the reason why so fast the reasons

November 16 [Fri], 2012, 12:35

> Qi eyes wide open looking at forward. The thin The Moman cloud skinned slightly, pushing HE Yuan, terminate this affectionate unlimited long kiss, soon passing pink cheeks somewhat Hongxia,UGG Bailey Button Triplet Cheap, waited dripping. How far glared angrily Moqi one, this turned around and looked to see the smiling Xia Yu Dutch: , Mom give you a hand. Cloud: grandson ah? soon? etc. Do you forty? The people then listened to fully, she see her sister frown without a word. -By to come forward and morally, a fairly generous attempts to shoot down small breasts: women want both to be Sa? hey, to ensure the successful completion of the task ... Ah mom you twist my ear Why you? ? nor ask who would dare marry you! Then empty Moqi interrupted, she hastened to change the subject: Yes today I see is punishment day Group chairman's son, they are ready to Feng Yang Investment Although the amount is not much imagination, the scale is not great, but their names, Feng Yang is a small harvest, believe their date later invested enterprises, foreign-certainly more and more,, Could not conceal the hearts of excitement. Xia Yu He Xin took under Moman cloud shoulder comfort: When so many years as party secretary, a decent manner achievements are not, and so see the mother in this regard, you still teach your dad. , but for me all those years to dedication, there will not be today's Fengyang, the more there will be no investment today, so just to catch up with the time, the actual front efforts inescapable stakeholders. glanced at him: less is too low, there is very likely caused the dissatisfaction of Xing Wei, as the issue of the investment to come to naught, so even a few days he promised down, nor relax. brow: so, is that you give preferential great little experience fledgling Xing Wei,uggs for sale, and quickly promised down, ah, it seems that he is still too tender, otherwise an excellent businessman, will not rush this sub seconds, they will think government why so relaxed and drag land, will have better deals. Cui mayor's permission must be asked the above can be approved, will not be answered so fast ah? and so on, will not you put a blank check to the people? Feng Yang Wei Xing investment, the economy has always been very boom,UGG Women's Classic Tall Sparkles, some special promotions system can not be casually Pixia, you can not eclipse the rice gained nothing, if the Government does not agree to, and will definitely offend Xing Wei presumably after further cooperation opportunities are slim. kind of situation does not occur, the reason why so fast the reasons set because those preferential policies within Cui mayor can advance the implementation of the Oh,Mayfaire UGGs Boots, the government certainly would not not agree. Come with me to talk about, in the end what developed promotions. Moman cloud no hurry slowly sip of tea party slowly said: startled: smile: , immediately dignified: , do not be a liar. The Xia Yu Dutch poke Mo into: after, looking very weird: do? Moqi suddenly wary: The rival Coming. Mo to get back on the sofa into a smile: Who are you looking for? Xing Wei, he saw Moqi after eyes lit up, apart from anything else, had moved from beside a big box with its own high-severity of view, the box should be made of paper of standing in front of nearly two meters high and a width of one arm, skin packaging exquisite gift paper, very good-looking. Moqi very little proud, and did not expect their own claim to fame, reserved smile, modest: thoughts Xing Wei, the box gently push: box, immediately, Moqi Yanzui exclaimed: , can not wait to go pro on it one. Mo Qi animation aficionados, the value of this the SABER model for the naturally know. <

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