lacrosse teams wear light jerseys

May 12 [Sat], 2012, 18:10
"The light-colored jersey was too much of a problem," he said, referring to referees having problems distinguishing one team's players from another's. "What's light colored for one team is dark for another team. Teams would show up with the same (color) at tournaments. Also, most of the other sports have elected a white (home) custom men jerseys , also."The ban on striping and banding stems from the advice of rules committees for other sports in which banding has been permitted."There was so much confusion when they put it in that that just led to more problems than not," he said. "They said if they had it to do all over again, they just would not have the banding."Basketball teams are required by the NFHS to wear white jerseys at home, football teams wear dark custom women jerseys , field hockey teams wear white or light colors, boys lacrosse teams wear light jerseys, and girls lacrosse goes by "coaches' agreement."
The pending change in soccer may alter a neat aspect of Mountain Brook's Breast Cancer Awareness game. The Spartans have worn pink mlb jerseys custom for this contest."With a light home jersey (being the requirement), that was legal," Webb said. "That was no problem. Nobody suddenly got confused who we were."The Alabama association has given special permission on occasion for teams to dress differently than they normally would. It allowed Spain Park players, for instance, to wear camouflage jerseys during their recent Wounded Warrior service project.With the upcoming change to all-white jerseys, such specially themed attire wound seem out of bounds."You shouldn't have to have special permission for something that simple," Webb said.
The coaches who continue to argue this point have their hearts in the right place. They care about how this change will affect others even when it will have little effect on themselves, except to take a visual element away from a charity fundraiser.Alas, it seems their arguments will fall on deaf ears. Mangione, who has been a soccer rules interpreter for Alabama since 1991, said talking about the rule now is "ridiculous."Let's hope that cash-strapped programs can find the means to get the type and color of uniform they need. If even one program that is now struggling decides this new rule is the last straw financially and gives up the sport, that would be terrible.
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