the battlefield situation will change

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> One hundred and seventy second chapter yù escapement it is vertical combat troops each branch received a report, Huang Zhi Bo put Qikai Wei called in the past. wwW. qUanbEN. cOm "Although thirty-nine Army and sixty-five army was not able to complete all combat missions, but the situation is not too bad, at least fifteen military over the completion of the task, we ......" "These are not important." Huang Zhi Bo paused Qikai Wei, then said, "it is a fact that we now can not immediately think of any way to win five barns on the old town and now, we should consider retaliatory action taken by the coalition forces, as well as how to cope with coalition forces to counterattack." Qikai Wei Long export gas, said: "Mother Qi iron colonel is making arrangements." Huang Zhi Bo nodded, picked up a cigarette on the table. When formulating battle plans, the mother Qi iron on the proposed approach to curb coalition air threat, that after the first round of attack by the Air Force's AWACS to provide information to allow remote deployment in the rear with a portable electromagnetic warhead artillery rocket attacks against the coalition electromagnetic combat fleet attacking direction. While this tactic is not necessarily able to play much of a role, after all, take a few minutes to reach the rocket, and fighter jets to leave within two minutes electromagnetic warhead hit range, but do so at least be able to play lun coalition ground, a significant reduction in the operational efficiency of the coalition air strikes. Of course, the key to look at, how many volunteers electromagnetic warhead equipped with long-range rockets. "Commander in Chief ......" Huang Zhi Bo smoke point, glanced toward Qikai Wei. "I think it is best to stop offensive now." "Why?" "Dawn soon, even if we were able to curb the coalition air strikes, it is difficult to stop using long-range artillery support to coalition defense forces." Qikai Wei sighed and said, "First Marine Division and the Second Marine Division are heavily armored units, as long as the coalition's communications command to restore patency, and will definitely massive counterattack. offensive opportunities have jiā gave coalition forces, so we had better adjust the deployment as soon as possible." "defensive resolve Problem? "" But it does not solve the problem offensive. "Huang Zhi Bo smiled and said:" It depends on how to fight. "Qikai Wei stunned for a moment, does not seem to understand the meaning of Bo Huang Zhi. "You think about it, know that we have run out of the coalition electromagnetic bomb y do?" "It should be right, otherwise why are we in such a critical time to stop comprehensive electromagnetic warfare?" Huang Zhi Bo smiled and shook his head and said: " another point of view, even if we still have enough electromagnetic bomb y, why at this time to proceed with a comprehensive electromagnetic warfare? "" This ...... "" sustained over eight hours of electromagnetic war has been effective, at least let our military successfully launched assault, but also captured the vital given Ping Although thirty-nine sixty-five Army and Army did not complete the task, but objectively speaking, they played very well, at least the coalition would not think so. continue to conduct a comprehensive electromagnetic warfare, we what you get? "Huang Zhi Bo ōu the two cigarette, only continued," the coalition forces on the battlefield of the electronic devices are finished, certainly not put new strength, but will not let combat aircraft to venture into, so even if we continue to down, just buy more time and our reserves are not infinite elastic y, sooner or later run out of time. "" You mean, the coalition would think we yù escapement it is vertical? "Huang Zhi Bo smiled and said : "coalition how to think, I do not know, but for sure, as long as the mother of Qi iron defense tactics played a role, the coalition will be timid, that we stop comprehensive electromagnetic warfare, not a bomb y ran out, but in order to gain more big victories. "Qikai Wei nodded thoughtfully, said:" In this case, the coalition would have scruples. "," at least not put all air forces, ground forces will not rush to fight back, of course , the coalition will certainly shrink defense, but not from the five barns on the old town and retreat. "" This is our chance! "" Yes, this is the opportunity, and opportunity is very critical. "Qikai Wei little thought for a moment, said: "The problem is that we want to adjust the defense forces deployed in time to fight a war of movement, need to invest more than enough armor. Among other things, the army's command system problems, it would be difficult to communicate commands to go . "" This is good solution, try to use front-line commanders. "" coalition forces will not stand idly by, and will definitely concentrate on dealing with our PTU. "Huang Zhi Bo smiled and said:" This is the most critical issue, U.S. military's e-8 can be found in three hundred and fifty kilometers outside of armored vehicles, even if the coalition can not massive use of air power, will mobilize remote artillery, let's armored forces during the maneuver was hit. "Qikai Wei sighed tone, he would have thought of. "Just solve this problem, we will be able to continue to attack." "Commander in Chief, the question ......" "It's not that we can not attack, but armored forces can not attack." "You mean ......" "No armored forces, We do not play up? "Huang Zhi Bo knocked the table and said," Tell sixty-five army officers and soldiers, the test of our time has come. surrounded the barn immediately after ōu tune two brigades of