In the hands of machete

May 22 [Wed], 2013, 12:31
> Sure enough, just listen to the fog would like a deathly stillness ghost forest, suddenly four weeks sounded rumbling sound, that sound is like some animals that ran the same. wWw.QUanBEN.CoM No pop fiction network Welcome everyone (. ps8._ && bar) came with the sound of the crowd is not only this time you see me, I see you all stunned. "Ready, they come." Shouted Yang Hua said that with the sound issue, I saw Yang Hua and brush bang pulled out another one military dagger, a knife hand at the moment, looked coldly four weeks. The brothers do? All this time also the guy to light up, machete machete, a rifle, one by one all took out. In out, they do not consciously in a circle, and that Nancy do? Face pale, apparently because of fear, but her efforts endured, let their fear of disturbing the immediate Yang Hua. After preparing the brothers, all of a sudden, I saw those rumbling sound it has become a more recent, and accompanied by the sound of the TV drama asymptotic, I saw a group of dark mass just like the cat that stuff into lined row welling up. Extremely fast access to the power of fiction website intensive degree simply reached appalling proportions? And all from the surrounding welling up, which blink a look, my God, the less there are hundreds, just all around them. In the suddenly see so many guys, the brothers spent all, even the one who not only do not feel wrinkled skin, uncomfortable. I saw those siege over the little beast, one's eyes blood red, as if the same mutation, and Zhang footmarks a sharp sharp teeth, did not rush to attack, but will be surrounded Yang Hua them round and round, one by one in that bray. "Mom, ah, that his mother in the end what is this stuff?" Zhang Taibiao hands tightly holding his machete, dumbfounded general Seeing these animals. The brothers do? It is also one of the all froze there, they do not know all of these things in the end is what? Look grim look, or cute little animals have been? How will between the moment it becomes a demon bite people? "Do not worry about what they are? Rushed out." Just listen to the roar Tao Yang Hua said. Eyes have no choice, except to go out, they can not help it, kill,oakley sunglasses online, kill is definitely endless, which massacred hundreds if the slowly? Nima kill too much time ah! Let us now turn soon after the blast at the after Yang Hua, Yang Hua,oakley sunglasses sale, first saw the front of Nancy's arm clutching it ran toward the front. Those suddenly rushed to the little beasts, to see them go, screaming loudly, that screeching moment pass into their ears Yang Hua, then we can see flocks of them rushed to embrace. The brothers do? Saw these little beasts rushed up, waving machetes went towards the hands of those little beasts amputation. Puchi, blood spatter. Update speed class, ultra-fast I saw rage of Zhang Dabiao machete hit, the two rushed straight to the little beast once directly from the stomach to cut open,air jordan store, while the other is a direct cut to the waist to With a scream came, that two little beast splashed with blood along with their ears all the bodies fall to the ground. Look next to him Ali! A force in the hands of a knife that is terrible, his knife is like ghosts, like the kind of flexible, Puchipuchi, facing head over sheets with sharp teeth small animals Mito straight cut in that neck, and then one by one dead, while at the same time, just listen to Tap Tap Benedict also in this fog of gunfire rang inside a ghost forest. With gunfire sounded, I saw a little ginger ovary were all animals to death. Those who have been killed in a small animal's body down a whole, but not killed it? But still he kept forging ahead. So people with these beasts battle in together. Extremely fast access to the power of fiction website saw over there to kill the maximum addition, ginger tert hand gun, that is, Yang Hua, and it seems that animals like to know Aspen is like the lead, surrounded by his also increasingly more. Group of a group. Yang Hua it? Nancy stood in front of the whole person. Like a never insurmountable walls of the past, like fighting in front of her, in the hands of a worse hand dagger went, almost still almost dripping blood. A knife, rushed to the things that some went flapping legs, Aspen fiercely on their feet to kick, threw herself into his hands? He used the hands of the dagger. So he was a man wore dozens of small animal siege, killing became one, and that in his trembling hands holding a gun behind Nancy, it is disgusting to see straight turn, all those bloody see her only like nausea, to vomit feeling. As brothers fight with a ball in front of the beasts after that they had also ordered a sudden the whole mess. Everybody was grappling with those little beasts. I saw Zhang Dabiao moment has been completely surrounded by those beasts give, a little beast is not prepared to take advantage of Zhangtai Biao, a bite on his arm. Sharp teeth tightly biting his flesh. Zhang Taibiao pain Menheng soon have the whole face up in the red, roar, shoved an arm on the front of this little beast to fall to the ground, I saw his arm, too? A fast-living flesh was pulled down, the blood from inside a group a group run out. This sudden Zhang Dabiao really fire. "I am the grass your mother! I kill you!" Howling, Zhang Dabiao like Fengleyiban rounded out those little beasts of the encirclement. In the hands of machete, wherever he went, almost bloody one, suddenly the whole had also long with dense thickets of the woods suddenly was stained with blood the whole. Those who have been hacked to death in that little beast could not help but screams. But this seems to always kill the endless brothers, like those animals more and more. Side of the carnage on their side when the other side of the Zhou Xiaoquan a careless, the little legs have been bitten by an animal. Pain suddenly fell to his knees, then fell to his knees a few saw Zhou Xiaoquan the little beast really is clever tight, so the body of a turn toward Zhou Xiaoquan it sprang. Seeing that Zhou Xiaoquan going to be those little beasts to flutter in the face above the door, which we really want to go there Zhouxiao Quan's face, and he is also not the whole face was disfigured? And said he was not allowed as long as the two are not necessarily able to keep! At this critical moment, I saw a shadow cross in front of him. Splash, resting little beast all his huge hit on the body. The world, big strong brother. Dazhuang sight in front of a station that Zhou Xiaoquan after fierce roar, a rapid foot lift, slamming against a flutter over the little beast, he kicked one foot while big strong hands machetes, sideways swept past. <
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