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October 20 [Sat], 2012, 12:27
Has not been away. Silent love, silence like.The fillip Fangfei do, years of unbearable old, air jordan shoes the fan word flies the scene engraved fleeting fragile fingertips few degrees complains the runaway dash Xianchou, air jordan shoes swan song of the MasterCard Beiqiu. Autumn tempting Cantabile , lonely night Indus, mixed with years of sad, filled my mind, recall from when me air jordan shoes.

From each other's eyes to blend each other's feelings air jordan shoes , air jordan shoes a pulse miss the Evans always at your fingertips gently flowing for you devoted all gentle and sweet, feeling the good life and reveries, air jordan shoes as if thereafter earthly joys and sorrows are due to meet in this life, the exhausting for life, quietly waiting for the Passion and unhappy love that never air jordan shoes.

The trajectory of life is the journey of a soul jordan retro shoes . air jordan shoes You missed some fate but was caught in some scenery you do not feel the United States but some people appreciate, some way, want to go and want to leave, are tortuous; air jordan shoes there are some things to say and do not say, are hurt; Some people love and leave not love. Some things away, but not their own air jordan shoes.

Eventually had to give up jordan shoes for sale . air jordan shoes When the once beautiful engraved into a road impassable gulf residual warmth in addition to frustration is to accept their fate. air jordan shoes Like the passage of time like an hourglass, air jordan shoes wander a memory fragrant flowers, lopsided vague imprint, trying OK sorry story still reincarnation vagrant stirring up dust in the past air jordan shoes.

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