But after this incident

September 11 [Wed], 2013, 18:28
; Zijin Mountain, Mr. corpse, nine general Chen sky, went straight to the Cheng Hou direction away. Zu Xian momentum from the shot, Jin Peng et al. Game more, while Cheng Hou fuzzy facial face green, purple for a moment. Chuang-tzu was the big Xiu jilt to go? Leave me alone? You know, this situation is entirely because of you Chuang-tzu! I just invited. Why should I have to face? Look at the Zijin Mountain is getting more Canada Goose Thompson Jacket and more near, Cheng Hou heart extremely depressed. How to become so? A saint, a Zijin Mountain, twenty Zu fairy? Such a huge lineup, they even if it is the first saint, as some do not eat ah. Zijin Mountain to do? Bucket? If the bucket up, oneself also please not good, Women's North Face Apex Bionic Sale if the Zijin Mountain went crazy, he may even hit. Go? But the best in all the land of saints themselves, without a fight? Cheng Hou fell into a confused, be clock day et al around, playing is not, not playing is not! The saint of this name, as if into a yoke, sleepy Cheng hou would not escape. Peng finally, in Cheng Hou inner idea 100 turn comes, Zijin Mountain flew up. Cheng Hou eye pupil shrink, hand picked up slightly, apparently to battle a. Day, we go to Zijin Mountain and said. Is the clock day nodded. Uh? Cheng Hou, a slight hubei. Go back? Cheng Hou accident at Zijin Mountain. While the clock day really hit a golden light, toward the southeast direction shot. A big pity, really go, and suddenly disappear without the presence of Hou,? Cheng Hou alone stand in situ, face is ashamed and resentful, ignored, but is completely ignored? Zijin Mountain ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Cheng Hou mood extremely cold. Perhaps this is the complexity of human nature, we don't want to fight, but not for fighting and blame Zijin Mountain ignored him. But after this incident, the Zijin Mountain is the Cheng Hou against to the bone....................................................... Zijin Mountain, a fast flying back to the tower to heaven. Soar to the skies to heaven, the ministers for. A group of people called Zijin Mountain fly Longevity Palace, step, Zijin Mountain into Canada Goose Camp Hoody the longevity hall. Longevity hall, waiting for his return, Zijin Mountain, & king. Zhong Tian et al with Zijin Mountain behind, slowly walked to the respective position. Zijin Mountain nature walk to before the throne. Wow a pendulum robes, Zijin Mountain turn to look at his. Chuang-tzu defeated Xiao dream territory, military marching North Delta, Zijin Mountain will balance a loud shout. The long live long live long live the king get old men Shan Hu Wan Long live wanwansui. Zijin Mountain slowly sat down. In the east. Lin Xiao sit on the military camp, eyes closed waiting, a group of generals Gong Li on both sides, who also dare not utter a word. On the table in front of Lin Xiao, a life sign. With the life sign rupture! Hu Lin Xiao eyes open. San Ping has purpose, North delta chi square States alliance against the big love, to subvert me towards asatsuna, when the armed forces to defend me,, inert, shouted suddenly sounded generals army East Forest Xiaochen 'I love I defending army camp. Defend my lazy ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ do I lazy ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ the barracks, Sifang ring shouting soldiers, a wave, more and more high! Big feeling the soldiers eighty years, again with a one to the ticket
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