G.L.T 2009 all new metal serieses outstrip ego tasty

July 16 [Tue], 2013, 20:41

G.L.T of design style bold vanguard, from the brand is born have already exceeded to go into the fourth year up to now, make to set out by the concept of "More than egoist" self-confident glut in 2009, adopt metal watch band for the first time in the clock jewelry big exhibition in Basel world(Baselworld), release two all new series wrists form, send forth familiar male big-hearted and comfortable tasty.Another is only three for capacity in the world of the guest system turn capacity 鑚 form, the whole form style insets more than 330 precious precious stones and acts in cooperation G.L.T special and luxurious personality esthetics.

<Is left:the SBLA051 is right: SBLA 053& gts;

metal watch band design self-confidence free

G.L.T all new metal watch band series take"KABUKIMONO"(song female dancer) as topic, let people feel to experience successively life various empress mature male freedom free and big-hearted life attitude.Release to lately make each time, the G.L.T novel creativity always makes artificial stunning, 2009 annuities belong to watch band series and take rose as to design topic, the brave uses on the noodles dish large mark, the chemical element in the such conflict contrast under, show male self-confident bold and unconstrained magic power more.

the multi-layer craft create beautiful sense of vision

in addition, G.L.T also pays attention to the design of form style each detail and makes form teacher with his/her well-trained craft and distinguish to cautiously beat to whet nine row beautiful chain stanza, lighting lines reflect to change more, overturn former to the concept of metals wrist forms.Case of watch on the side of part of then assist with the design of "V type the ditch incise", strengthen a whole form style of personality, fence in to then use in the form creative eight side incise, and double to revolve a form turn, present a technique that is finely complicated to make form.

the G.L.T capacity 鑚 form exert an exhibition male form luxurious doctrine

2009 G.L.T Be another to lately make, world the only capacity is three, the dial starts work to inset 252 United States to drill and uses rose on the side as to design topic and make a show of very exert a highly respectable familiar male luxurious doctrine, deduce to make people shake the self-confident tasty of Zhe.Form style revolve form to fence in to inset three kinds of total 81 of diamond, but engraved to once correspond of directions up, then with four kinds of precious stones(is black to drill, the blue precious stone, ruby and white drill) symbolize east from time immemorial believe, control directions and four absolute being 祇s in time.(explain a)Then inset the diamond of having 0.5 carats on the form hat, make a show of the design clever thought that G.L.T enriches.

exclusive Spring Drive machine Xin precise stability

are new style of to equally carry exclusive Spring of SEIKO for G.L.T 09 yearses Drive machine Xin, equally take spiral driving force as power source with machine form, and make use of IC and crystal to vibrate son to by the square control a precise degree.The advantage that combines machine form and quartz form doesn't need battery, and almost is free from the influence of outside environments, such as temperature variety, impact and vibration...etc., stability of time the precise degree and easy style of writing sort is smooth of second hand action is special feature.

limit a style SBLA is 055

four absolute being Zhis:
north:Is black(is black to drill) …BE garrisoned by the absolute being monster Xuan force, it is "0:00".The color belonged to is for the "black".
east:Is green(blue precious stone) …BE garrisoned by the absolute being monster green dragon, it is "6:00".The color belonged to is for"blue".
south:Is red(ruby) …BE garrisoned by the absolute being monster Vinaceous Rosefinch, it is "12:00".The color belonged to for"red"

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