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November 11 [Sun], 2012, 12:55
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultLong Aotian saw their strength after brow tightly knit together ,the Dragon Aotian did not expect the other side has sent so many people around to kill himself ,originally thought to have three upper God is great, but did not expect this not has three upper God ,but in four the upper God ,but also nearly twenty God ,this let the Dragon Aotian be startled at said that although the Dragon Aotian Ling powder on the upper God also has a very strong lethality ,but this effect is not immediately effective ,at least one or two minutes to wait to take effect UGGs Classic Boots Boots,after all, a god level master poisons have a certain resistance Canada Goose Hybridge Lite Jacket,but also the poison spread also have a certain amount of time ,so they are not completely poisoning when the Dragon Aotian will face four upper God plus nearly twenty Chinese gods there are some inferior God siege ,during this period, but very dangerous .
Master ,how, how the other has a host of God ? Hydera also discovered each other different ,so some doubts to the Dragon Aotian said .Long Aotian is confused ,but soon the Dragon Pride Day found these on the shoulder mark ,a flame symbol ,the symbol of the Dragon Aotian looks very familiar, very quickly a shadow dragon Aotian in mind ,as long Aotian thought a few days before they cleared the Skyfire practice squad man chest is this sign ,the gust of wind if his father is the God of the master level ,the Dragon Aotian is not placed on the heart ,I don actually with Qingyun sent united .
Think of here long Aotian to Hydera said: this is because of their practice squad Skyfire ,the leader should be Skyfire practice squad leader, is the dead Chen Feng ,didn would mix together ,is really damn ,they come up later when will I give you the antidote .
Live, then try not to breathe ,up to a full ,and hold them in one or two minutes we will be safe . Well Canada Goose Whistler Parka Sale, know ,sir ,but rest assured ,you should also be cautious of their master ,the master level master God so much but I couldn help them ,.
When the master you can is dangerous ,I am the master with your teleport with they run away ,.They also think you can teleport by surprise ,then ,might be able to hold them off at one thirty .
Hydera said his eyes light . This I know ,believe that careful there should be no problem ,ancestor ,this matter should not be delayed. ,you first to free magic ring hides . Dragon Aotian nodded to the side after Kylie .
Well, well UGG Cove Boots,then you must be careful ,if not directly behind free magic ring ,let Hydera to hold them for a while . Kylie said softly .Long Aotian nodded and then moved to Kylie thoughts get in the ring, then the Dragon Aotian turned to Hydera and said: Xu de la ,if not the start you directly with the body to fight them ,so they see your body should have scruples, during this period of time we may win for some time ,but remember, when fighting up a cannot let go ,we don go ,we are here to decorate a method, get free time they escape ,brings some unnecessary trouble ,since they bother us ,so we should do a good job consciousness of death .
Method ?Here ?But they are coming soon ,is it too late? Hydera nodded and said some doubts . Rest assured ,we arranged together this method, will be finished soon . Then Long Aotian began to side on the side of said to Hydera , well, you in here, faster .
Then the Dragon Aotian hands took out some spar ,then too fell to the ground ,figure of rapid changes, constantly hit a spar ,and Hydera also with the Dragon Aotian .Although Hydera for matrix with a dragon Aotian with some gaps ,but the Dragon Aotian introduction followed and soon realized that ,in the long Aotian pointing under is constantly making some spar .
The Dragon Aotian order will they catch all in one draft ,but strenuous effort ,is decorated with a triode method of top trapped array ,called Kowloon trapped Tianzhen ,this method is the Dragon Aotian currently can be disposed of the most powerful trapped array ,and to cause the other suspect ,Long Aotian this time but took out a lot of the spar, the matrix method layout of the area is very extensive ,and the Dragon Aotian figure behind tracking people and nothing changes ,the only question is a streamer from dragon Aotian and Hydera hands out ,which makes them confused .
But for their method of things but be utterly ignorant of ,so do not know the Dragon Aotian who on earth are you doing .Dragons in the Aotian fly out of nearly three thousand meters after the method also is arranged completely ,and later pursued are catching up, with the tracking of the mixed together ,but the speed is accelerated a lot, apparently with each other are here .
And the Dragon Aotian with Hydera sees that also accelerated matrix arrangement speed ,soon the other entered the method over the range ,the Dragon Aotian with the figure of Hydera is stopped UGG Chrystie On Sale,the Dragon Aotian hands holding a green spar ,mouth out with a sneer .
See they have appeared in the implementation, a two person eye ,then each took a pill to swallow, this is the Dragon Aotian refining Ling powder antidote ,then a vial is also appeared in Dragon Aotian hands ,saw the Dragon Aotian gently pull down the bottle stopper ,held in the the palm of the hand and then looked at the fly over all ,eyes showed a teasing look .
The Kowloon trapped Tianzhen and Ling powder help dragon Aotian basically it all a little suspense ,those who saw the original three people turned into two individual ,face suddenly become very ugly ,in particular ,sent people to know them ,but afraid of the leaked ,elders put the vision has been tracking the Dragon Aotian several people who ,obviously need someone to explain .
The man saw this situation immediately made a face, then said: elders ,I also don they just three men ,just the woman seems to disappear . Disappear ?It can be ?It is a waste ,waste ,even a woman look bad ,there is spare you ,and go back with you is the best ω O) .
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