since that is a 'second grade lotus' to suppress a large Luo Jin Sin juniors there are no surprises, but he miscalculated the point,Oakley Lifestyle, that is mosquito Taoist phagocytosis, When the boy escorts when returning to the West, the changes to the world of strength mosquito know that they have left the Taoist sage escorts so they launched a premeditated action to mosquito Taoist greed originally he wanted the whole flower twelve products lotus swallow, but his cultivation is too low, and this 'second product lotus' genus xìng with his own relative to g, only mosquito Taoist swallowed Mishina lotus lotus will feel the body to break out of the body, which makes him How dare also continue to devour, only the first escape again. Count of people who must be counted, framed mosquito escorts Taoist sage, but he did not think he Hongyun already re-calculated when the mosquito Taoist just get away from the West to intercept them will be red clouds. Taoist mosquitoes are also considered unlucky, because a repair is swallowed up 'Mishina lotus' is pressed to the extreme, do not be such a struggle to capture Hongyun confined to space law down, Red Cloud is a mental arithmetic mood, shot very fast, mosquito Qinxia Taoist after they brought immediately to the lair of the Vulture Peak Enlightening originally prepared their own space channels. For mosquito Red Cloud Taoist lightly, after all, this is a congenital Lingbao geek can devour the body there 'Mishina lotus' for safety meantime, Hongyun only under a killer, mosquito Taoist came right down after the Vulture Peak the murderous, because they were detained together with his own Red Cloud by the 'Mishina lotus' to bite, Red Cloud did not take much time this will get rid of the mosquito Taoist Guards figure. What a tragedy xìng mosquito Taoist figures,oakley sunglasses store, from the outset in a turnaround Red Cloud ambush, so confused by Red Cloud did not kill the soul to escape even completely disappear in the long river of history. After killing mosquitoes Taoist, Red Cloud did not rush to pay 'Mishina lotus' out, this mosquito Taoist body and 'Mishina lotus' phase grams, the 'Mishina lotus' on its body being made out to be far more, at least you can pick shield cited saint soul, without their knowledge 'Mishina lotus' specific location. Of course, this premise is now being Tongtianjiaozhu escorts saint holding hands and feet, no time to deal with the matter, so it gave the Red Cloud plenty of time to complete everything. Seal, Red Cloud took a lot of effort to 'Mishina lotus' completely to seal in the mosquito's body among Taoist, Taoist body through mosquito among the evil spirits to devour 'Mishina lotus' in escorts saint of the atmosphere, as long as this stock breath away, escorts think to find this 'Mishina lotus' on the difficult, all this must be completed at the end of the Battle of the Gods, and only so pulling saint just can not find 'Mishina lotus' whereabouts. Mosquito Road, personal God-shaped die and perish, escorts saint like projections are unable to start, after all, among the three realms disappear from mosquito Taoist, and 'Mishina lotus' into another lost his breath, and then looking for 'Mishina lotus' whereabouts is like needle in a haystack. Succeeded after Red Cloud's mood is very excited that finally this 'Mishina lotus' finally at hand, as long as this 'Mishina lotus' re-train them, then chopping off his corpse good time will come. As a precaution, Red Cloud will 'drop treasure money' also scored among mosquitoes Taoist body to strengthen the power of space 'Mishina lotus' repression, Syria did everything Hongyun long breath to open space channel The mosquito's body into space Taoist channel, soon after the burst of spatial fluctuations mosquito Red Cloud Taoist deity's body was pulled up to the power of space Fire Dragon temple. Red Cloud dojo now being 'innate ternary large array' shrouded everything can be shielded probe, as long as the mosquito's body is transferred to the Fire Dragon Taoist rear, this 'Mishina lotus' Red Cloud will become the treasure, escorts saint never get it go back. Enlightening the Vulture Peak Red Cloud select Teleport as well as an intention, that is to find something to do Enlightening, if once projected mosquito Taoist escorts whereabouts will be counted into the mosquito that will last at Tamawashi Taoist Mountains disappear, when natural causes escorts sage Enlightening suspicions in the West can not be quiet so EEP, can be considered to EEP a lesson. After clearing all traces of red clouds on deep sigh, said: "This is my playing time, let Realms Immortals remember the name of textual criticism, can be considered to give an account of Jiu tribe, are also considered by the Jiu repay their name causal act! "<
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