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July 31 [Wed], 2013, 17:23
> Wu Yuan and Yang Jiang and bored people can not speak. Yang Jiang, who although busy little surprised, but their hero Xunqi lawless deeds are longitudinal storm have heard, so the emperor to eradicate these people, they were clapping and cheering, it has nothing to do with them. Only Wu did not show much surprised look, it seems that he thought the emperor to do those things that are rare. "The third thing and the second thing is actually a thing, simply because they relate to us, so only carry out a separate I and Uncle are doing everything North Face Scythe Clearance possible to keep the emperor that he created eternal inheritance, so anything as long as the threat posed to his eternal inheritance, he would have to find ways to eradicate off. which basically includes the Northern Yuan, Yunnan liangwang, hero Xunqi and lakes which several parties. "Yang Jiang leisure heard this, some happy authentic: "girl, who we are and how rivers and lakes of the eternal inheritance of the emperor ever do? he must eradicate us?" Liu Hanyan sighed, cicada the first micro-point: "The emperor was originally a beggar monk, early In the Huai River area begging when people come into contact with many rivers and lakes, into the 'White Lotus', of course, understand the power of rivers and lakes. Later, he surrendered to Guo Zixing, thus began his military career, which also took him emperor The road ahead. Guo Zixing team affiliated Xiao Ming Wang Hanlin children, while Xiao Ming Wang Hanlin child is 'White Lotus' under the seat North Face Waterproof Sale of his disciples, though later no longer listen to Zhang Liang Wang's disposal, but they also evolved from lakes forces addition emperor Expedition When the North Zhuzhen are on the lookout for the sky, which has more or less forces the credit, including rivers and lakes, so the surface looks like a very loose, but can be a real threat posed to his Ming dynasty eternal inheritance of the dead, has become he has long been thought eradicated object. "Fung Man-Yi when they coldly:" Wild people all over the world, where there is no? emperor who want to eradicate arena, he can finish killing you? "" Von predecessors, there is nothing ah! emperor always wanted to eradicate the entire arena forces, but it has not been a suitable opportunity to start, but today, the opportunity to come! Yan early last year on the fan when the emperor is not only the first master of your own Imperial Peking House sent Chu Spring , also contacted the 'Wudang', so that 'Wudang' will find out their ancestral Chi Master, go to Peking House protection Yan, of course, the wording of the emperor Mizhao certainly be very tactful, but also for 'Wudang' dawn with reason, and emotionally moving, tell 'Wudang' Once Yan of the country, north yuan with the 'White Lotus' certainly would send experts to go to the assassination, and even 'White Lotus' founder Zhang Wang is also possible to go Peking House took command, while Yan King assassination, calling the situation would lead to chaos. Nowadays the world has been set, the people Spherion, head of the major sects also mostly want to see the world suffered another trampled creatures, so the emperor Mizhao one to ' Wudang, 'Wudang' side sent notice of their ancestral Chi Master, so he hastened to Peking, one side will be the door of the elite disciples, masters legend swallow all moved to Peking Palace. "" and how things , the emperor could not really expected. Kitamoto, 'White Lotus' succession to the party, the two sides in Fuchu Yan Enter the Dragon, from last year to this year, there are dozens of large and small battles, both sides have injury to the last' White Lotus Teach 'leader Zhang Wang has arrived Peking House, but he went late, when Zhang San Feng Yan has received close protection, in front of Zhang Sanfeng, who can not be overstepped. desperation,' Women's North Face Hyvent Clearance Sale White Lotus' with North Yuan Yan Agoura That gave the assassination plan, have the south, and invite the parties to a master, to Beijing to assassinate the emperor. "Wu Yuan heard here, all of a sudden to Liu Hanyan asked:" Zhang Liang Wang and Zhang Sanfeng duo undergone no? move between them too much? "Liu Hanyan said:" I heard between Zhang Liang Wang and Zhang Sanfeng not played against, but two had been a couple of times will