Daomang the the cut above the blood

October 22 [Mon], 2012, 9:25

> Sea of ​​blood knows no boundaries, look back with no road, the only way forward line. wWW! Quanben! CoM surging blood waves Wrath Bay, among the sea of ​​blood that ups and downs, you can see the head of countless innocent people drift uttered a sound shrill screams. Fly height above and below that surging bloody constantly exudes thick blood gas and rush to the high days to form a piece of blood cloud, diffuse high days, the whole sky is coated with a layer branching off of the blood-red, this piece of space are housed prefix into the blood domain. Ding boss following the lead of, so to say, to listen to the small boss flew well to prevent. Carter, a sea of ​​blood into a sudden out of the myriad Nulong similar waves of blood, raging dance, like a blood whip toward them pumping. The shoot empty Jijian waves of blood, the mighty momentum countless waves of blood pumping rejection, and space are distorted, Morohito wholly submerged into. Fully pushed Morohito burst of panic, the body of real dollars, you want to split immediate wave of blood, but no sharp cast the Weaponry Zhanxia after a gas Mans, rushed into the waves of blood, instantly swallowed exhausted, a dead letter, no message. Waves of blood in this Unit, the power of imagination, the crowd surrounded together, stand in a circle, each patrol, Ding boss shouted: are murderous by, all among the sea of ​​blood between between the real and the unreal, then only your uprightness can be broken,UGG Classic Tall Stripe. turned flying, bright Jianqi he was the center and spread toward the square, heavy, such as mountain Jianqi being mixed with a fierce rage of anger, hit the rolling waves of blood dance. The bloody as fried, Pengran burst open, the stench of blood gas blowing moment Tantai hands of Yu Ming Chu whip circled Rao dance, everyone all over the body to form an airtight aperture impinge upon the blood gas in perfusion forward to have disintegration uprightness aperture into the fog. The Morohito spiral dancing, like a tornado, constantly tearing the front of the wave of blood rushed toward the other side of the boundless sea of ​​blood, do not know how long the golden light of the explosive dance fading, the Ge and Tantai Yu Ming two uprightness of the human body is already not following. This way, they have flown thousands of miles, but the roiling sea of ​​blood or less than marginal,UGG Sundance II. Ge-position Tantai Yu Ming, Ding boss and Hanshan Lin substitute they Daoxing although profound, but everything into a sea of ​​blood are illusions, their Tough no cast Jianqi the Daomang waves of blood hit less than of Ge and Tantai Yu Ming uprightness. Ge After pranayama slightly, and already recover his body has four of the origin of the force, really be able to complement each other with the origin of the power, the speed of recovery than Tantai Yu Ming faster. Blood waves continue Chong Chung, Ding boss and Hanshan Lin somewhat hard to resist. More into the depths of the sea of ​​blood flying, Chung fried increasingly powerful waves of blood, blood waves looming of an only illusory Guiwu these Guiwu issued harsh magic sound and constantly disrupt Morohito of mind. Five Elements flag in the SG are connected to each other, forming an SG light curtains to weave, they were all upside down, to avoid the magic sound of misappropriation. Hanshan Lin's face lit up, speechless said: real dollars in an instant into uprightness, shaking fire flag, a Road SG projection,UGG Women's Bailey Button, which mixed with the Phoenix Skyfire force, Skyfire force SG evaporate. SG knives, chop in front of all the waves of blood. Suddenly, among the vast sea of ​​blood, sounded a monster roaring sound, the endless sea of ​​blood boiling in an instant rush days of blood waves again Hurricane. thing tumbling into the sea of ​​blood, are shocked. A Scarlet Dragon, Wuzhua flying, an own contempt sentient beings, proudly turned its posture, a little knowledge is a long dragon body like a disk lying mountains. This is the ancient times to guide the dragon god of the seas, ancient Huangdi devil Chi Battle, Dragon led Sihai Department of Public confluence Chi with World War Huangdi, after the defeat of the Dragon missing. Small boss in ancient times, but had the experience of the supreme divinity of the Dragon, the Dragon god-level master, then with Chi Wars Yellow Emperor Huangdi only lost a half strokes, and then he disappeared, and there are rumors that Dragon has dead, did not think even appear in the Shura purgatory. Four Seas Dragon is not the only Blood Dragon Dragon just a call, thousands of years, the whole world Dragon full eight, and the the small boss said the Dragon is the first generation of the ancient times Dragon, that enough to contend with heaven transcendent figure. Endless pressure swept bear the brunt of the small boss, his figure Yue Zhi suddenly sluggish down this immense pressure is too great, compared to ancient times more powerful. Diming Xuanyuanjian buzz, the huge power of faith operation formed in front of a light curtain, blocking the boundless coercion. Blood dragon born, shrouded Cloud howling Voice deter sky Lung Mei Hui pendulum void crack, constantly broken collapse, exposing a dark black hole, forming an enormous suction of water being sucked back into the sea of ​​blood them. Blood Dragon Wei Qiang without horses, each Kee Lung Mei thrown space collapse, splitting, and if it let it go on like this, pieces throughout the Shura purgatory will collapse, the Shura purgatory prisoners are atrocious the generation, if born, would certainly have set off a terrible disaster. Although the matter has nothing to do with the small boss, but he knew that if laissez-faire blood dragon rampant, he will sooner or later become the the blood dragon sword spirits of the dead, desperate to fight its so might as well, might be able to stay alive. The blood dragon heard,air max shoes store, stop the giant tail to swing the pendulum pair of hideous blood mesh swept to the side like carnage Beng currently two Pilian like two sword turned, Thunder anger cut. Both took a serious beating. which the evildoer went out, the world must chaos to escape death. a. The face of god-class characters, but also the well-known master of the ancient times, even though he was among the repression in a sea of ​​blood still rage and ferocity of a century ago, such a masterpiece figure, the hearts of all men know no grasp. Everyone is not without thought of escape, but all know, they can not escape, even escape future incarnation as the the blood dragon of Dragon will again ravaged the earth, and they are still the same die. It is only a matter of time. The sea of ​​blood in the flood, Dragon in the roar, shaking Nutao the surging thousand angry waves, heaven and earth as if to collapse, the Ryujin little knowledge is a long dragon footer swing, like a moving river of blood, heavy pumping in the air. Void constantly chipping, god-class characters irresistible the matchless coercion depth crowd mind. Light Flurry of Jianguang great success, baizhang, long Jianqi, Daomang the the cut above the blood dragon dragon footer burst savior or bouts of Mars, even if it is based on the and benefit of Xuanyuanjian, Ding boss every time to make every effort to cut out , also only Zhanxia the scales of a palm. God level characters pomp the super master elegance of ancient times at this moment filling. The class character of these little gods, but is more powerful ants in his eyes, nothing more, just so that he was surprised, in front of less than five feet tall man in the hands of Excalibur is so sharp, and actually be able to hurt him now. Giant master of the long tail not sweep, they already feel the matchless power of blowing the breath trauma their organs. Gangfeng torn into nothingness. Escaped a life of Ge on the tail, the Wild Goose Liuguai, Tantai Yu Han Shanlin constantly breathing heavily, and the hearts of horror, but also know that even though they can fight their lives, nor will it cause blood dragon injury. Ge had just been Gangfeng swept silent wound treatment, the five elements of the flag in his whole body circulation, bursting out with sparkling light, Shura the the Five Reiki in purgatory unending through the five elements flag refining pure Jing Yuan, to enter his body. Several ants. <

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