Regret Everything

November 22 [Mon], 2010, 17:33
Look better than you ever did

Be friends but keep your distance

Become popular and show him that you don't need him
If you can, scheme, manipulate and engineer invitations to the same parties your ex is going to be present at! Once you are sure he is going to be there, all you have to do is turn up looking sensational with a guy who seems to be crazy for you. Not only will he get really jealous but you can be sure he will be mad at the thought that you are having a good time.

You want to make your ex jealous because you want him to regret the fact that he made you go through all that hurt and heartache. It is easy to get him to regret breaking up with you if you do all the right things. There is no use carrying all that hatred and hurt inside of you though - let go of these feelings and make sure you move on!
Make his friends admire you
Get invited to the same parties and ignore him

Let him see you painting the town red
One of the fastest ways of making your ex jealous is ブーツ to still be friends with him but show him that you don't need him around anymore. Be friends but make sure you keep your distance so that he senses that you don't want him. Let him see that you are genuinely happy and content with the circumstances as they are.

Make your ex look at you like he can't believe his eyes! Get some expert help and change your appearance. Look gorgeous and sophisticated. Learn the art of elegance and how to look poised and elegant. When he sees you looking like a million dollars he won't be able to take it. He will turn jealous and envious.
Show him that you don't think of him anymore and that you don't need him to make your life complete. Remember he has been thinking that he is the only one who made your world go around for a long time now, so it is time to make him see that he is wrong about that! Go out and have a rollicking time with your friends. Give him a shock to see how much fun you are having.
Let him know that you have changed to such ugg 通販 an extent that other people definitely find you very attractive and charismatic. If you set out to impress and attract his friends they are bound to talk highly of you. Nothing will make him more jealous to think that you have captured hearts out there!
The more popular you are with other guys the more he will burn with jealousy. In his heart of hearts he wants you to be brooding and depressed because of the breakup. He does not want to see you happy and "in demand"! If other guys are attracted to you - he will become jealous.

Date a handsome hunk and flaunt him
A fantastic way to make your ex jealous is to date Will Know a guy who is more handsome, attractive, influential and charming than he ever was! All you have to do is be seen all over town on the arm of your new "beau" and see him turn green with envy and jealousy!

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