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October 19 [Sat], 2013, 10:34
Boss sounds: in good condition yesterday, doesn't have much of a competitor, national weightlifting coach in an interview with reporters, said the current squad list is dominated by National Games champion Liaoning and at all nike blazer low sale levels of competition, gold medal bet is Liao Hui of men's 69 kg and men's 77 kg Lv Xiaojun. Chen Wenbin said that Liao Hui shifted comeback has maintained a good form, he was able to win in the National Games is very well documented. Although Liao Hui had been banned for two years, and most recently appeared in the international arena is what happened in 2010, but judging by the present situation, Liao Hui in 69 kg class on this level also there are too many competitors, into which players like World Championships, Chen Wenbin was assured. Moreover, Chen Wenbin, said Liao Hui is only 26 years old, comes as the year when playing. Banned for experienced setbacks, also stirs Liao Hui's fighting spirit, he would very much like prove their strength in the world series. "If Liao Hui's status remains good, stick to the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio is not impossible. "Chen Wenbin said. In addition Chen Wenbin said, Beijing Olympic champion Lu Yong men's weightlifting 85 kg [microblogging] due to injury, status, has quit international football and represented his country in the future war games have the possibility of a small world.

SINA sports news Beijing time on October 18, the Thunder at the Tulsa lost to Pelican; King punches in the final section, at home to beat the Sun. Following is a summary of these two games: Pelican 105-Thunder 102 pelicans in the last 1 minute pass, pre-season games unbeaten. -Eric Gordon scored 21 points, and Anthony Davis's 18 points and 6 rebounds, and Al-Aminou 12 points. Substitute appearances-Ryan Anderson [Twitter] contributed 18 points and 6 rebounds, and Brian Roberts hit a key shot, scored 14 points. Kevin-Durant [Twitter] had 25 points and 6 rebounds, Reggie Jackson 12 points, 9 assists, Cergy-ibaka [Twitter]11, Saab-saifuluosa 10. Team 7 were scored in double figures, Jeremy-12 Lamb of substitute appearances. Rookie Stephen Adams scored 10 points and 15 rebounds, and 6 of them offensive rebounds. Game at Tulsa's BOK Stadium both teams with roots here, pelicans (wasps) have a place at home that year, Tulsa and Oklahoma City, where the Thunder home belonging to the same State. Durant after the opening game, 12 shots in only 4 of the first half, but the bolt is still the leading 56-52. Section III Kevin Durant back. Beginning of this section, he had three hits, scored 13 points, Thunder edge on the 81-79 over the first three sections. Ibaka scored 7 points in the fourth quarter, he was just three points in the first 2 minutes, 50 seconds to vote, and Thunder to lead 98-96. When the game was still 1 minute 11 seconds, Jackson layup succeeded, Thunder ahead again with 102-101. Pelican offensive foul, gave Thunder perfect opportunity, but Jackson was walking violation.

SINA sports news Beijing time on October 18, the international match fought today in Shanghai, NBA officials earlier held a press conference and Shanghai Sports Bureau, announced that the two sides become strategic partners. At the meeting, the NBA President David Stern was awarded "Shanghai Sports Awards", and Shanghai Sports Bureau said Li Yuyi, NBA regular season will be in Shanghai. Press Conference, Li will be "Shanghai sports honor" Medal awarded to Stern, this is Shanghai's top awards in athletics, the award goes to a foreigner for the first time, in recognition of his made remarkable contribution to the development of sports in this city.
In 2004, Stern decided to bring NBA preseason games in China, is two games in one station in Shanghai. From the beginning, Chinese fans will be at home to enjoy the original sense about NBA games, NBA has gradually developed into the most popular sport in China. This year is the 10th year of the nike blazers sale NBA China Games, held a total of seven during a total of 15 games, this year's contest between the Los Angeles Lakers [Twitter] and warriors, led to both sides, as well as all Chinese fans, deep concern. Stern will remove the post of Federation President in February next year, this time in Shanghai, gains the Government honors, merit. NBA China Games have ushered in the Yao Ming of the rockets, the defending champion Miami Heat [Twitter], China's most popular Los Angeles Lakers, then what? This is one of most media attention. Shanghai Sports Bureau Li Yuyi said at the press conference, Shanghai boasts Basketball Hall, "I hope future two preseason games in Shanghai, one in the Benz arena and a sports center in the East. "Prof Arthur LI also said that he is confident that in the near future will be NBA regular season in Shanghai, he sent this invitation in person, Stern and his successor, Adam Martin silver. "The need to improve the current aircraft and flight speed, so as to solve the problem of players after a long flight, jet lag and exhaustion," said Martin silver.
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