the endless mysterious gas

June 03 [Mon], 2013, 12:32
> Three hundred and fiftieth eight chapters, one finger fortune "Boy, you're doing too much, to not bully me mysterious oriental people do?" East heavens anger, saw Li Yichen shot he had shot, after all, people In his eyelids underground shot, he certainly can not let these things happen. wWw. QUAnBEn. cOM instant East day shot again, the same extremely violent mysterious gas, but only in that mysterious gas has an impressively veins, and the difference is that this road was originally veins seems like real magic, but seemed as unreal materialized in general, Along with veins dancing around in the changing room. "Mysterious sage who is enlightened through the border between heaven and earth's ability to rule, kid, since you dare shot will bear the cost" East days between heaven and earth shaking veins that road, the void while shaking. At this moment, Li Yichen's whole body began to twist as if in a flash, like a million times on instantaneous shock in general, beginning from the left, a little bit of grinding, homing nothingness, as if the space is in constant motion, stir off. Feeling the sense of space rock brought destruction, Li Yichen did not retreat, but a step forward, this step is not far away, just after he has taken that step, and as if his fingers began to slowly heal, Mouguang indifference, "I Li Yichen kill people, you can not stop," Li Yichen cold openings. A pointing out, breaking the power of virtual accompanied slowly introduced which refers to an instant a crack spread out again, as if collapse open space constraints, all the rules a little bit of power receded, even tough veins that day East incomparable, but still be finger chipping off. "Virtual" Li Yichen's mouth slowly spit out the word, along with the word spit, his body seems to blur up in an instant, everything is vibration forces are like useless, no matter how that space is really, at this moment seemed broken, a little bit of spread to the doorman's side. "A big breath, I scorn mysterious Orient to you, then you pay for it!" East day finally determined to be beheaded Li Yichen, from the outset just think Li Yichen is a mysterious saint and did not care,Nike Jordan Play In These 2, but now Li Yichen shot when he felt more and more worried about them. "This child was able and mysterious sage who own a confrontation, this strength is really horrible predicament" never thought of this East days left hand, and that violent veins had disappeared in a flash, but it does not completely disappear , but turned into one of the world in general. That appears to be on top of the world in a golden finger, the finger is not large, but in the event of the moment, Li Yichen's eye seems to have become somewhat strange, he felt that the fingers seem to be ten million of them interconnected combination of veins . "The power of fortune" step back a moment Li Yichen entire body, frowned, he felt a mysterious gas does not belong to the energy, that kind of force moving slowly, but it seems to connect with one fortune, at this moment he feel as if your body has become extremely difficult in an instant, as if in any kind of fortune about himself. Just one finger, but Li Yichen but can not face the kind of feeling,Oakleys Sunglasses Cheap, feeling as if the moment becomes very small, as if the whole person in confrontation with one day. "Feel it, this is the day the power is fortune, kid, if you leave now, I can let you go" East cold weather channel, but in his eye seems to take an intention to kill, even though Li Yichen true receded he will not let him leave so easily. Li Yichen difficult to resist the Okanagan finger strength, for the eastern sky, it is the power of fortune is the world get their fortune came from an accumulation, this force if it can instantly destroy any outbreak of a mysterious sage who, even Li Yichen feel this force at the moment, it looks as though the whole body is about to collapse. East day, although let him speak, but he can not bear this feeling that anyone in front of your face hit you a slap in the face, and said release you, who can stand? At this point, and Li Yichen wearer's eyes stared at the eastern sky, his hands did not move, he knew even move, which means fortune in front of all in vain. Li Yichen slowly create his own god pattern, gold veins between heaven and earth constantly flashing, colorful light shining like heaven in general, instantly seemed very bright. Since he took the power of fortune, I'll spend the origin between heaven and earth, I do not believe, even the origin of force can resist, Li Yichen frowned, despite oppression which means his body has nearly collapsed, the blood sprinkled a place, but he was straight forward spine. "Divine pattern" Li Yichen screaming, instant, golden god grain emission, not that Phoenix is ​​not a flame, but the origin of the veins, an inexplicable colorful light veins, impressively carved on different textures, a trace, like heaven and earth very mysterious truth in general, slowly push. Along with this promotion veins, void a little bit of shaking, and that fortune is different is that this source God equity lines seem like extremely violent, it seems kind of touched in this moment the most terrible power. "Ah -!" Li Yichen sky roared, he felt an immense black hole in frenzied horror devouring its own strength, the body of mysterious gas almost instantaneously been hollowed out, an instant sense of emptiness came That still did not stop after the black hole, but once again crazy swallowed. Paoniu blow energy loss, 98 percent 50 percent to zero percent. Li Yichen instantly feel the huge black hole does not seem to suck satiety, but boundless absorb them. At this moment, Li Yichen's fists clenched, Tien mixing drugs surgery at the moment the outbreak, hundreds of miles from the mysterious gas was almost twitching up in this moment, a steady stream of convergence. And now, the sky above the golden veins that finally slowly up again, with that terrible confrontation fortune a finger up. This moment, the endless mysterious gas gathering Li Yichen's body, his body had nearly collapsed at the moment is like a dead wood, crushed at all, while the sky above the pattern of God that road finally bursting out most terrible power. An extremely pure outflow of colorful light, slowly went to that fortune which was originally very proudly indifferent East day feel the sense of colorful light in texture with God which flows fortune moment, his eyes instantly changed. One frightened eyes has revealed that between the original extremely violent, so proudly fortune eastern sky at this moment seems finger began to change, but also the size of the original thumb started to become a little finger, but this time is not long almost in the eastern sky blinked moment the fortune and from a little finger into a small finger nail up. "Boy, how is this going" East days going crazy, and he did not know how it is, however, he spoke of the moment,Nike Air Jordan 5 UK Sale, that last point refers to the size of the fortune crustaceans also instantly disappeared, leaving only the eastern sky hands care days, there seems to be original with a terrible fortune. <
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