The Elder Scrolls Online - Conclusion of our preview series

March 22 [Sat], 2014, 16:57
Our conclusion of the great preview of The Elder Scrolls Online. Almost a year has passed since the announcement of The Elder Scrolls Online. Although the game has not changed in essence since then, but the developers have paid very close attention to the feedback from the community and journalists and reworked many details.

Granted, at the announcement of The Elder Scrolls Online, we were very skeptical. Star Wars: TOR was just about to lie a belly landing. WoW weakened and exactly in this situation, the next great MMORPG is announced. It did not help that the community nagged at the first screenshots, which showed Zenimax for E3 2012. Too colorful to comic way, were the judgments. "This looks not like Skyrim," said others. True, it is also about all of Tamriel and not only to a relatively small, wintry region of the continent.

It only knew times hardly anyone what it's all about in TESO. Okay, the Imperials are in disarray, the throne points, three factions fight around the remains of the Empire and the Daedric Prince also mix vigorously. Enter this information but a good feeling of what awaits us in the final game?

The Elder Scrolls Online - Conclusion - A MMO is taking shape

No, because the conditions were long months so vague that one could imagine everything and nothing underneath. Triangular PvP like in Guild Wars 2, SWTOR-like story narrative and Dungeons and Raids à la WoW - sounds like Frankenstein's monster in the MMO robe. But it is not because the Zenimax Online Studios have developed their own vision of the game. And of course also guided by elements of other popular online role-playing games, which MMO developer does not?

The designers are but one important premise followed: What to expect from a veteran fans of the series Elder Scrolls Online and how do you get these desires with the interests of the typical MMO players in line? And what can we contribute as a developer in the genre for innovation, without losing the fun and the overall concept of the eyes?

So the mix of vollvertontem Story MMO brand The Old Republic, PvP dance in a love triangle and the WoW Raiderei has come about. Peppered with advanced techniques such as the Mega servers and significantly improved enemy AI. That leaves the question open as to whether remains the classic Elder Scrolls feeling of exploration on the track in the general MMO hassle. The systems to rekindle the discoverer drive even with online role-players, TESO has. Only raises the question of whether the mass of players this does not suppress the noise level, as in many other MMOs.
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