Suet jade pieces to a heat collection

September 05 [Thu], 2013, 15:37
; when seeing Ye Fan again, such as the purple crystal squirrel tearful, big eyes blink, a whoosh rushed in, hang on Ye Fan's body, and then hide behind him, revealing only half a small head Qieqie eyes forward side glance. Xu ye this girl is very lively, like a little crazy rushed over, make threatening gestures, charming smile not to stop, catch small purple squirrel. These days Ye Fan has been on the run, in order to Pangbo thing all the way south, all over the country, not the little squirrel to stay around, at B Xu Qiong's home. No doubt, such a small guy no matter where can kill all the eyeball, covered with fur and silk, was translucent crystal, Zi Hua flow, direct will Xu ye this girl enchanted. Can say, whether to eat or sleep, she must hold the Amethyst like small things, closely, this enthusiasm really frightened the little guy. Ye Fan left had told it, and shall not reveal any supernatural, Daoxing cannot show, so small purple things never escape the clutches, pain and happiness. It is not used to be held, a person has always been the moonlight alone to Buddha, throughput Qinghui, been unsuspectingly, pure in a complete mess. These days, the only let it is happy to eat a lot of delicious, delicious than any before, if not so, the little guy may have already fled Yao in the sky. This is it now to see Li because Ye Fan tearful, really afraid of the little witch, hide behind his back, have a look only leave a big eyes secretly, glance at ah. Little ye, how you abuse Komatsu how it was like this. Ye Fandao, Komatsu Canada Goose Parka is his purple little name. I'm on Komatsu well but it is ungrateful, really mad me. This girl is not small, sixteen to seven years old, slender, faster than her mother, but still lively not, bounce and komatsu. In this delicate Komatsu, beautiful face with long horns demon no difference it wronged asked Ye Fan, can you make it back to the nest to go mountain. Ye Fan a look at the little guy grievances become this appearance, comfort hastily, produce a channel, said that will not leave it alone. Suet jade pieces to a heat collection industry, guardian auctions as a rare treasure to run, each time the auction will be a high-profile. Ye Fan received a payment, let Xu Qiong to Reversible Vest Baby buy a little old villa in a quiet area, Citadel Parka Men Sale he came back to life in nature, need a little disturbed environment. Today, want to buy some daily necessities, Xu ye offer oneself this girl, with her parents to help pick things up for Ye Fan. Ye Fan with Komatsu trip not long after it was stopped several times, asked his shoulder that was a purple glow of little things are what, be pestered beyond endurance. Some people said to report, said he to keep endangered animal, the treasure of the reporting countries, carefully protected that one day down, so Ye Fan is struggling to cope with, really some people spread compassion, telephone alarm, asking to save endangered species. All finally calmed down Ye Fan in the old villa in the old carved front lines, remove a to avoid dust pearl, to clean up. The Komatsu also finally free;
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