I will never do a stepping stone

March 28 [Thu], 2013, 14:57
> This! This ...... This ... this is what ah! I froze in stunned pet arena entrance, looked away a fierce struggle with the two pets, a sudden ... I think they come to the wrong place ... pet arena is a similar to the ancient Roman arena. very large arena, at least in the field can accommodate 100,000 spectators, now ...... being held inside a pet's war! It was a lion of a cyan hair, and the one I called on the name, similar to the battle between the Western Dragon monsters, this is not so I was surprised me the most incredible they tall ... is not is not too exaggerated point? Think about Arena can accommodate 100,000 spectators inside the venue will be how much? But ... contrast that as the size of sesame seeds pets, but strange odd Titanic. Www! QuanBEn! COM me from far, it is estimated that no they specifically how short ... located two pets head manipulators, an eye the size of even the pets are not, do not look carefully ... you simply will not find two people, but for broadcast lens to a close-up, I really did not see that in the lion's head of green hair, a surprising stand! I finally understand the the point just mage dress the meaning of words, I estimate where the properties of the pet in the pet arena, without zoom countless times, and the power of people, but to maintain not changed, so ... ... How to direct the pets reasonably battle, how to judge each other's next action, full use of the strategic, tactical ... is win only key! Oh ...... forgot to say something, the growth of the pet itself is also very critical ... even a longer refuse pets, as long as the owner is smart, then none of the problem, he can overcome any powerful pet. Quite a lot of the pet the arena audience, the less there are tens of thousands of people, but strange, very quiet here, all attentively watching the battle arena pet. I gently move the feet, and sat down in a vacancy, at my side, a white swordsman sat there, eyes blink watching venue ... With his eyes, I see the venue go, while I sat in the back, a few hundred meters away from the venue enough, but ... pet huge, so see very clearly, almost nothing happened and in front of distinction. Battle field to the critical moment, the two pets to hemorrhagic very serious, it seems to the showdown, the two parties are fully ready, new ** imminent war! Call ...... two Warcraft at the same time moving up, all of a sudden ... the big screen to the edge of the site had a close-up, green hair on the lion head appears on the big screen ... given his information on a large screen, grass fine controlling pet green hair Lion King! Pet ranked eighth record 5323 wins, 1644 negative, can be described as a record shine through ah ... a straight face ...... grass of the fine at the moment stand at the head of green hair Lion King, violently beneath pet run, the bumps around the body up and down, but ...... stand pets grass fine, like standing on level ground, the slightest shake are not. His controlling skills, as well as stable effort I secretly admire each other brow pricked, eyes naked Chad flash, right hand slightly Yang, a red card in his hands! Flame beast! Come out ... with his roaring, the hands of the card suddenly jump out, and then burst open quickly, shape into a ball of red flame, gradually ... the flame gradually formed a terrorist huge monster! Mid-air, a monster of a Young hands of weapons, dull and roared: "Last Stand! The Green hair Lion King" a red light rapid run straight to the ground! Poof! Muffled bang, green hair Lion King suddenly a flame enveloped the front foot and shoved onto the ground, then the back foot, and then ... green hair Lion King howling jump out, directly toward the opposite to the other end of Long pet. While the grass of fine resorted card! And the essence of the grass on the other side of the venue of a large screen, appears the opposite side that proudly stood people Longshou ... to my surprise, this man is a woman, a purple hair, Yung Yan Xiuli girl, look serious and grim, almost more than a man cold! This girl named Leng, controlling pet dragon, the current a pet ranking is 17288733, the record so far is 106 wins, 8 losses, fighting screening is relatively small, but very high ...... winning! Less than 10%. Girl looking Lengjun slight bayan, the hands of a nearly transparent card slightly exudes a bright, brilliant light against the background of her flying purple hair, seemed so mysterious ... so strange ...... ice crystals strange! Go ...... soon Jiaohe, a girl called Leng Doushou throws the cards soon ...... cards flying up, overtaken by a snow sky ... eloquent to the dragon pet her seat drop past ...... the snowflakes fall to around its body is immediately disappear, and appear as suddenly disappear, do not know if I am wrong, the moment the snow has finally stopped falling, I seem to see the dragon appears around a layer of reflective light barrier! Boom! Almost two just ready, use a card or two pets will be severely hit with, my eyes widened, looking at the moment of impact! I was surprised that the women did not wait two animals come into contact with bird green hair Lion King in two or three meters away from the the Leng controlling the Long enough suddenly be fanzhen to up a huge