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October 26 [Fri], 2012, 11:38
omed light of bombarding of blade.
Bomb however huge ring in, start to stir up the current of air of mightiness inside the sorcery labor union hall, the whole hall violently sways to move, if be not here added to hold to guard to knot boundary very strongly, afraid of this to be good enough to ruin for a while the whole building.Ray of light gradually obscure, Xuan the month is a bit surprised of looking at the youth sorcery of in front teacher.Wei in the Ao pulls of the facial expression is originally some pallors, back to leave to arrive position of five outside, at he before the body of in the ground, have together profound trace.Obviously he just of the defense sorcery has no completely and unloads Xuan for month of attack, just with lent fast skill to move out of the way light of the attack of blade aftermath is just.
Because the Xuan month once accepted the baptism of a year long absolute being, and increasing of the angel's Zhang, the heavenliness only fastens sorcery the convenient is at the her hand, the power of five class sorceries absolutely wants to exceed common of six class sorceries.The performance of the month of the Xuan this shot has already outstripped the ability of big sorcery teacher, Wei in the Ao pulls breathing to have some not even, pause for breath a way:"You must nike nfl jersey 2012 be the person of sacred Vatican and why the need for ascend our sorcery teacher labor union to show power and prestige?I admit being not your opponent, pleasing leave."
The month of the Xuan is tiny tiny on smiling, way:"Your seeming hasn't used with all strength!Admit defeat so not Be getting tooer early?Show me you real real strenght."Say, the angel's Zhang in the sky rows a circle wreath, aureate ray of light with circle wreath for the center suddenly and greatly put, the Xuan month wrist turns, continuously of the low voice sing, the one and other complicated sorcery sign beats into a wreath, surge of the sorcery energy flood in the hall, the sacred breathing sets off by contrast Jiao Qu new nfl jerseys nike of Xuan month to float to uiyfiroehnj fly but rises and quietly suspend in the half to get empty in.
Foolish the appearance heart in month seeing Xuan frightened and quickly shout a way:"The brothers accept a hand quickly, you will ruin here."He clearly feels this sorcery of strong, the livinging of thin green changes cheap sports jerseys energy suddenly but, the tight dragnet changes into a soft energy net and goes to the Xuan month cover, the solid energy net cover lives Xuan the aureole sent out the continuous constringency for month write, try the energy of offsetting the sorcery.But, Xuan the power of month this seven class sorceries the same sort , from yesterday to now, have been suppressing very much in her heart and just pull with Wei in the Ao of exchange blows in, using of her subconscious this seven classes attack sorcery.Although the foolish tight dragnet is new nfl jerseys nike violent, the jinx of sorcery again, also can this sorcery continuously of compression, can not exterminate it.
Wei in the Ao pulls to looking at foolish with Xuan month"intramural fight", not from must stare blankly for a while, but the energy of that that handsome sorcery teacher releases

nike nfl jersey 2012

is such terror, even own a few teachers perhaps also have no this real strenght, for canning protect oneself, he wields blue method Zhang and mumblingly reads a few voodoos, blue ray of light suddenly the Zhan put, the method Zhang sends forth of the energy wrap up his body completely at inside, green copy one Shan, Wei in the Ao pulls in a twinkling change nine oneselfs, round into a half Hu, prepare to meet an emergency at any time.
The voodoo of Xuan month has already canned not stop, for the thus strong sorcery, get up by her mentality control also very difficult, the aureate sign still continuously gradually narrows toward the in front of infuse into in the aureole, foolish the constringency unexpectedly feeling tight dragnet take pain, the intensive sorcery energy seems to have the trend to break through tie, he realizes the energy of such terror if break out here, afraid of mainland sorcery teacher labor union will Yi is flat ground, even also influence outside of pedestrian.To not let the sorcery wreak havoc, he can continuously of ownly living Dou spirit to infuse into among them, try very hard to cheap sports jerseys of inhibit the formation of sorcery.
The month of the Xuan was some to anxiously see foolish one eye, if once foolish can not inhibit a dilatant magic point, inevitable will be been anti- to bite by the sorcery energy, huge impact dint even if with his violent will definitely get hurt as well.Finally, the voodoo in month of Xuan completed, blue light the net wrap up a diameter one meter of gold color light the ball Be in the sky tiny to tinily shiver, foolish crest the sorcery energy that live this equal to eight class sorcery powerses very exhausting, he has already used he's 80% above capability.The Xuan month voodoo after completing, quickly the low voice drinks a way:"Eldest brother, absolute being Long Fu Ti, thoroughly compress it."Finish saying, she in a soft voice sings a way:"Take the blood of Phoenix as to lead,