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October 26 [Fri], 2012, 15:25
flood the dint of the fire between the world!Is burnable."The red ray of light was bright from the Xuan month chest to get up, a clear voice of Feng Ti rang out, the red energy takes different scorching hot suddenly but, surround foolish tight dragnet, deploy the 1 F knot boundary again in the outside, help foolish to inside compress.There is the support in month of Xuan, foolish immediately loosenned tone, under the control of mentality, the dragon sings of the voice ring out, Long Xing's blue energy suddenly but, around get up in the most outside layer, three huge energies at the same time inside press, not only obstructing Xuan the month is the explosion that only fastens sorcery, still and just and continuously let up its physical volume.The light ball of diameter one meter gradually narrows, aureate sorcery energy at three great stock market investor dint of have a golden light conversion to become liquid gradually under the compression.
Wei in the Ao pulls of copy the prospects of the lookinging at of Zheng Zhong in front oddity for nine cents, he feels in front's 2 people have no hostility to he, otherwise, just this sorcery if blunt oneself sends out, even if have the ability to divide a shadow, with oneself's real strenght also ten thousand ten thousand can not resist, since they want to keep this sorcery from breaking out, I help them.Thought of here, nine cent shadows start to sing voodoo at the same time, but, sing of just the most common the second class breeze fastens sorcery voodoo, the most common breeze shield, "the pleasant breeze float in the sky and annoy Ning at the shield, great of breeze chemical element!Guard."Copy for nine cents to appear a light regiment of baby blue cheap sports jerseys at the same time before the body, the light regiment gradually models and coagulate nine noodles breeze shield, in the arousing of current of air under the Yang, have certain defense ability.Wei in the Ao pulls to deeply absorb tone, nine cent shadows lift method Zhang at the same time, nine breeze shields at his control intentionally under float to fly but, toward having already been compressed the gold ball of diameter ten Li rices to fly.
Drive blue, red, pale green three color ray of lightses wrap up of the gold color energy ball, have already converted cheap sports jerseys into a solid gradually from the liquid, joining of nine breeze shields, immediately make to squeeze of the dint greatly increase, the liquid energy of air seems at tiny tinily revolve, constringency speed obviously speed.
Suddenly, the hall of sorcery teacher labor union is bright to get up, 3 people all temporarily lost sight, but they also feel at the same time, be compressed of the gold ball has already outwardly stopped to extend of trend, also have no now an explosion.Can not help all loosenning tone.
The ray of light is gradually dreary, foolish resumed sense of vision first, the lighting of at present faintness was gradually clear, he surprisedly discover, in the sky and afloat wears the gold color that a diameter only has two Li rices small ball, 3 people just sent out of the energies all disappeared, the small ball turned blue, red, pale green and green four color ray of lightses in the gold color small ball boudoir quietly and afloat and in the sky, in addition to gorgeous outward appearance, it seems to be already to lose in times before strong energy.He twists a head to see go to the Xuan month and discover that the Xuan is also seeing him for month, equally show unintentionally surprised air in her eyes.2 new nfl jerseys nike people all agree way:"Is this what is the row?"
Wei in the Ao pulls of nine cent shadows unite as one, very light fly to the gold new nfl jerseys nike of ball before, his facial expression pale, seem to be to have some weariness, foolish and Xuan the month also walked uiyfiroehnj in the past, three human face face reading Qu, suddenly, the cachinnation gets up at the same time.Because they all feel afloat in the sky of the gold ball contain of energy is thus huge, huge arrive already more than 3 people of cognition scope, originally some 3 people of antagonisms all show unintentionally clever people like clever people vision.
The month of the Xuan first opens mouth and hurtle foolish hatred way:"Eldest brother, your stem what make moves, make this weird thing, how nike nfl jersey 2012 do we accept a hand!Still rather let my that sorcery explosion come out?"
Foolish wry smile way:"Brothers, you today this is how, how can excite use so big sorcery?You don't know, your sorcery isn't the defense here knots boundary at all to hold up of, once the explosion comes out, afraid of mainland sorcery teacher labor union Be about to make track for to kill us.Can I not make moves to obstruct you?You this sorcery is also too strong, connecting my to living to becomes can not offset its energy."
Wei in the Ao pulled to sigh tone, way:"The situation in nowadays is perhaps more dangerous, if just the sorcery break out with

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lending the defense here the knot boundary, be ruined of is also a labor union of this cent department, cent department for my a person, with lend the cent of Aeolian Zhang to copy ability, I should be able to es