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Four hundred and sixtieth nine chapters stunned Yang argued proudly standing there, he was constantly looking around, want to see the inside of those students are busy as anything, by the way waiting for Deng Hui Wang Yulong magic props take over. Www,Nike Air Jordan 2. quANBEn. rapid updates at this time, Liang Sisi just switched to her head to see Yang debate. She saw Yang defense stood there, eyes suddenly light up, she found that there the Young debate seems to be facing her, as if to say something to her, she immediately dropped his head slightly shy. Her shy blushed, and then slightly tweaked asked softly: "Young Brother, how do you come to me to the background it? What's going on?" Liang Sisi after the finish, finishing my clothes, and then head slightly raised, big eyes motionless, looking at Yang argued. Yang argued the pupil suddenly twitch, what and what? Shashi Hou to the background come to you? Do not play with it! Young debate at this time really do not know how he should run, he felt, saying nothing, if I can not find what you think, it is very hurt people. However, if that came to her, it really sets. Yang argued corrugated brow, do not know whether he should I say good. This time Yang debate really depressed, he was depressed to think, how to see a woman, a lot of the time do not seem to know how to say it! At this point, Deng Hui three-step and two-step to go back, carrying a large robe over him panting, out of breath and said: "This is prepared by Wang Yulong props, you look at what can be changed, it seems like a lot of things inside. "Deng Huiguang Note Yang argued, simply do not see Liang Sisi next to the hands of the gown Yang debate in the arms of a plug, said: quickly go in and change it! The confrontation performance depends on you. "What? Against the show? "Yang argued forehead from the trace of black lines. Looked Deng Hui, Yang debate hearts depressing thought, Nima, to come up against the performances? What and what? Before said that this matter is not to background , you gave me comes out against performing Yang debate looked stunned Deng Hui, his face more than a little unhappy at this time, Liang Sisi suddenly surprised a moment, and looked very natural together she had no idea how, Yang debate actually not come here looking for what she said, but to the side to prepare on the program. Liang Sisi beautiful eyes shed a trace of embarrassment, She lowered her head and played with clothing or jewelry, do not know how to begin. her in mind, it is too bashful, how such a situation she felt standing there very embarrassing, so Liang Sisi bite the bullet and say was her thing, walked away Yang debate and Deng Hui place where Deng Hui This saw Liang Sisi Liang Sisi walked head down to leave, he smiled Samsam see Yang argued and did not say anything, his mouth sprang up and said: "Yeah! The two classes have the students to perform magic crashed, so, sponsored by the principal said, to get to get hold of a wonderful point, get hold of confrontation performances to see which classes are wonderful performances. You do not know, Wang Yulong this program, but as the finale of our class program, other programs seem to have no other classes good, the color looked at this program it! Unfortunately, ah! "The Yang argued eyes burst carbazole,Jordan 7 Shoes, the flute mode stunned eyes looking at Deng Hui, Fu Fei Deng Hui from Nima, this kid actually gave me a set, is actually what Magic Tournament, class finale performances, play without it! Yang argued very depressed, he felt that this kind of thing can say that, as early as say ah! say this is simply not the father of the pit? Yang Wang Yulong defense looked carefully prepared props, crying mind have it all, something to wear out and did not pressure people to get on the ground? Yang argued very solid body, but for the clothes still feel some scratching their heads, Yang debate saw, which seventy-eight bad lot, even goldfish bowl has this is what and what? if he dressed in such a clothes out, it is absolutely a clown Wang Yulong that kid meters in height more than a dozen, and the body fat, sturdy frame, once students joked forest accounting in accordance with that figure tailored clothing Yang debate put on, it seems like the kind of gown. Moreover, if Yang debate if the clothes to wear out then they are always the year's largest jokes, pure clown. the Yang argued eyes full of depressed, he looked Deng Hui disturbed face,Air Jordan 8, suddenly a soft heart, Who myself Forestry Administration QINGGAN class students do ! With their own time, he is not able to pull the hind legs more, if their own Xiangnong a magic trick, then that would be too simple, not out of nowhere to pull out something, then things not? not much. Yang Debate thought, finally decided to come down to win glory for the class, so he took Deng Hui to he brought costumes to dress pointing directly in accordance with Deng Hui went Yang debate into the house, did not dress up ideas directly to the clothes of those who were to change out of things, all will fall into the space of his soul he saw nothing, then, from the inside the house came out in the background can be seen performing in front of the place to watch from the performances on stage performances Materials Bureau fan dance fan dance show has only just begun, and it looked a wearing a red skirt , a pretty girl holding two fan dancing on the stage. Yang side of the debate, just four female students class which is about to perform in dance, they heard Zhang Miaomiao announcer said the fan dance, curl one's lip, said: "this thing can go up the table. "Ah! Few people performing this silly program, get a few broken fan, if you can get out of a graceful dance, then we get so many people to do what? "Ah! We performances, but a replica of the multi-hand Guanyin, than some of them strong, its best to get it! "Our class programs are now up may not last the first prize in Wang Yulong home in a hurry to go, then we basically rely on. "Fan dance as if nothing Aspect, that dance, it is estimated that Materials Bureau of no one, and the dance is not a strong point. "But, that is, for a time, they began stunned. <
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