broke seven ryongyon light

June 21 [Fri], 2013, 9:57
> Uh! Uh! With twice Menheng, Sima Yu and Wu Qing cattle Doujue decline an odd power hitting the body, while the pump power tried to resist, while the back of the potential reduction by that kind of force. WWw. quANBEn. Com Wu Qing cattle have been previously wounded, now injuries heavier mouth out bloodstains. Sima Yu decline see what was wrong, but he just uttered Menheng listening, apparently somewhat injured. Four masters, only the Supreme ancestors right, but his pots, also shook whipped out Lianfan dozens somersault. Supreme ancestors in the first turn a somersault when flying fish to help the White Lotus boy, celebrity dragon, the South China Sea Bodhisattva day Saginomiya Dacheng, Beihai Buddha Stuart Han Song, Mowen days, Void house Qu Mawson, wheat Yoshichiro, warm Jiuniang and supplier nine, Cai bucket, Miao virtual early Xing Trinidad, red beard, Song independence day, a total of fifteen individuals, poor Diao this; while breaking the ice matrix Luedao piano frog front. They see the piano frog trend after making a swoop, stature does not move, force dropped, are startled by Yizheng. Fifteen people is how character, he switched between piano frog has been seen coming Bianzhao,Oakley Sunglasses Fast Jacket, probably because a lot of physical wear and tear, piano Bianzhao this frog needs a bit long time. Fifteen people see cheap, plus they are too stimulating study on three high morale and piano, each displaying trick, flying frog Kuanggong turning towards the piano is more than he heard "bang" a loud noise, piano frogs live ten Jinshou five turns personal attacks, had to advance Bianzhao, again two front legs lifted off the ground and then try. This time, the power that is more than previously to be powerful, distant mountains are shaken, better advantageous place rolling rocks, the whole thing sounds like a landslide. Entire Emeishan, seems to be trembling. Fifteen great personal vision is sometimes strange force temporary body, how can flash does not open, had to exercise our powers Yingkang. Blink of an eye, who also could not withstand, scattered backwards Feitui, all of them sustained injuries. ~ Mai Choshichiro temperature Jiuniang most concerned junior sister apprentice, after an infuriating vapid broom, stature of a switch, the orientation toward the warm Jiuniang flying will vomit blood temperature Jiuniang hugged, momentary escape. He was afraid not to go, then we should be will become frog mouth harp, fresh. Manufacturers nine, Cai bucket, Miao virtual early Xing Trinidad, red beard, Song independence day falling after their own horse was caught, six odd beast piano frogs have previously Although serious injuries, but this time a lot has been restored strength, they ate frogs burned piano, piano frog is hate and fear for, ranging from Master gives the command, Ji Ben away. Miao six conscious of this king suffered internal injuries, within six months, never expect to recover, they can only pretend lost consciousness, he was the horse carrying them away. Zhu laugh seeing white frog in numerous master piano Kuanggong, actually there are so powerful, heart appalled, Lueyisisuo, suddenly the body of a turn, shouted: "Go!" First, God escape this place. Zhengtian teach other people have already stunned and pale, nine messengers Though he considers himself chivalrous, but in an unconscious state, followed also escaped. To be away from the grass, wake up, can not help but fear for their own poor ashamed _ but they really go back and fight with others piano frog,Oakley Glasses Online, then they are not move a step up. Taught in regular days when people have fled away, evergreen sub Ji Ben out of the mouth and shouted: "It's dying, everyone on." Instant rushed piano frog front, palms shoot, but shook vomited blood, fell to the ground, but soon, he danced, shouted to the mouth of everyone on the helm, such as electricity, mouths fight Arrow dream day eagle son, supreme ancestors, too imaginary child, no cliff, South Tathagata, Sima Yu Chen et al piano frogs are in something of terror, and who dare not rashly shot. They do not shot, their side who naturally will not be shot, while all stood too far to exercise our powers to heal, while secretly observe, once the situation is wrong, they intend to escape. Suddenly someone shouted: "predecessors, I'll help you." Is Bi Yun, shellfish only one with a sword flying out front. "And I!" Zhou Jianfei wind followed both man out. "I am!" "I am!" With eight sound Jiaochi, white according to Yi, by white people, phoenix non-smoking, I wish the thin red dragon moon, Ji hibiscus, Golden Peacock, wind chimes have swoop up. Bi Yun first arrived at the field, see the piano frog lying on the ground motionless, Ren Changqing sub-hitting, long head under a large white spots, encouraging the issuing muffled shriek, looks like vocal sac. Not far from the white point, but it is not previously Void Son and the Son Jian Qi Cliff punctured hole, but this time were nearly stitched. "Could it be that it's Achilles Heel in the patch of white spots on?" Bi Yun hearts Ancun. "Thorn its vocal sac!" Bi Yun decided to try it, shouting, general skill absorbed blade, sword broke seven ryongyon light, turned into a fleeting, points in a patch of white spot. Tip to implement, it is a group hindered by something hard, busy stature flash, flash toward him. Zhou Feng arrived, and imitate her look, force absorbed blade, his sword in the piano piece of white spots on the frog, Difficult after regressing out of the way. Subsequently, White by Yi, Bai according to people, phoenix non-smoking, I wish red skinny, Long March, Ji hibiscus six peerless sword stabbed in the piano has white spots on the frog, and finally show a striking red dot. Golden Peacock rushed, flick the hands of weapons,Oakley Jury Sunglasses, that is, on behalf of the leopard with red fish tail to her demon made a Ruanbian, suddenly become straight as bombs, and fall on the red points. "Bang", Golden Peacock Danjue whole arm almost broken, hear the sound of wind chimes behind him and said: "Golden sister, you were out of the way, let me." Renzhaojutong, struggling out grazing. Campanula like maneuvering came two fingers an arrogant, move a stamp, a Jian Qi injection, although the middle that did not puncture the red dot, but also makes the piano frog covered Earthquake. Campanula ecstatic, standing several feet in front of the piano frogs outside, issued consecutive Jian Qi, the piano frog shook constantly shaking. At this time, Zhang dry and substituting red leopard frogs around the piano behind a head the wind, a punching such as electricity, Zhang Feng and Quanfeng interwoven in one, endless hitting the piano frog's back, while Bi Yun, who is in the sides to help. I do not know how, piano frog remains motionless, leaving them in themselves in any one attack. Xiao Sheng and tweedle still in the ring, then tune becomes more expensive, like drums thunder, thousands sergeant rush on the battlefield. That snow, but suddenly it was even greater, large tracts, like a feather. Or much effort, Fang Jianming middle-aged body and the back to make the best piano covered with snow. Campanula surprise abruptly voice cried: "It's bloody, and it bled" just this time, Bi Yun et al sword fell piano frog body, cut open flesh, out of the blood, this moment that the blood actually no longer is dark green, but with the people, red, glaring, red, strange. <
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