i need help i want to my mom a necklace from tiffanys but idk what

May 27 [Mon], 2013, 10:02
i need help i want to my mom a necklace from tiffanys tiffany jewellery but idk what

my price range is 100-250 i have no idea what to her! she doesnt like anything too flashy thats why im having a hard time with this i was going to her a heart necklace that says mom on it but i dont know if shed wear something like that like i dont know if thats too bulky looking for a mom i was even thinking maybe just a heart necklace i dont know please help! thank you!

hey, so, i used to sell jewelry, been selling it for a while, actually.id suggest not ting tiffany & co brand jewelry. if you absolutely have to have it, its going to be silver, so make sure your mom isnt allergic! but if she doesnt wear much jewelry, something simple and elegant may be the industry leading way to go.tiffanyshoppingitem.asp…this would be something id pick for me, its sort of intricate, but at the same time its sort of understated. this would go with pretty much any of my other jewelry because its not a shape ive seen before.id also suggest something like tiffanyshoppingitem.asp…this. its an infinity sign, which is really a nice idea, really.but if you dont have to have tiffany & co, id suggest something likeeee - zalesproductindex.jspp…zalesproductindex.jspp…zalesproductindex.jspp…these! you can diamonds and white gold, or yellow gold for your price range.since it is ting close to christmas, you can ask for additional diounts at the stores youll find in the mall, and you may actually find something really nice in clearance. ive always been a real snob about jewelry, so either way youre set! whether you tiffany & co or white gold with diamonds, its going to be about the same quality, if that makes sense.i hope i helped give you some ideas though!and you can always go through her jewelry tiffany uk and try to find something that will match a ringwatchbraceletearrings she already has.good luck!

hi i had exactly the same problem last year, but i quite like this one, its quite plain and simpletiffany.co.ukshoppingitem.aspxfromgrid=1&sku=26758432&mcat=148204&cid=287465&search_params=s+5-p+1-c+287465-r+201323338+201445411-x+-n+6-ri+-ni+0-t+hope this helpsxox
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