has increased by a lot of strength

May 22 [Wed], 2013, 9:42
> Recommended standings always flattening out behind tightly wrapped, time is beyond the crisis, brothers, by 100 votes to help me kill up! ! ! Soon, the first recruited to be born, the brothers behind the rich to help fight reward under large forces to keep up with O (∩ _ ∩) O ... The next day, leaves very early morning Wake held a meeting. www! QUAnbeN! Com "What?" you're going to Jiangsu Maoshan? "" Why? "White Dragon, YUE Heng et al, have shocked, leaves morning to go so far away do not understand why, you know, from a city across another city to go through a lot of hardships the many monsters encountered along the way, accidentally died. Ye Chen was silent for a moment, watching the crowd, said: "It's time to go, extremely dangerous, is likely to die half way, I can not guarantee you 100% security, so - going to go with me can also leave, not as a stronghold to the Institute, hunting nearby zombie, basically there will be any danger. "and everyone fell silent. Leaf bamboo sitting next to silent, no matter where Ye Chen, she is always at his side, never betray. After a moment, the White Dragon first to break the silence, he grinned and laughed: "I am sure that will go with you, the hotel had not told over, things really did not tell the wrong person, although you cold-blooded point, but a large number of adults, it barely forgive your sins. "Ye Chen snappily turned his eyes. Side, of Zhuge where the cowardly sè to read the an Ip morning, a small channel: "Can you take me, and I go ..." the people have turned his head and looked at the boy. White Dragon surprised: "pig, you are not afraid of death it?" Zhuge where the face of everyone's gaze, a bit nervous, and looked ill at ease, bowed his head, a small channel: "My parents have died, I am a man alive boring, all of you are so good to me, I, I do not want to leave you ... "the people have silence. Everyone to be together, together for so many days, has indeed been a "home" atmosphere. Came back to grab a bath ...... dinner laugh ...... fighting and support each other ... people have feelings, separate, willing to say it is impossible. After all, if a person is lonely every day looking at the outside of the zombie, hiding in a corner, even the undead have to go crazy! What is more frightening than the loneliness? "I have to go!" Yue Heng shook head, eyes perseverance Road. White Dragon looked at him, eyes a subtle hint of a smile, laughed: "This thing, or later on the road, the less you brother followed, I am not lonely." brother your sister! "Yue Heng turned eyes, this quarrel between the two has almost become a habit. Small Yue Yue, do not be so unfeeling thing! "Go to hell!" ... Ye Chen looked at the two, then look to the eyes has been silent Mo Feng, said: "How about you?" And they were all quiet down turned around and looked at Mo Feng. This has always been the silent man, looked up one leaf morning, indifference: "Go!" Mouth smile. "This thing Xiao Feng Feng, after I protect you!" "Go!" ...... All decisions down, we began their packed up the luggage, and to carry things, and not with the other food, just to bring some candy, and some chocolate. In addition, it is body-worn equipment. Per person edged fire ax, Tuibian hanging a knife, the waist edge set of a small bag, which carry gauze, painkillers, and some small things, who is wearing purple magic cow soft fur production Leather, strong defense, 50, whereas the unusual monster, are difficult to tear Soft Leather. "Bring along?" Ye Chen looked at the White Dragon et al., Everyone knows this to go the distance, who prepared the props used in the face of a variety of environments. Backpack, but Mo Feng, his backpack a laptop, installed network can not connect, but the notebook still can be used as a good tool to store information, as a researcher, his computer store many experiments records, various monsters laboratory report, Note what shè, will what the reaction of the class description and so on. "Unfortunately, you improved gene pharmaceutical production instrument can not be taken away." White Dragon Mo Feng standing around helplessly sighed. Mo Feng lightly: "Nothing, production process, I already know that, along the way, casually looking for a research institute can make out." "Come on!" Ye Chen saw a crowd, he turned to take the lead around. Under rì crown, a pedestrian has embarked on a new journey! In the morning leaves behind the six-member delegation, the Institute's underground garage out of the monster, purple magic cow, three silver dog, bloodthirsty ants, and the devil wind dog, headed by a blood-toothed tiger. "Roar!" Blood-toothed tiger growled, take the lead around the rest of the monsters have followed. Black bear in mind that leaves morning charged and not too close,Air Jordan 3, only by virtue of the atmosphere, far followed, once the leaves morning need help, it will signal calls it, after all, such a large group of monsters, and several human close together, if seen, I'm afraid eyeball to be projecting too appalling Shocked. For black black snail insect leaf morning as the killer, will not easily let people know he took control of a monster team, or in after base established, will definitely target of concern in the limelight, even more, large country's the base City high-rise, will think that the future of humanity, forced him to hand over control of the monster way! If handed over his loss. If you do not pay, they become a public enemy of all mankind. Only concealed. ...... Walking did