also exchanged a few words but nothing more. "Wu Yuan said:" Zhang Liang Wang really is a smart guy and you went down to speak. "Yang Jiang idle much exaggeration natural to understand why Wu Liang Wang is a smart guy. Zhang Liang Wang as "White Lotus" Jim, nature is "White Lotus" and recognized as the first master, but also "White Lotus" the spiritual pillar. So he does not do it already, one shot will only and not be killed. Once he lost to Zhang Sanfeng, will undoubtedly "White Lotus" in everyone's confidence has been a tremendous blow, confidence is gone, or go to the assassination of Yan emperor, how can success? Academics Liu Hanyan then down and said: "But for the Northern Yuan with the 'White Lotus' southward, the emperor is well prepared, he at first with a paper edict, the head of the major sects called to the capital, their worshiped together, waiting for Zhang Liang Wang, Agoura ilk soon. wait Agoura Zhang Liang Wang and his ilk in attendance, he will be ordered to make major sects hands together, these two forces wiped out, while Hu Weiyong these years is up to no good, desperate to recruit a lot of rivers and lakes, and by that time, the emperor will naturally ask the head of the major sects Swinger them the way. "" Of course, there are not foolproof certainty before the emperor, is not easily to these parties forces to start with, otherwise it will be Zhang Liang Wang, Agoura, who scared away. Once these people away from the capital, where the emperor but also to actively look for them? Therefore, he will have to wait until the time comes, he will be with Thunder less bound to their ears to get rid of all these three forces, while Beijing Chi Master is the time when I estimate the emperor would take advantage of the end back to the capital side Weiguo Gong Da Jun timing, so that the same Xuda Nan Yan is also an under Zhang Sanfeng so it had to come to the capital to follow. "" In the Zhang Sanfeng and martial arts punch major sects under, I thought, 'White Lotus' even with Agoura ilk will not be wiped clean, also suffered extremely painful loss when the major sects will 'White Lotus' and Agoura were expelled after the capital, the emperor will propose major sects will 'White Lotus' and Agoura remnants cleaned requests. to this time, the major sects have is involuntarily, began obey the orders of the emperor, while by that time, the rivers and lakes of the bloodiest moment we arrived. emperor would send a small number of people to the North Yuan die, and most of the forces were kept in the Central Plains, clear or incorporated throughout the arena forces as long as that does not obey the orders of the arena club, no not the placement of a 'White Lotus' remnants of the charges, was the major sects openly out to eradicate As for the smaller rivers and lakes combined, the emperor would directly give them the placement of a 'mob faction' hat, put them all to homeopathic destroyed, while the emperor would take this opportunity to create hatred, causing more violence. human arena, you kill me, I kill you, kill, the more the more he pleased, the more to kill his eternal foundation, the more trustworthy. wait 'White Lotus' remnants are packed almost, major sects are also wanted badly hurt, and some maybe also a master of martial casualties done. to this time, the emperor would no longer be with the major sects kind, began to clean up the major sects of course this kind of thing, in the eradication of 'White Lotus' remnants of the time can be quietly, while the other 'White Lotus' remnants are wiped clean after they are public conduct. Han said it best: 'birds do, good bow. Jiaotu death, stooges cooking. enemy broken, policy makers are dead.' As How will the emperor clear major sects? accusation is very simple, two words ... rebel! So we watched one after another martial art was removed from the arena may ultimately only two factions of Shaolin and Wudang The two faction There is useless, the emperor had to keep them. Moreover, as long as Zhang Sanfeng die, he did not dare to touch 'Wudang' a hairs while Zhang Sanfeng saw a big mistake has become, while the emperor and gave him this very old head to His disposition is not to kill the emperor, but swallowed their anger Hermitage, do not care. Thus, the purpose of the emperor eradicate lakes forces also reached, he will sit and rivers more poise. "<
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