Just check these people

October 21 [Sun], 2012, 11:20
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresult Lao Zhang ,you stupid, is it right? ?Your dad is dead ?He can come out from soil to kill you ?Get the boat stopped ,if angered the day .
I ,we completely finished UGGs Mens Neumel Short! Old Liu Yitui Zhang ,scold . No surrender ! Liu was a filial son ,that had it not been for the father for money to rescue the crisis ,he will not go to rob .
He eventually because rescue is invalid die, but his father dying words he never dare to forget .In these years he lawlessness things no less dry ,but never for the day ,I did one thing .
Although he had not seen the grandfather ,but his father taught him but he can .Liu see Laozhang refuses to stop, push Laozhang, scolded: roll !See you are not stupid ,today how will make muddy !Come ,leave him to me tied up together for a moment ,and the day ,the warship ! Immediately two crew to come up a rope to tie chang .
And the day ,the warship see yacht occurrence of this act not only not angry ,but laugh ,laugh at these people unexpectedly at this time were still fighting each other .At the height of the Japanese devils ,I could not help : brother ,I beg you ,let me go ,even throw me into the sea ,as long as no surrender ,the small day ,is buried at sea I don blame you ! Liu after all and I live for many years, hear my words ,can the heart a soft ,look to the even field .
This was even field go right in front of me ,there will let Zhang bad oneself only way out . Can let him go ,if so angry in my day ,we all efforts were in vain !You don spend the rest of my life in prison.
! The old one gnash one ,on the other crew : will I tied up ,while in Japan ,I give ! Two crew members to Lao Zhang ,who whispered : Lao Zhang ,sorry Men's UGG Classic Short Clearance... ... No. I yelled ,but two of the crew healthy, has left and right caught my two arm .
Lao Zhang desperate resistance ,if they tied to the day .I ,myself and what to see in the lower face of the father ?He then jumped into the sea to be drowned ,rather than being dragged by the day ,I give .
Two of the crew watched him snarling face but some fear, hand of course loose some ,I immediately took the opportunity to get rid of two control .I just want to get it in the cabin ,suddenly felt a pain in back ,only to feel dizzy ,fell to the ground .
I saw Lian Litian holding a just do not know where to pick up iron wrench ,is a watch lying on the ground can not afford chang .While the iron wrench with blood flow . Look what, and threw him into the side, ready for the day .
I embarkation ! Liu that woke up with a start ,although I have followed him for a few years ,there are some feelings ,at this time in his life ,there still consider on Zhang ?He immediately let a person be Zhang aside corner ,and personally stepped forward to stop the yacht ,then ordered the Japanese ship propaganda ,welcomed the Japanese on the boat check !The Japanese ship on the officers and men to see a show has ended, did not know that lots of fun to watch ,but the Japanese ship commander but still be in the best of spirits .
This is really a surprise ,thought to have been a complete failure ,can not think of the final was Liuan Hu ā Mingand spring ,in each other more than ten gunboats and several fighters under the threat of arrest to the success of this yacht Michael Kors Shoulder Bags,although boats and no Chinese soldiers ,the other can use military force if so ,at their confrontation ,visible on the yacht people must be very important ,this would be back ,but for the day ,the Navy up face ,he will be the reward !The Japanese ship commander ordered the Deputy Road : you go to take them to the examination ,will people have marched to the ship ! Is Mens UGG Boots! Lieutenant commander to see ,he certainly understand among them secret ,excitedly points a team of officers and soldiers boarded the yacht inspection lou .
Not far from Du Guoyu watched the day for the army to a yacht ,mad hands clenched ,he knew he had no hope, failed to live up to everyone .This not only the father ,more air force for their own freedom ,but still did not succeed ,lost face ,after going back to the father said ,do not have face to continue in force in the business .
The idea took off his outfit green military uniform ,Du Guoyu does not know what my future road in where ,don to do !While the Japanese in the adjutant lead began to conduct a comprehensive inspection of yacht .
The yacht was originally designed for domestic and foreign merchants services ,ship within various facilities ,luxurious decoration, but without any contraband .These day ,the soldiers checked after Wai ,could not help but to enjoy a diameter of over two meters ,lying on the soft round Chu á ng,can not help but think of if there could be two women in it would be better !Until the day the ship commander ordered the people feel impatient ,propaganda ,these day ,the soldiers began to enter the cockpit to completely control the yacht ,yacht .
But the Japanese just in the Japanese ship also heard my words ,for he dare insult Japanese is very malcontent ,stepped forward to kick a still lying in the corner out of M í .Laozhang several feet ,vent their anger .
I was playing ,he began to wake up, however, body pain makes him feel down to hell .I slowly opened my eyes ,only to find that the eyes are a group of small ,on the .I moved my mind ,dare not have any action ,his eyes closed and pretend to faint m í .
The Japanese did not find my little action ,vent for a while after ,cab leaving only a Japanese ship ,ready to open to the rest of the booty ,then went on deck to all crew final check ,prepare to let these people aboard the Japanese ship ,triumph .
Lao Zhang half curled up in a corner, heard the Japanese had already walked away, he will only eyes opened a small slit ,check with the cockpit in case .In found only a Japanese left ,I can mind .
He carefully picked up just dependent field playing himself that iron wrench ,with systemic pain quietly to the Japanese Yu on the past .And the name of the day ,soldiers are looked at this time ,see the comrades of Lian Litian et al are examined ,burst out laughing .
Just check these people ,he also had a lot of advantage ,also put a pocket only from the even field hands off a gold watch .Even a field hand gold watch, although the value of track ,and his life is not worth mentioning compared ,so in this day UGGs Suburb Tall Sale,the soldiers grabbed gold watch, he not only did not revolt ,but a face smiling will gold watch down to this day .
the soldier .I was at the time already to distance the day the soldiers less than a place ,a bite, high up in the hands of the wrench ,a day ,the soldiers of the hindbrain hit .
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