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June 03 [Mon], 2013, 9:24
> Three hundred and twenty fifth chapter of the original explosion, the culprit "call ...... bang ......" m Where in this critical moment, even breaking the eighth heavy weight that it promoted the ninth layer of obstacles to successfully enter the sub-Dragon tactic ninth level of the state, the strength of the moment is the geometric times, m where the whole body is skyrocketing Zihei kagero moment several times, which had been suppressed in the surface of the body that Zihei kagero smooth price as the missile exploded in general, suddenly outward expansion open. wWw, quaNBen, COm Zihei kagero all within the soul, all of them in fear of miserable voice, turned into a blood-red plume of smoke, which dissipates in the air, without leaving a trace. In Zihei kagero coverage outside the soul is crying with you want to make them feel fear flee the flames furnace, simply do not listen to Shaman King's command, whack, far from looking like a regiment stir together the line group in general, people feel terror and nausea. Shaman King also felt the meter where the sudden change in the air that a long with huge wings Julang transformed, is turned into a body surrounded by a metal armored humanoid monster,Oakley Fast Jacket Sale, while receiving all those souls back, lingering in his body around, gradually converging to blood red edged sword. "Clang ......" Shaman King a Bloody Sword will Zhebing caught in the hands, the backhand is numerous Jian Qi roared out toward the raging Zihei kagero are wrapped meters from where the impact, Wan one thousand Jian Qi split out on the ground traces of deep and shallow mottled, like a comet catch on in general, who rushed meters. "Drink!!" In the raging flames surrounded them where rice is naturally felt the threat from the other side of the Shaman King, promoted to the ninth level of sub-Dragon tactic to bring the meter where a huge upgrade. Whether physical or energy, and has a completely different from the previous qualitative leap in the power of the devil has been completely integrated into the meter where every cell of the body among them, this way, we can say m where the body is the power of the devil collection of this energy, the body is the energy! Each punch, each foot, are able to burst out Zihei kagero of Granville, m where the body is a constantly circulating release Zihei kagero flame energy body, we can say, this is where the insight meters out laws of the universe, burning everything, devouring fire laws - Fire destroyed rule! M where the power of now, has been catching up with the peak period of Pangu them that a level of Zeus, the king, and even the Shaman King, who is now with the rice is between Fifth open, where you want to easily beat meter, simply is impossible, m already has stood the universe where the peak strength. Heavy Zihei kagero among m Where thundered loudly, gentian gun above momentary flame soaring giant Atlas ~ Gun general swept out of the thousands that have Zihei kagero Jian Qi, turned out to be an instant they disappeared without trace, is Zihei kagero refining. Shaman King did not expect m Where now is so tough, a dodged a gentian swept the gun, and then in the hands of blood-red soul sword and gun gentian heavily hit in together. "Bang ......" with a bang, with blood-red circle Zihei kagero Jian Qi energy shock wave instantaneously mixed together to spread outward, crashing hit Shaman King cloth under the top defensive enchantment, enchantment simply can not withstand such a tyrannical energy impact, which in a bang, broken apart, one piece disappeared between heaven and earth. Chu Zi Yan to see such a violent shock wave energy toward his hit to immediately call out the child who, as soon as Dragons, steamed son who also appeared in the crotch, light flash, the child who is carrying the punch a few hundred kilometers away, while in the same time, the energy shock waves roaring, everything around will come to naught. Around the third generation of human beings is an emergency evacuation, where they did not think would be so ferocious meters, capable of their king - Shaman King fighting a well-matched, even forcing them to come up with all the strength of Shaman King! "Eye of God's light!!" "Dragon storm ~ move!!" Twice Bao He sounded the same, then both sides are washed from the sky carnage, Shaman King with m above where the body is burning up the Like blood in general flame,oakley for cheap, then the gun is connected with gentian Bloody Sword soul successive collisions, endless bloody flame whipped the whole huge fighting force fields are flattened. Shaman King could not see his own country because of the fighting between the two men into ruin, because just a little energy between the two leaks are likely to cause a big explosion to destroy the earth, so Shaman King turned around is toward the sky among feicuan away, behind a pair of wings suddenly opened, and that the general scene as Phoenix Nirvana, looks truly shocking. M Where nature is not a battle between the two people and let the earth be destroyed, so the fastest followed up, who is also capable of rice now Royal Air flight, Shaman King reason summon wings, is Since the energy of the pair of wings increase the flame effect. "Honghong Honghong Humming humming ......" They hit the space all the way from the ground