not take long to noon, strong rì on the horizon from the east, rose positive zhōngyāng, burning Chi earth. However, to Ye Chen et al physique, the face of this heat, or can easily resist,Oakley Oil Rig Online, no sweat, up to a temperature of 45 degrees Celsius, if an ordinary person lost consciousness passed long tan, but according to Ye Chen and other people, just feeling a little warm, nothing more. "With the occurrence of the end of the world, virus infection, the temperature on Earth has also been a serious impression leaves morning feeling around the hot temperature, a slight frown, as time goes on, the temperature difference on the planet will become increasingly large, cold, may be below zero on Baidu, hot, and even can be reached on Baidu. Simply being the stove barbecue. This is the end of the world! Is not a game, but mankind is faced with extinction, genocide in times of crisis! "Cries - the sky, a group of strange bird flying by, are a huge body, about 78 meters wide and spread his wings, sharp claws can easily penetrate the human chest feathers as hard as iron. Ye Chen quickly went to a gravel edge of the cliffs, leaned flutter on the ground, until the group of strange bird to fly to the very horizon, before slowly stood up, continue to move forward with a pedestrian. Along the way, in addition to prevent strange bird in the sky, there are snakes hidden in many yīn dark place, should also prevent the the ants big cháo or mosquitoes cháo. Both cháo not leaf morning now forces can compete, and only those who do not mind zombie ants large cháo of dare to see, still excitedly rushed ...... "roar! next to the rock, suddenly out of a tall figure, the whole body hair is dark and very dense, ferocious fangs, is a magic wind canine dogs, but now 1H2 magic wind, far from the 1H1 level 40 force, but reached 80, whereas the 100, whereas the range. "Kill!" White Dragon et al. Seeing, filed a weapon, rushed up, the head magic wind dog force is strong, far more than they, but soft Leather supporter, coupled with the next leaf morning , they just can be used to practice hand exercise fighting skills. "Stop!" Ye Chen frowned. White Dragon, who hesitated, stunned turned his head and said: "What?" Leaf morning around sister leaves Bamboo: "You enter the Superman state to kill a look, first become familiar with the Superman mode, after, or control head magic wind is almost the same dog and your physique enough exercise. "leaf bamboo surprised a moment, immediately overjoyed, nodded, turned around and looked at the magic wind dog eyes shine, since so many days, she has been Ye Chen protection of the good,Nike Air Jordan 6 Sale, there is little opportunity to play, only watched the White Dragon, and the monster fight, see itchy, and can only find some 6, whereas the zombie kill bit of a challenge xìng Nothing. The front of the head magic wind dogs, to exact her mind. "Is not it?" Next to the White Dragon, who have stunned, Ye Chen has been his sister as a baby to be the guardian today, how would suddenly make her the face of such a dangerous monster? Ye Chen did not bother them oddly eyes, looking at the other end of the hub over the magic wind dogs, a refueling eyes cast to the sister. "Superman state open!" Leaf bamboo Jiao He heard, systemic clothing wadding every now and then, a supple hair moving with the wind, from Superman interbody fusion gene, quickly replaced the human gene, switched into another mode. Two long, angled, protruding from her forehead, behind it there is no change, only to Superman third-order, the gene fusion reached 60 per cent, to be able to stretching wings, fly zìyóu. With the opening of Superman mode, bamboo leaves eyes passing a little flirtatious light, the power of charm people, and jīng beautiful cheek caused slowly sketched out a few strokes peculiar pattern, not only does not seem unexpected, but more good-looking. "Roar!" Magic wind ferocious dogs rushed up, body jumped as a lion Botu folder with a powerful wind of freedom, which is often used canine fighting skills, though it seems simply a flutter, in fact, has increased by a lot of strength, even if it is a 100, whereas the monster is all of a sudden flutter, will be overturned. Bamboo leaves but did not retreat, but a red forward to the magic wind dogs originally stood, one person, one animal instantly swap a position. At this time, leaf bamboo lift the palm of your hand, there is a small hole at the pulse, swished, sprayed shè the the of the light black sè, aerosol, shrouded to the magic wind dogs. Ordinary Butterfly characteristics sprayed shè the the odor driven back the enemy. But the evolution of butterfly, feature has also been a great change, not odor spray shè gas, but more powerful, with a strong toxic xìng of! Otherwise - late in the last days, any kind of smell is too strong, will lead to many powerful monsters lay siege to, then the monster born of Euro RSCG, is not by smell can scare. Hissing! The magic wind dog hair gets the light black sè aerosol, it In case of fire, quickly withered down, the pupil its eyes, instant corrosion, pain rolling on the floor. ...... Book Review area often go to everyone's views are received, but please rest assured imagine what will happen, the back will have the answer, some say not seen a butterfly spray shè odor, in fact, some say a little hard to believe , nice butterfly actually put the smell, but really, we also wood, so as to write in front, so that some people know that in vain ╮ (╯ ▽ ╰) ╭ <
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