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June 22 [Sat], 2013, 10:48
> "It is," replied Mrs chic enlightenment, his heart did not want to admit that because of wind Yan was seriously injured,oakley eyeglasses sale, no one was around his opponent, fear of being pursued vigorously to kill each other on that something . WWw.QUAnbEN.COm but one of you to see beggars brothers are watching yourself, if even acknowledge his name did not dare, then this is not the main fact to reduce somewhat the prestige, or face blame. Liu enlightenment to fight it, if the other party to launch an attack, crying and everyone swarmed big deal, no matter how many people died, he was a man can beat hundreds of people? Black people asked: "First you kill the cold?" "Exactly" Liu enlightenment shrugged, this thing is really worth showing off, suddenly thought of which trace the association, asked: "Are you still Yan Yan Shi-day makeover?" That black man hesitated, recently people these days have a potential to identify the beggars, where he thought his movements he has long been aware of it, and had generous recognition, sneered: "are." "ah, Yan makeover, the Yellow River Gang "This time it was Liu enlightenment surprised. He has just flashed in my mind, the Yellow River and the Huang Gang homonym help the same kind of heavy and inference to this Hwanghak help there may be a powerful alien gang, the Yellow River to help it meet this condition. And Yan and Yan Shi, 2011 This name is also somewhat similar to the same change of weather. Yan Shi, left Bloodsoul seven to eight years, and also happens to be seven or eight years ago to help the Yellow River to rise rapidly, this seemingly vain side of the trail, but there is a reason. Yan Shi, Japan collar, high strength, leading to a rapid rise in gang xiǎo not too difficult. This just attained similar Lau, Liu enlightenment is two thousand years with their own wisdom to lead a rapidly growing capital of beggars first large group. Liu enlightenment in the brain just random speculation, under a question, did not expect the other party has generous confessed. That was a big harvest ah, Huang helped the Yellow River is to help, they want to enter the name of the capital of the mind. And Yan makeover also his potential rival, oh. "Liu enlightenment, you can kill the cold first ability to not weak, I would dare to fight a do?" Black people black cloth pulled méng the surface, looks Qing Qu, submental sparsely reciting a clump beard, older with Yan wind bigger, and it lasts about thirty. Singled out with him, he estimated that only Kuangbian copies. Liu enlightenment knows he has a few two kilograms, not conceited, asked: "Should I call you at Yan Shi Yan makeover it or call you, you help the Yellow River to the capital turf war coming?" Yan makeover shouted: "Just how do you call, Imperial is one of the beggars you, why not come to help me Yellow pie too. "" Of course I can, to see if you have the ability to help the Yellow River a. "Liu attained easily said, his heart was scared into a cold sweat,Oakley Scalpel Sunglasses, secretly toward the hole wins schematically, brother attention to gang fights slightly. See the hole wins nod response, Liu enlightenment worry a lot. Beggars stupid stupid yù people began moving slowly shrink xiǎo encirclement. Yan makeover of course aware of it, sneered: "Liu enlightenment, you may want to clear Oh, not singled out with me to fight a right, like you play, more people will die, and there is no way you killing me?" Liu enlightenment teeth and said: "Yeah, you're too xiǎo beggars we see the strength, and I ask you one last, I beggars wing deputy main fact Liu is not your hurt?" Yan makeover nodded and said: "Liu wing? was that waste ah, yes, yes I hurt, and you wait for the next scrap like him, Oh, and finally ask you one, and I'm not afraid singled out, this is for you, the biggest casualty reduction benefits of beggars. "Yan said sweeping changes then, Liu enlightenment of course clear. If rallied siege, their side certainly miserable people dead and injured, while Yan makeover will dodge, jump a big deal if he refused to support him to the roof. Beggars many people also could not reach him. Liu enlightenment reason so there held no fear, because the beggars came up to one hundred people in wearing clothes iron self-defense. Just have personally experimented, iron clothes can block his ribs poking of bone punches. Yan said wind, this high-handed boxing one but resorted to, consumed a lot of force. So beggars who all wore iron clothes, which according to an illusion, all are beggars who excel does not break the body, but also scared he was scared to death. He can play much worse then poke scoring tendon bone punches? Liu enlightenment watching around and see brothers vigilant towards him shouted: "singled out, of course dare, only that we have so many beggars singled you one, ha ha. Brothers, kill ah" "hacked him" in Liu enlightenment order, beggars crowd rallied siege, sudden Daoguang dazzling, more than ten pieces of Weaponry join hands to Yan makeover amputation. See Liu Yan makeover attained position, obliquely piercing leaping easily escape the siege of the crowd, killing close to Liu proximity to enlightenment. This is obviously one fell swoop, we must remember it. Liu enlightenment see him lunged towards his ax cover your head, homeopathy oblique cut out, Yan days stature flash, fast flash to his back, kick right fist, "bang", hit his heart after. Liu shook enlightenment is lying down on the