body volley inverted out at the same time ... a huge reduction in blood digital appear on his body. Boom! Green hair Lion King finally fell to the ground, a powerful shock wave quickly open to the surrounding scattering, even sitting a few hundred meters away, clearly feel that kind of shocking ... the game ends ... I puzzled look of prominent court's Leng, do not understand how she wins? The why two pets not come into contact with, the highest honor in green hair bounced out, and the offensive side of it turned out to be DOT largest! Good! Beautiful! I was around that white swordsman cheers woke up, looked at him puzzled, I was curious tugged at his clothes when he look back at me, I am surprised and asked: "Excuse me ... you tell me! game in the end is how is it and why I did not see ah! white swordsman face looked remarkable field Leng, head wagging, said: "You did not see it you? Leng accurately determine means of attack, the use of grass fine ice crystals reflection, reflect injury to the offensive side - the essence of the grass controlling pets! "paused, white swordsman continued:" too much ... blood so little time left, even dare to pet plus ice, which requires much courage! "After listening to the description of the white swordsman, but more confused in my questioning, I finally figured out all original ...... grass of fine flame beast, a pet attack cards increased by 60%, but at the same time using this card, you will reduce the 60% of the pet defense ...... Leng card called ice blame can manufacture an invisible, transparent ice sector reflects all damage, the effect is a round, but ... this is the ills of ice circles for remote attacks, and magic attacks is invalid! And ...... ice crystals sector, can not escape the white swordsman reason why admire Leng guts, because after Leng ice crystals sector, if the other two attacks, or three attacks, or launch a magic attack, to the point that the two now remaining blood, certainly spike out. Can be said, the ice crystals sector is a very risky, but yet very easy to use the card, if the other party to take short-range attack, then attack the more fierce, the other hemorrhagic even more, while he will not be a trace of damage. But .... If the person using the remote attack or magic attack, then the situation is completely anti-over, the pet will lose the ability to evade, 100% hit, and not chase ...... ********* ************************************************** *********** I looked puzzled white swordsman puzzled and said: "They ... their cards are where to get ah! how I have not seen before, or to listen to said this card ah! "white swordsman smiled, explained:" It seems that you've rarely come to the arena right? "I nodded my head and said:" ah this is the first time I came here! how ... and this relationship? "white swordsman slight chuckle:" That's no wonder, I tell you ... want these auxiliary pet fight card, you have to go to the arena the takeaway Ministry to buy empty card then go wild or the caves Ye Hao, to dying pet seal, if the seal is successful, you will get a card has a corresponding effect! "paused for a moment, the other continued:" In accordance with the different attributes, various attribute monster cards are not the same effect, and ...... and ...... must seal BOSS has the effect, if the seal is ordinary mobs then and did not seal, will not have any effect! "looked at me white swordsman continued: "in accordance with different attributes, functions are like this: increase the defense of water ice reflection (the number of reflections was sealed BOSS level, divided into 1, 2, 3) fire strengthen Attack (increase attack ratio light, was sealed BOSS level, divided into 60%, 80%, 100%) wind increase in the number of attacks (the increase in the number of attacks was sealed BOSS level, divided into 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) (Protection of times different the was sealed BOSS level, divided into 1,Oakley Gascan, 2, 3) protection of pets can be no harm, no ills dark can be transformed into each other's attacks to their blood (conversion attacks the blood and the number of times, with the forward to different seal the BOSS level, divided into 1, 2, 3 times) paused, white swordsman went on to explain: "more than these, but I temporarily seen, heard, but ...... many other features of the card, but I do not know the name, do not know the specific function, In other words, each attribute corresponds to the card, certainly more than this one, there must be other, but ... can now see BOSS is very small, so ... appears relatively simple card ... "I sincerely say thank you to continue to want him for advice about pet-assisted knowledge of the card, the other did not impatient answer my question ... the original ... the price of a blank card is a diamond coins, seal the success rate was sealed BOSS level increased, that is, the seal of the higher level BOSS seal the success rate on lower ...... to with white swordsman said that he had bought ten cards to seal a 60 Hikuma, ... ten card ran out, but still could not seal live Hikuma, and finally had to kill it burst equipped from him I learned that must BOSS fight left a trace of blood before they can begin to seal, the only way seal the chance will be the highest, wanted to seal