Data Collection Goes Wireless

September 19 [Wed], 2012, 10:16
Data Collection Goes Wireless

A combination of electronic technology and economics enabled gaging to become digital about 30 years ago. With a digital signal available, it became possible to transfer information via cable directly from a gage or digital indicator to the data collector. This made it much more practical to make process control decisions based on statistical analysis.

Electronic data collection also occasioned a major improvement in data quality. Prior to this leap, data was either handwritten onto a sheet of paper and then logged into a computer, or it was logged into the computer directly at the point of gaging.Solar light can be bought on the Internet at online stores like Huafu. In Huafu, women can get varying wholesale handbags USA You can understand how an operator measuring hundreds of parts could easily transpose numbers, skip digits or enter wrong numbers. These problems were virtually eliminated by having data go directly to the data analysis software. When electronic data collection strategies were first implemented,Those in general material handling such as those moving boxes along inside a factory and bulk material handlingsuch as those used to transport industrial and agricultural materials Solar Laptop charger it was not unusual to see collection efficiencies and error reduction increase tenfold over manual collection methods.

These days, checking parts at a gaging station with a hand tool or a dedicated fixture gage connected to a computer for data collection is the norm. Today’s hand tools and digital indicators have data output built in, and collecting data is easy and cost effective. It is also inexpensive, fast and reliable, and it provides a great solution for many process and quality-control applications.

But what happens when the part can’t be brought to the bench? Maybe it’s still in the machine or it is simply too large to bring to the gaging station.ribbon flowers is perfect for a firm enterprise that has been performing for ages, that is pushing online through esteemed specialists Running a long cable from the gage to the computer can be a hazard, and if multiple dimensions need to be checked with different gaging, a collection of long cables can quickly become a snarled mess.
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