ground, after a heart that aches, busy few roll away from danger zone first. See Liu Yan makeover by his enlightenment under the iron fist pounding is still unscathed samples taken aback and lay the I seized the opportunity to kill him to leap out. See the main fact dangerous beggars crowd waving blades have been rushing style glass slide block. Repeatedly Huchi under Yan makeover can not trust big kill Liu gave up the idea of ​​enlightenment, body type flash, fists punch after another, Sincere to ròu, instantly knocked down five or six people. But few people have been overthrown quickly got up and went to join the fight. Yan makeover sè a change they face is divided bone punch in the ribs poking actually okay? How beggars who are trained ** body, it is impossible that so many people have mastered the body does not break it. King Kong is not bad that good practice? Shaolin Temple is said to create faction began Zu Damo excel over the next few years, never heard of someone practicing it. Today I did not expect to see so many people are suddenly excel? No wonder beggars in just less than two years to put the whole society to go kick it. Yan makeover Antan trip to the capital always cautious preparedness is right. Now according to the strength of beggars, if the Yellow River to help large tǐng into the capital, under a war with beggars, do not say there is almost a chance of winning, not Waterloo is lucky to have it. Then create their own years of Yellow help will be in vain. But Yan sweeping changes are not a big scare, he still can not believe all are beggars who excel does not break the body. Fists opposite, Peng Meng heard bang, Kara's voice rang out. Successive defeat two dozen people, most people can climb up, and occasionally a few people were hit head immediately killed. Yan makeover finally relieved, but fortunately, not everyone mastered the body does not break up. However, a series of ribs poking resorted bone punches, has only five or six people killed, being so, Liu enlightenment is not killed himself to be exhausted. And Liu attained at this time is hiding in the crowd watching, trying to kill him easier said than done? Yan makeover will see the situation is not good thinking about quitting. Anyhow, today there are harvested, Yan wind was he waste an arm, cold first, Furuta is red also died. Datang after his first master is to see who is still his opponent. Explore the reality beggars basically understand, can not be the first to go back to Luoyang and then slowly try to kill a thoughtful way back. Yan makeover successive knock a few people, lù a little neutral, the foot that leapt straight flash stature roof. "Quick throw" Liu attained no surprise that he would escape secretly called a dozen archers ready to see him leap onto the roof, have opened a dozen archers bow throw. shè is to be very accurate, but are easily brushed aside Yan makeover. Yan makeover Shenqingruyan jump to the roof of another building, laughed and said: "Liu enlightenment, your head first to send in your neck hung a few days, when we meet again in future is your death, ha ha ha. "Liu enlightenment overturned a clot of phlegm spit on, contempt and said: I tell you to run fast, or I'll cut your head off when they play" did not finish this one annoys Yan side day, I saw him hand of a Young, Liu enlightenment busy Shuangshoubaotou under Dayton. Yan Yan wind makeover with this gesture the action is still exactly the same stone,Oakley Sunglasses Split Jacket, Liu enlightenment has just seen his stone-throwing skill, comparable with Yan wind, so to advance pre-judgment and sure enough, a Pieces stones flew from his head, playing in the dust of the ground. Yan dynastic see he can avoid his flying rocks, but also unexpected surprised a moment, this is the blood of the soul flying stone stunt mén required a training session, practice this secret is simply to pick up a pile of stones cast constantly repeated, no skills, learning to rely on ground training hard. excel attainments another job to see how their talent. Yan sweeping changes very talented, readily and hair, every shot hit the target easily. did not expect this Liu attain skill not very good, but is too evil encounter today is too much change and surprise, Yan makeover do not want to delay this time, pick a body in a roof jumped up and quickly disappeared in the crowd's attention. Yan makeover finally been scared off, Liu attain long breath, wearing clothes inside the iron clothes had been drenched in sweat. beggars few people injured , was killed nine people, the site was hit by broken bones basic skin is intact. everyone came to understand at this time, that black people how much. Yan makeover just to check it out the beggars and the reality, brought many people to come and go easily, which did not leave any room can be valuable things. Liu enlightenment ordered casually tidy, they bring people back to the beggars Zongduo it. now regarded as the Yellow River to help the first time beggars a complete failure. died a recruited, more than thirty brothers were killed; leaves no Di was stunned, beggars first master Yan wind left arm to waste, after the right arm alone can not play half the strength of the it is difficult to say. The price is very serious, but fortunately also have a little harvest. A powerful storm lù enemy has come out, beggars too early prevention of the Yellow River to help has reached into the capital, beggars future strategic direction to a large shift a. [..] .. <
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