Peter was very surprised

August 21 [Wed], 2013, 18:24
(;) I found Wu, deputy general manager and a thousand fragrant secret! Jiang Fan road. Oh, what is the secret? Li Hanya road. Do you know? Although Wu, total and deputy general although two people are lovers, but they never make out! Jiang Fan road. They don't love you, how do you know? Li Hanya exclaimed. Today I saw Wu, deputy general manager of the ideal touch that million total, be million total refused, I when to million total is not cool, I later found a startling secret! Jiang Fan road. What secret? Come on come on, don't buy! Li Hanya anxious way. Million total body odor! Jiang Fan road. Sorry. Million total body odor? It cannot be? Why didn't I smell? Li Hanya often contact million total, did not smell any odor she. Oh, million total body Women's North Face Denali Clearance Sale odor is a kind of special body odor, as long as she moved will stink smell, so she is not willing to Wu, vice president of her. Jiang Fan road. Oh, so that is what PBI Expedition Parka it is. Oh, no wonder the vice secretary of the Wu Xia love affair! Li Hanya road. Jiang Fan, you haven't found the vice secretary of Wu Xia tryst? Li Hanya road. Hey, Wu, deputy general today really miserably, he was always refused, immediately find excuse for summer, and then call the Secretary, the Secretary said great aunt to the summer, he only find five girl to a tryst! And the five girl gets a. Jiang Fan laughed. Li Hanya exclaimed: Wu, vice president and a five girl's lover ah, this guy really hateful! One side of Li Hanyan immediately mouth smiled, Han Yan, what are you laughing at? Li Hanya road. The five girl isn't a lover! Li Hanyan laughed. Five girls aren't lovers? Who is that? Li Hanya exclaimed. Sister, you are a foreigner, five girl is this! Li Hanyan to Li Hanya shook hands. Li Hanya saw Li Hanyan shake hands immediately understand what is the five girl, her face turns red, spat: boring! Jiang Fan and Li Hanyan two people immediately muzzled laugh, Li Hanya immediately ran into the bedroom to the stamp. The very next day morning, Jiang Fan to Kang company to immediately after holding a six bill to account to the fan, decided to go to the stone Wing City People's hospital. Call a taxi, about twenty minutes later, fan to the stone Wing City People's hospital. See the stone Wing City People's hospital building, Peter was very surprised, the hospital outpatient building ten layer, and the inpatient department building, is sixteen storey building, the door of the vehicle is parked, out-patient row long long of the queue. I rely on, so good business, how could so little money payment? Jiang Fan exclaimed. Jiang Fan to the hospital administration building, heard the Chilliwack Bomber Men Sale dean's office address in the building to the six floor, fan came to the six floor, found that the president standing at the door of a lot of people. Brother, you are to collect? Someone asked. Yes! Jiangfan nodded. Wu Yuan Long not ah, we are waiting for more than an hour! The humanitarian. Yes, we are waiting for more than an hour, also did not see Wu Yuan Long! Yesterday I waited a day did not see Wu Yuan long, the hospital a hard knot, some people run a month are not knot! Heard that Wu Dean especially good se, if it is female business manager to make money, if you do not sleep with him, absolutely not a penny! Jiang Fan immediately open!
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