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August 06 [Tue], 2013, 17:55
> "It does not work I own on it!" Watched a few games almost a mold carved out of the game, Chu Chung on wondering if he personally look at each other on tackling the skills that strange way in the end is what, this guy's they are able to play the original is an accident, so he had to be wondering what means did the first, so when playing against Chu Chung does in fact did not even called. wWw.QUanBEN.CoM But the tragedy is that you want to play right after the reversal must first come up with the bottom eight hundred thousand gold, which makes just enough to add up to two hundred thousand in his pocket full of Chu was very tangled (these games due to touch unclear form, betting when Women's North Face Hyvent he is a minor, although a small payoff, but because of too little pressure, until now lost that fifty thousand does not make it back), just as he was going to start considering where polar bears or thieving little uniform with the use of principal when it happened an accident. When the depth charges to kill a Men's North Face Nuptse Down Clearance Sale fourth rival old tricks after reversal of rights when a warlock even come up with eight hundred thousand gold initiative to bottom depth charges challenged. Sometimes, like depth charges them this grade players to participate in the competition is not just for a ranking, or for something a bonus, compared to those who pay more attention to the game itself is a deeper understanding of like the challenge of the depth charges secluded fire child named Warlock, he had also wondered dawdle throne sprint from the first to the last moment, but in the reading skills of depth charges after effects, this began pondering how to crack depth charges skill. Although this is called the quiet guy is an active fire children play money, but according to his own way or depth charges of the "same old" to control the pace of the game, but it was her brother's hockey here in the quiet fire child suffered a major loss, only See secluded fire children on the other side of the moment to cast out their own sets of hockey with a somewhat similar flame shield, but deeper than the color of the flame shield some magic shield, and depth charges issued by the puck hit the singularity in the quiet magic fire children After the shield, and even with the crimson magic shield disappears, not to mention the ice burst into a mirror, and even a child did not fall nuggets! "I rely on! Has emerged a new thing, God, ah, the thing can actually offset the puck." When Chu Chung as crimson magic shield that side of the miraculous marvel, when there has been quiet and fire children opponents launched a second round clash. The Sound of Fear! (Warlock fifty one control skills, fire and evil warlock Warlock can be used) Ice-ray! The ability to control the flame Warlock Demon Warlock Although compared to Baba deserve to be called the word of the "praise", although Mens North Face Denali not as flame demon warlock warlock as continuous control, but a short time the ability to control what the opponent is still there, in the red magic shield cancel out the opponent puck after fire children quiet confidence launched on the target control. The depth charges since the first one did not hit the proper skills to control effects, naturally, there is no need to engage in the kind of super-fee law snow skills, and this time he made an instant ice rays. Warlock spell resistance to natural although it is not as good as genuine magician, but compared to other occupations, the French anti-warlock is actually quite good, coupled with the growth of the blood warlock is much higher than other remote-law, so a mere Ice-rays did not have a one hundred large warlock cause fatal injuries, lost more than four thousand at the expense of the blood, the quiet child on fire trying to unlock the control effect of depth charges launched a counterattack. Deep fire burns (flame Warlock sixty skills within a certain time effect on the target causing a lot of damage sustained)! Warlock deep fire burns when dealing with a very powerful single target attack means that this continuing injury damage per second effect is not that high, even worse is added to the full level deep fire burns after they could not be any effect or skill solution out, even if Chu Chung in a deep fire burns immediately after the call to spend gilded god of war, and its role is only in two seconds will not be deep the damage caused by the fire burns nothing, and offerings This fire burns DEBUFF they will not be cleaned up by Ares gilded, finished two seconds invincible, deep fire burns will continue to have an effect. Depth charges in the solution out of fear of the sound effect after staring burns DEBUFF aboard ran away, he was probably going to leave some distance, adjust the pace of the game and then come back with the opponent desperately, but the war situation developed to the point where, secluded fire Where children let him get away so easily. Shadow ridden (Warlock seventy skills, the use will produce many filamentous Shadow Magic line wrapped around the target body, making the goal of injuries sustained while being an attack speed and movement speed reduced accordingly)! Depth charges in find-ridden opponent out of the shadow is a burst of smile, this time he gave up the escape, but turned around and started yelling and not far from the secluded fire children desperately rubbing magic, but in his hands an ice pick to break out when the children quiet fire of hell with that fat depth charges Huomo warriors have rushed in front, and when the hell Huomo warrior beside the red iris will be enveloped in which the depth charges when the expression is even more depth charges wonderful. Hell Huomo flame warlock warrior hell could call the fire department among the third generation of pet products, this stuff just look at the ability to attack the hell not as second-generation Flint Generals, but this ability is not the most important thing attack capability, but moved magic damage and reducing the target's magic attack strength (hell Huomo samurai will then be summoned with the owner of a one-way between injure transfer connection, when the warlock magic being attacked, some damage will be transferred to the demons of hell demons Samurai body, and hell Huomo warrior beside that red radius is about three meters of red halo effect is the reduction targets magic attack strength, who stood among the aperture all enemy targets magic attack power will be weakened part). Depth charges in the melee warrior after seeing hell Huomo basically will give up the game, and hell fire department baby right on the River Master a greatest feature is its freezing effect can not produce any effect, and the speed of thought to Master To get rid of the soldiers would charge hell Huomo is actually very difficult thing, so do not go to the blood of depth charges but fortunately, they stand still and quiet child rub the magic of fire, the results. . . Warriors and secluded in hell Huomo flank children under fire this guy soon defeated. . . ---------------- Recently I found that even two pages with small text Recommended also wood. . . Tragedy ah, the last fig leaf have been grilled a little down, this time completely streaking. . . 555 brothers multiple hits, multiple voting support yourself, O (∩ _ ∩) O ~ G! ~! . . <
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