infantry, infantry pure rapidly southward movement, be sure to arrive before dark salty peripheral states Needless to attack the salty states, but must let the defenders know that the main volunteer has to. "" pure infantry? "" Yes, pure infantry, just carrying a single soldiers weapon, try to take advantage of the mountain path. advance when it comes to platoon as a unit,Oakley Sunglasses Polarized Cheap, as decentralized actions. "" This ...... "" Sixty years ago, our ancestors wore thin autumn, a few of the fried rice Chuaizhuo will be able to march hundreds of miles in the snow, now is not the winter, there are dozens of military high-energy rations taste, I do not believe that these men can not be excess nutrients march fifty kilometers in one day. "" OK, I'll go arrangements. "" Do not worry. "Huang Zhi Bo stopped Qikai Wei, said," there are three ninth army, and fought against five of the old town action can not stop, but do not be so anxious. after dawn, just need to keep offensive pressure, allowing the U.S. military experience to threaten, try to use artillery, mortars especially easy to maneuver if there is ability to utilize coalition air strikes and artillery attack against the gap, anyway have to let the coalition know that we are still attacked five old town, but resorted to effort. "Qikai Wei nodded, said he understood the meaning of yellow Zhi Bo. Zhefan deployment, in fact, only one purpose, namely to continue to keep the pressure state, so the coalition that volunteers have the determination and ability to lay five salty old town and the state, encircled Hamhung, allowing coalition forces to make wrong judgments. Result, there are two, one coalition launched a massive counterattack, fight to regain the initiative; Second Coalition initiative southward retreat, give up the eastern line of defense. Anyway, the battlefield situation will change. Obviously, yellow Zhi Bo prefer to fight a war constantly changing, and not in position with the front consumed troops. "Sixteen Army how the situation like?" "Basically intact, thirty-nine army was not able to complete the task as planned, so do not make the sixteen military force." Huang Zhi Bo nodded, then reflective. As planned, the 16th Group Army in the thirty-ninth lay five old town, the southward advance, replace the thirty-ninth Army attack Hamhung. By this time, the thirty-ninth will be the 16th Group Army of the reserve, while preparing to break with the U.S. military to fight from Hamhung warfare. Now, the plan changes, no use it. ōu finished second cigarette, Huang Zhi Bo only said: "Do you think the U.S. military breakthrough may ìng much?" "Breakout? '" by the sudden blow, front únlun unbearable, communication and command problems still exist, the coalition should Select break it? "Qikai Wei froze for a moment and said:" Perhaps it is, but the current situation, the situation is improving, at least in recent days, the coalition is unlikely to break through. "" Really? "" the top in in front of the U.S. military's two Marine Division, and then not, adhere to a few days it should be no problem if you do not want to abandon the coalition has achieved victories, they will not break at this time, at least in the stubborn resistance after a counter attack only after the failure of the counter be possible to select the break. "" So, we applied pressure is not big enough. "" Even if the pressure continues, the coalition will be back, and then break. "Huang Zhi Bo smiled and said:" Well, s best to let the coalition to fight back. "" This ...... "" hasty launch a counterattack, certainly not ready to fully launch a counterattack after. "Qikai Wei come to understand,Oakley M FRAME Cheap, Huang Zhi Bo wants coalition mistakes again. "Contact sixteen Army infantry before dawn to send an eastward movement towards salty Guanling arrive before noon. Even fight for it, but also attacked the nearby coalition." "Pure infantry?" "There are leading salty Guanling highways do? "" Yes, but go through the coalition occupied. "" Then just send the infantry in the past, take the mountain road. "Qikai Wei nodded his head, said he understood the meaning of Huang Zhi Bo. "Almost, so be it." Huang Zhi Bo grow tone, said, "Everything went well, as long as we are able to withstand the bombing and shelling during the day, after dark, will be able to seize the initiative again." "Do you want contact fifth Army, so that they strengthen defenses? "Huang Zhi Bo looked Qikai Wei one, but did not speak. "In accordance with your deployment, the coalition would certainly think that we have invested heavily, and even that's more than three main entry into combat army." Qikai Wei smiled and said, "Not surprisingly, then, the coalition will fight back this afternoon, And the first floor storming set. "" You boy simple thing, it seems that soon will be able to take my place up. "" Commander in Chief, I ...... "" Do not do dream, you just how much? decade later, Can you command a war is very great. "Huang Zhi Bo smiled and shook his head and said," Tell Lohan and animal husbandry, Hao Yang, time is valuable, and now more sweat, wait for the next little bloodshed. before the arrival of the reinforcements , even if the fight to the last man, they have to stay in the set floor. what can be labeled,Oakley Radarlock, can achieve much victories, five army can hold depends on how long. "Qikai Wei did not wordy, immediately go to the commander issued orders. As the Army's operations officer, Qikai Wei Huang Zhi Bo very clear tactical intentions very clear when these tactics deployed after the commencement of the battle will be how tragic. ! ~! . . <
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