the shadow and the wind Hao

January 22 [Tue], 2013, 10:35
The 155th Chapter XI LAN] name "new people?!"The male eye rhyme to stare out, so he is how shocked.The couple, it means the person under the age of twenty Canada Goose Snow Mantra Parka!A less than twenty people, can beat the rhyme, which he thinks is too fantastic."Yes, a new person, he is called wind hao."Yun Ying took a deep breath, God "colors" with refuse, slowly fell down."Girl, what are you doing?"The old man hurriedly helped her, however, she was determined to kneel."Grandpa, shadow have a favor to ask of you.""You said, Grandpa will promise you anything."Rhyme male also some panic, he was the first to see the sun 'female' and so helpless, previous self-confidence, self-esteem, seems to have disappeared."Grandpa, the shadow and the wind Hao challenge results, shadow hope Grandpa could spread throughout the country, so that each kingdom people all know, rhyme, to defeat at the hands of wind hao!"Yun Ying is low head, a word said, himself, is also slightly trembling, tears slide down, very miserable.In order to his grandfather, she can regardless of anything."Well, you this is why ah?Is not a challenge?Why to want to notice the country?"Smell speech, Xiong is one Leng first, then ask.But the rhyme tiger, it seems to understand what, that about three years, the young eyes within the enemy fire, want to WAN Xin, he could not help heart fibrillation."Grandpa, you promised to sign it, otherwise, the shadow will never walk alone.""You this!"Rhyme male rage, eyes wide."The old things, you promised to her."Mi Xiong roar, Hua Yuntian also catch up, into a yard, he is seen kneeling mediasoc, heart also can not help a sigh."Old man, this is my" private "thing, mind your own!"Hear his comfort, rhyme male instead of promise, the opposite is fly, a yellow "color" Wu Yuan since his body burst out, random sweep, ground crack, around the "flowers" Cong also has destroyed."You this old thing!" Canada Goose Baby's Elijah Bomber Cheap;See his evil spirit with the appearance, Hua Yuntian is not good, "I tell you, this is not your" private "thing, girl, you don't find this bull, this thing, for you to do your sky grandfather!" Women's Air Max 97;He knows that rhyme shadow the purpose of doing so, of course, the real purpose is absolutely can't let rhyme male know, otherwise, even if the wind Haoken save, he may not be willing to."Old man, you dare!"With the rhyme according to male arm, a yellow awn is toward Hua Yuntian failed in the past, in a fit of rage, he has no left hand."Bang!"Aggressive Bai mang gush, directly will hit the Yellow awn mincing, wind swept, surrounding vegetation could collapse."Two Grandpa, you don't fight!"Mediasoc saw, hurriedly stood up, in her close to rhyme male when, was a yellow awn "swing", falls in the distance, a fresh blood sprayed out."Shadow!""Sister!"The old and the young, quickly swept past, see this scene, Huayun day couldn't help again a sigh, to recover the momentum, slowly walked past."Shadow you all right?"See the eyes red and swollen, the corners of the mouth with the blood of the sun "virgin", around is rhyme male this predator marshal, voice with a trill.This is my family!"Grandpa, a shadow is all right, but" it is said the two, rhyme of video on a cough, blood red, her dress, she clung to the old man's arm, eyes still with a request, "Grandpa, you promised to sign it," Keke "shadow, you don't say."Looking at her constantly coughing up blood, Yun Xiong also panic, side head to rhyme tiger, "to please" medicine "division to hurry up, return Leng dry what?""Is is!"Rhyme the Tiger stood up, is urgent and ran out of the room.Hua Yuntian looked on, don't talk, just nodded towards the rhyme."Grandpa" had sustained injuries, is Wu Zong sweep, rhyme, is already a spent force, full breath hold was unconscious, because she knows, only this time, rhyme male promise will likely improve.See the stubborn in her eyes, rhyme male heart, finally is soft down, low sighed, "good girl, Grandpa promise."Although he did not know why mediasoc, must make this almost self-humiliation behavior, but this time, he also had to agree to the.
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