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October 28 [Sun], 2012, 15:27

> The inverse five elements prohibition, the attacks of the power of the five elements,Canada Goose Mens Heli Arctic Parka, all translated into a form of energy, fusion into their own hands. wWw. QUAnBEn. the cOM inverse five elements with the things around extremely meteorite mine hand, intended to curb the full power of the Road Ray robbery. Sheng, Zhang Zixuan hands of Ray $ force eventually even issued a dazzling silver Guanghua. This is Ray $ Li Sheng pole appearance. Gradually, inverse Five Elements ban and heaven and earth extremely meteorite Ray power of hand joint, could not withstand the power of the robbery Ray. This is natural, needless to say the double three flowers gold robbery Heli blow, even if it is only a heavy gold robbery attack three flowers, enough to make the entire human world,Northface Denali, shaken. All, even if it is thousands of miles away, can feel mine robbed a dangerous atmosphere. The kind of people live trembling fear, and even makes many people think that the doomsday! Rumbling, Zhang Zaixuan the foot began to loose Lei Yuan dragon's powerful and he could not push back with two deep ravines, at the foot scraped off his back, hard rock also started to deform Finally, gradually forming a parallel with the horizon, one high cave. Zhang Zixuan grit your teeth, he knew If you do not shore up their own transit robbery becomes a bubble, and the strength of three flowers together with own lopsided. The thought of this, Zhang Zixuan more accelerated in the hands of heaven and earth extremely meteorite mine hand, absorb the force of Ray $ energy. Lei Yuan dragon energy, it seems there is no end, The Zhang Zixuan even feel the hands of the Thunder ball gathering energy has arrived on their own effort to blow, still no way ... to seeing Ray yuan dragon approximation own body, Zhang Zixuan The face finally exposed dignified. If Lei Yuan the dragon completely annihilation own body, the annihilation of God, even the body armor can withstand Ray yuan dragon Reiki invasion, but there is no way to resist the dragon Lei Yuan high temperature and pressure - even if their body has been the culmination of the realm of chaos gilded. Horrible! This is double three flowers gold robbery generate the power it? Zhang Zixuan Ningmei thinking, but can not find the crack. Just at that moment, the the Shenlong tactic of his body suddenly own up and running. Lately time, Zhang Zixuan Shenlong tactic in an abandoned stage,Canada Goose Montebello, because ninety-nine yuan reactive, and Fate tactic the relationship, there is simply no time to practice it. At this time, it has automatic operation, is it encountered anything? Or, no call, that danger will automatically run the Long War tactics? Zhang Zixuan puzzled not to be distracted, Lei Yuan dragon attack even more sharp up. Peng ...... He was stunned, and do not know what was going on. Bare, exposed skin, visible speed, absorbing element of force around the mine. Yes, like heaven and earth extremely meteorite mine hand to absorb, rather than resist. Lei Yuan of force in the body of Zhang Zaixuan back and forth operation, then those Lei Yuan force, shuttling back and forth among the meridians, like a runaway horse, continue to collide with his body meridians .... However, Zhang Zixuan not feel that kinds of pain, but kind of exciting moment tingling itch feeling, as if of Lei Yuan force is simply not in the attacks themselves, but to help their own massage ...... Shenlong tactic last layer cited tactic, actually appears at this time, can be described 久旱逢甘霖! Lei Yuan dragon as if feeling the the suction body Zhang Zaixuan, no consciousness of it, actually want to escape. Zhang Zixuan the right hand mine ball into the Sumeru Ligularia, Removing A subsequent annihilation of God himself, and the ** body inside of every pore issued an eerie atmosphere. Zhangzi Xuan fully cooperate with the the Shenlong tactic of operation, the whole body issued a forceful suction around the rocks began to loose, issued a buzzing sharp Ming. Lei Yuan Dragon uttered a roar, want to escape, but the tail but was Zhang Zaixuan firmly suck. Zhangzi Xuan Bao He soon, around the body to form a black hole the diameter thirty-four feet, but continues to absorb everything around. Black hole can absorb all empty! If anyone at the moment saw Zhang Zixuan appearance, must have thought he was a devil from seamless, because his eyes crimson, who also flashing bursts arc body showing a blue gray lifeless around the feet of empty even the air he inhaled, the scene is horrifying! This scene, only the seamless devil in order to have among the legends. On the ground, the Lim brothers and a little large, still blinking an eye stood there, watching the dragon's tail Lei Yuan gradually disappear in the field of vision, hear the shrill long roar force Lei Yuan, mouth have raised more or less of a smile. beyond land pressure. However, that kid is abnormal in her house if my bare hands, it is estimated that not his opponent. ruined,Canada Goose Hybridge Vest Cheap, from the fire calcined Tempered gas, plus on the descent shot Nissei gas enclosed in red gourd, mining the sun and the moon essence, wins world delicate reversed five elements to the effort Fig full, forged Flying, such as yellow tips snow , similar first-line haoguang being hidden in red gourd raising by big witch essence sterile. absolute power can not be underestimated. Shooting the Bow, you Cheonggu country the Shooting the arrows essence made, but in the end than the the black source Tianjiao Pearl and Magic Shrine difference on a lot! magic shrine? Why and Luohe Shrine refining? This is not nothing good? death of so many spiritual people, Do you want to do it again Gods Assembly? Once upon a strength, and now do not need to enrich it? forest Tianjiao did not speak, forest demon days but smiled, a finger pointed to the sky, a slight. A little big this come to understand, and said no more, but turned Lei Yuan dragon has gradually lost all messages. Zhang Zixuan few big hole from the ground deep inside channeling dark scars of the body of a one, criss-cross, like track and field general clutter ... and said. Just want to send a punitive expedition, but to see heaven Thundercloud cleared, revealing a sky of brilliant splendor. He is curious, academics behind point large interface said: Siayun billowing swarms toward his. The Zhang Zixuan know about Darden top three flowers together supreme cultivation, heart feel pleased, I just feel that Hsia - Yun hope among countless Reiki surging, not instantly into the skin. Hsia - Yun hope is not the kind of heaven and earth energy Ray element of force, but originally belonging to Zhang Zaixuan three flowers gold robbery of chaos. Came to realize that this power can begin to spend three flowers gold robbery, spent three flowers gold robbery, will be able to easily absorb the energy achievements undead immortal golden statue of the saint. Saints gilded plus the Chaos gilded own practice, what to accomplish what a powerful spiritual bodies? The Zhang Zixuan some expectations. Looked Zhang Zaixuan body mist shrouded a little big and Lim and his brother's face revealing a trace of dignified. Enhance the strength is good, but the skills the greater, Zhang Zaixuan bear something, it will be more and more. The future will be like? I am afraid it is only God knows. Lin days demon sniffled, smiled and said: State walked. Lin days demon touches and not be slow to follow up, the mouth is also constantly comforted Lin Tianjiao. The little big stride forward, walking two, and then turned his head, deeply hope one is the Caixia completely engulfed Zhangzi Xuan. The number of world of its own life, no one can guess the secret. The guardian of this vocation after dressed implied endless misery, but unfortunately no one can know. Zhang Zixuan magic kid, all the way to never go through orthodox education, but it is so improved by leaps and bounds. Maybe he can help us to complete the duties not entirely finished, right? Point large Minzui smiled, revealing a refined and elegant masterpiece looks, then go to move. <

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