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> Two hundred and seventieth chapters to lunch after a pass drums rang strike, Wang Bo around 200,000 troops mustered all the places the city besieged on all sides. wWw. QUAnBEn. cOM where there is a collapse of the walls of the East Gate is Yanyun Walled man with mud sandbags blocked, this section is the weakest defense SuCheng place a few days ago of the Franciscan Northern Army's offensive against the East Gate has been here mainly just Yanyun Walled troops in this period of massive defense, boiling oil, lime, bowls, spears, almost all the means in this period were using. The king's men thin personally directed Chucky, or to collapse the walls of this main direction. Wang Bo hands behind supervise more than fifty thousand troops, Chucky original men soldiers knew back is a death, it would be struggling to move forward, if it can overcome SuCheng not only save their lives, that may not also made a small fortune. Of course, if it can save their lives, breaking a small fortune is also acceptable. In the hands of a few trusted generals thin king's command, the original Chucky men shouted to the soldiers began to sink ow direction of the city rushed past. Less than twenty thousand people were forced to supervise teams forcing mad ahead of him, they struggled to shield hands humble lifted high, stop the rain from the same shoot down walls Yu Jian. Dense mass of economic North to life like soldiers ran forward, Yu Jian, such as hail falls crops to fall into the same crowd were Zadao economic crops as Northern Army spate of fallen soldiers. Only relative to the number of Franciscan Northern Army, fallen man but a very small part. If you look down from a high altitude, it can see the faint plume shot by soldiers turned down to form a small air when the rain hit the beach like a little crater, but soon it will be empty when the impulse behind people up blocked. Go down in front of people, people marching behind their backs continue forging ahead. Yu Jian endless rolling like pelting rain, while North Jeju Army soldiers as they are not the rolling ocean. Hung wide sea standing outside looking at the wall over the economic tide Bay Northern Army slight frown, side head on the side of Lee leisure, said: "General, it seems thin king fight is going today. Franciscan all Northern Army Camp empty, said Wang Bo today will not personally go into battle command. "Lee busy flexor calculated that day and said:" Anti-into the evening, if the Qi Jun Zhang Tuo shall see, I will let the wolf hunt iron gold camp out of the city with sharp shock, directly to kill the king in the army thin you make heavy infantry are ready, said today, may not also used them. "hung wide sea laughed:" Those guys one by one all choke crazy, just waiting for your general command it. "Lee busy smile:" is to build enough of them murderous. "He looked at the period of dilapidated walls, whispered to hung wide sea told a few. Hung wide sea nodded, walked out to the arrangement in accordance with Lee commanded idle. Xu performance standing walls shook his head slightly puzzled and said: "I do not know, so what exactly Lee busy." Cheng knowledge section also with his movements shook his head and said: "Could it really as military adviser to guess, he was waiting for reinforcements? But we also speculated before, Yan Yun Zhai's men are in the majority of Fraser juye counties should be deployed, what else he reinforcements? "Xu results looked outside suddenly the hearts of a move:" Could it be ...... he turned out to be such a man? "" Who? "Cheng asked, curious to know section. Xu results wry smile and said: "Indeed, if the man, which Li is also regarded as a devil's busy it. Actually can think of this approach, not only borrowed the places around the city of Walled Waagenophylloid also let us owe him a favor, admire!" " Who in the end! "Cheng asked, eager to know section. Xu performance slowly sigh of relief and said: "Qi Jun Tong Shou, Zhang Tuo required." "Lee said idle a few days ago, a large Sui emperor decreed that stupid tune Qi Jun Tong Shou Zhang Tuo his troops to attack we must watts Gang camp. now think that he had already done the calculations! Wang Ji thin army to attack the North East Heguri, Zhang Tuo as an excuse to send troops to be attacked Wang Bo will not have to go to so much effort and we Waagenophylloid Walled ita war. As a result, Li leisure benefits, Zhang Tuo also be benefited, that we also got Waagenophylloid Walled seem beneficial, it seems ...... only thin king is Cooler. "is saying, he suddenly saw Lee idle slowly walked over toward the side. He looked away section of a known,Oakley Sports Clearance, CHENG Zhi festival knowing two people will not say it. "It seems to desperately thin king today, ah." Cheng Lee looked busy festival known smiled said. Lee busy ah bang but did not take over the topic, but suddenly said a somewhat far-fetched to say. "I know who it is." Cheng known festival confused, Xu performance face changed. "Who?" Xu Performance asked. Li Xu busy watching the results of a sense of loss and said: "It seems that I am with a war between Waagenophylloid Walled inevitable." This is two words of incoherently, CHENG Zhi Festival hear foggy know why, but tight wrinkled Xu results brow, and his face became hard look. "My men risking spies last night even through thin king army camp, quietly returned SuCheng brought back a message." Lee idle breath slowly and said: "There is a man in a month ago visited North Jeju Wang Bo , the king stayed thin cottage in ten days before leaving, after which it went all the way to the southwest, is said to visit the great masters Waagenophylloid Village Zhai, while in the North County to Franciscan thin before the king, who sent not few people who sneak into ita encouraged me Dongping, and then took the opportunity to incite the people to make trouble. "Xu performance of face grew white, he ineffectively lips utter idle waiting for Lee that person's name. "Li Mi." Li Yi Tan busy shaking his head and said: "This man some calculations, the ita Heguri East, North Jeju County are upset up, it seems to have a large plot ...... ah." Xu Performance smile shaking his head: " That is, I Waagenophylloid Walled troops, but also the hands of Li Mi another handle knife? "He suddenly it flashed:" East is! "Lee busy Enleyisheng said:" Jiucheng is the case of the . "............ Wang Bo pushed Chucky men as soldiers Ants Climbing to SuCheng upside, especially in the East Gate side, Yan Yun Zhai defenders defense under increasing pressure. Just stick to a half hour, there Franciscan Northern Army soldiers climbed down the ladder wall. Thick soil Battalion soldiers struggling to pounce, while fighting the economic North Army soldiers and forced to have the wall fell down. But this way, the walls of Yan Yun Zhai archers had to retreat, North Jeju Army soldiers rushed to the walls of the soldiers even more. "Give me a push!" Wang Hai cronies thin men shouted: "The City of hammer punch up the mountain, is pushed by hand should I put this broken walls to push!" Countless soldiers economic North Bay up, hands and feet from the start of that period broken down the walls Pa. Fragmentation of the earth and sandbag gradually pulled out, paying hundreds of casualties after the big bang, were pulled out to a big hole in the wall finally collapses. Dirt and sandbags to fall from the sky agitation of smoke and soot in the Northern Army soldiers economy is moving to a burst of deafening cheers. "Walls broken!" "Kill ah!" "Brethren kill ah, big headed to say, the first one who scored SuCheng Whoever reward gold fifty-two meat good one thousand intersection, city woman casually He picked up, we can get economic North Seventh Army top spot! kill ah! "Hai loud shouting, encouraged economic Northern Army soldiers to fight. "Kill ah! Would Yanyun Walled hacked all those offal, food and women are our!" "Brethren forward Charge, massacre!" "Massacre! Massacre! Massacre!" In a massacre in a big shout The 200-odd North Jeju Army soldiers did not wait to drop out sandbags collapsed down on the dust dispersed down the slope climbed up the side of the side shouting like crazy climb. The walls of the fortress garrison places Yu Jian Yan Yun continuous shot following Franciscan Northern Army soldiers, and soon, this will be the collapse of the walls of piled corpses Franciscan Northern Army soldiers. Around one hundred people broke through the smoke also broke Yanyun Walled soldiers on the walls of the blockade was finally stormed into the places the city, but they have not had pleased, a arrows fly over from the city, into the city of more than one hundred Name economy within Northern soldiers have been shot moments into a hedgehog. Smoke and dust cleared, the whole inside of the gap, about seventy-eight one hundred archers formed a forty-four method of formation, has been in the hands of hard bow once again to catch the Yu Jian. "Do not retreat! Yan Yun Zhai there are not many men, as long as the immediate concern archers around, they are either slaughtered sheep you! Kill ah!" Wang shouted, waving the lead along with a dozen troopers climbed up the slope. Franciscan Northern Army soldiers at this time have seen the hope of victory may be a Volley how intimidated? With Wang cries, countless soldiers along the dense mass of ants climb up the slope collapsed. Walled city of Yan Yun archers immediately release the bowstring neat action, a lasing out arrows, rushed north slope of the Franciscan sickle soldiers seems to have been brought down, like layers of wheat fallen. Although only one step archers did not retire, they shot to Yu Jian also composed a kill blockade may Franciscan Northern Army rushed to more and more people, dead one, two on top, dead two, four to top. Franciscan Northern Army soldiers saw the meat just like wolves, ready to go crazy rushed to gobble up those flesh. Finally, the economic North Army soldiers stormed into the city down the slope from the Walled Yanyun archers getting closer. "Retreat!" Yan Yun Zhai Xiaowei commanding a loud shout of archers, archers immediately without hesitation about a minute to go to both sides. Franciscan Northern Army soldiers shouted ow rushed to the defense intends to those in the lowest of all arms archers kill all. With Yanyun can Walled archers around to a point,oakley sunglasses online, to see what is behind the force is still forging ahead of the Franciscan Northern Army soldiers immediately paused footsteps, shouts of horror sake ran backward, but the posterior blocked by their colleague, simply will not go back on the back! Archers behind, is a heavily armored infantry neatly lined up, and then the evening twilight, and that a black heavy armor chilled exudes a dark color, dense and heavy armor infantry stood there, like a steel cast dam. In those heavily armored infantry have stuck around whispered Hengdao edged heavy, but this time, their hands are holding a two-edged spears. "Kill!" Hung wide sea gave the order, Hundreds of spears meteorite shower as voted out. Just a moment, rushed into the city's economy will almost exclusively Northern soldiers died on the ground. But the follow-up in front of people who do not know what happened is still forging ahead, and soon there are hundreds of people flooded in. "Thick soil heavy armor!" Hung wide sea to move a finger street knife. "Forward!" "Forward!" "Forward!" With neat cries, heavy armor starts slowly. A street knife Daoguang in the cold,Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Canvas Sale, North Jeju Army soldiers frightened expression on their faces was gradually enlarged. Xue Wu soared! Yanyun heavy armor, unstoppable! Xu Cheng known festival performance and on the walls to see which team when heavy armor street Killer stared almost simultaneously, two people exchanged glances, which meant all incredible! "Oh!" Di Hu Xu results soon and said: "They do not know Yan Zhai Brother Walled have such heavy armor scale street Killer, if Fraser juye also arranged a heavily armored infantry, then eat a large walled Waagenophylloid deficit. "Just at this point, I saw outside economic forces behind the sudden burst of North chaos. Sui strong side face big red banners flying up and battle cry broke straight back to the sky! Qi Jun Zhang Tuo shall, to the! <
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