among the whole body bathed in blood-red flames after another with two weapons in their hands with the opponent recklessly, do not have any skills, nor any moves at all, between two people seem to have turned into a completely on the strength of the fight, the explosion of voices. "Ziyan, so laden with bread galactic black hole next to the road you wait for me, I put Shaman King cited there, and then find an opportunity to launch the memory read!" M where the side with the Shaman King Rush, acoustic right side Chu Zi Yan said. Chu Zi Yan know now where the trouble is not able to give meters, so it did not say anything, sub-folder where the legs of a belly buns, bread is laden with the child who turned into a streamer toward the Milky Way's central black hole shock away. Has gone to see Chu Zi Yan, M. Shaman King who also cited the start, all the way toward the direction of the black hole play in the past. This whole galaxy are now Shaman King site, so no matter where he will not feel there is anything wrong, then they will follow all the way to where the meter to the direction of moving past the black hole. "Firebird Wings!!" Jiugong, Shaman King is gradually running out of patience, after all, in this day and age, no one is Shaman King's opponent, has undergone two human destruction Pangu other Gods In this period it is not Shaman King's opponent, so Shaman King is their own, and now m Where could have in such a long span of time, with their exchange that did not strive, Shaman King of hearts also gradually breed out some unstable emotions. With the Shaman King's roar behind him a pair of wings of flame moment is blossoming, blood-red flames coerced emerald green energy, golden divinity, who roared together toward meters away, instantaneously Where the rice is swallowed. Where m is the destruction of the flame flame esoteric law, and Shaman King out of the grasp of law, it is the law of life, flames,Air Jordan Big Ups UK Sale, he unleashed bloody flame has a life like normal, the moment turned out to be woven into a huge cage, Where the rice trapped in them. However m where it will not stand still, just formed in the cage, but not completely stable on the occasion, nine Zihei kagero entirely composed during the golden divinity mingled with blood-red flames of the dragon with the sky and shouts later, is cage toward the flame shock away, turned out to be in the moment the flame cage rushed a fragmented. "Monstrous fire waves!!" Seeing nine days long queue flames broke through the shackles of flame cage, each twisted together into a more sturdy bar dragon came to his shock, Shaman King eyebrows eyes of God sudden release of a blood-red rich light , followed behind in Shaman King, a road like to be able to swallow the day bite is to break the shackles of the flame waves, rolling toward the flame dragon. "Honghong Humming humming ......" Where the meter around a few planets with Shaman King moment is because of the huge impact of the explosion energy is open, a planet blast natural extraordinary, even with two The energy shock wave of the fight, turned out to be the planet explode outward expansion of the range of a thousand times, countless planets in this catastrophe which, explode, becoming among the universe of dust. "Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ......" Shaman King saw m Where did so much to destroy the planet, suddenly become blood red eyes, eyebrows eyes of God suddenly broke out in numerous road fine blood red light will Shaman King wrapped up, like a huge dumplings in general, kept beating, releasing the energy of terror coercion. M Where and Shaman King are still in a place not far from the black hole, he naturally will not miss this good opportunity jittery Shaman King, immediately launched a memory read capability. But see all the surrounding space fading, while an invisible energy corrugation is rushed into the bloody giant cocoon when the total, not directly into the minds of the Shaman King were. All of a sudden, many complicated memory fragments as the tide coming toward m where, thanks to the meter where the child has now been promoted to the dragon tactics Kokonoe, or simply playing hard to resist such information input. After a full ten minutes, the ability to read memory constitutes launch is completed, but this time, Shaman King Scarlet whole body is gradually dispersed light appeared in front of where rice is a like thousands of chubby, dripping blood consisting of eyeball monster, that thousands of eyes staring at the meter where the moment is, the outbreak of hatred light. "I'll kill you, kill you!" Shaman King frantically screaming, that is composed entirely of the eyeball monster is desperate to come toward the meter where the impact, while among those numerous eye, burst shot a Bloody Road light, fast and extremely, close to the speed of light! M who is not able to completely resist down, thighs and shoulders are being played two bloody holes, and now you want to know where the body is already close to m immortality, and be able to hurt m where the body, which the power of the light color is to imagine. Gradually, the two getting closer meters from the black hole where even be able to feel the energy coming from the Chu Zi Yan fluctuate, so he knows that he must be here to address the Shaman King! ! ............ <
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