if the blood is still full, then it is impossible! almost 100% will not succeed! And BOSS can not die, seal facing the corpse is no effect, that is to say ... you want the card, you have lost the opportunity to kill BOSS blasting equipment ... you want to play equipment you can not get the card game BOSS very little, almost see little to few people willing to rare BOSS seal the card, trying to kill BOSS blasting equipment and ... own seal cards only their own use and not for sale, but also can not be sold, so ... most people simply do not know the existence of this card. hear him solutions here, I generally understand the role of the card,Kobe Dream Season IV, as well as to obtain the Although not comprehensive, but for me the present, has enough ...... looked Leng walked slowly to the audience, I am puzzled and said: "Brother ... such a big arena! Is there a venue you? That so many of the game ... when you can queue up ah! "After listening to my problems, the other laughed, only the dress off not far from one of my Master, smiled and said:" No, no, no ... there are numerous venues, If you want to participate in the competition, as long as the whereabouts his application, if you is want to Add to the ready room to fight, then he will be according to your requirements to give you assigned to a suitable room, if you want to own to build a room, then, as long as pay 1000 Diamond coins you can in always have its own of 10,000 m2 pet competitive room ... "I looked confused white swordsman, pointed to the stadium, he said:" Well ... not everyone can play here for everyone to see, right? The "white swordsman interface said:" Of course ... the game here are pre-determined, there is a certain potential, quite good results, there is a certain general game is impossible to see the degree of match performances on here! "Paused, and the other explained:" like grass essence and Leng, a master of the Top 10, another rising star, based on the investigation of the company, their battle will be quite exciting, so was only elected to race here ...... "heard here, my eyes lit up, whispered:" They have no appearance fees what! The "sip Minzui, the other very quickly shook his head and said:" No, no, how can there be appearance fees ah! The audience here is not to spend money to see, so there is no appearance fees! Smiled the other mystery of the Road: "But ... if you won your private room, will increase the area of ​​100 square meters, and ... if it is a special game, such as outreach race prizes The more special topography, but also to send some arena or special climate, special construction ... the highest room area reward will reach 1000 m2 paused the other Hey a laugh: "In short, as long as you have the ability to an infinite site, he can come here to win, but ...... if you lose, then we have to deduct the corresponding area of ​​the site, when your room a total area of ​​less than 6,000 square meters, unless you pay one hundred diamonds currency mine Yung fee, otherwise the room will be forced to close. "I am puzzled look white swordsman, murmured:" Well ... the usual game may not win the site do? "The other replied quickly:" ah! Who says you can not do ... just battle, the stakes are usually fixed, are one square meter, which is to prevent someone to rely on fighting to brush site. "Paused, and the other continued:" And ... the sake of fairness, high ranking, can not challenge the low-ranking people, but ... low ranking, they can leapfrog challenges of high-ranking people! "Thinking about for a while, I cautiously asked: Brothers ... If I did not prepare the cards, then ...... I can overcome other people? White people pondered for a while, cautiously replied: "can ... but you can overcome just some garbage, if you want to get good grades in pet Athletics, then ...... you must be as much as possible to get some card, otherwise ... you can overcome some of the low hand, your winning percentage will be very low, this way ... I personally think that means nothing! Only a stepping-stone of the others. "I thought about it for a while, suddenly the decision ... I will never do a stepping stone to others, even if to do as others do my stepping stone, I have been trampled upon for too long, I never again enjoy that feeling. thought here, patted the shoulder of the white people, I am grateful to the sincere and said: "Thank you brother ... I'll go and get the card, believe me ... I will be in the pet competitive in this area to get good grades! "The other side did not have time to answer before I shoved stood up and patted him on the shoulder, did not say anything, and stalked off the door ... a very short time! People than I go so long, if they are not seize the time, when you can catch up with them ah! looked at the figure that I began to run away, puzzled by the white man scratched his head, stood up and shoved, shouted: "Hey! Brothers ...... What is your name ah! Slightly meal, I stopped stature, slightly back to the right hand,Oakley Jawbone Sunglasses, thumb Alice point yourself tract: "Remember ... my name Pin Hua! Finished speaking ... I turned my head, walked outside stalked behind ... white people shouted: "Brothers ...... remember! My name is - Wind of Fantasia! ! ~! . . <
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