Wu Lai made a few method formula

November 09 [Fri], 2012, 12:57
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultThe 690th chapter of insect and bird vs Wu Lai hand trick ,the gold star core flies to him .
This huge star core ,so heavy ,sufficient to suppress time .Wu Lai made a few method formula ,star core shrinking ,finally become a pearl ,falling into the hands of Wu .The gold beads ,is concentrated planet ,weight more than hundreds of millions of pounds, most people simply can not move ,Ryowoon Ko may ,but Wang Fei will be pressed down .
Now ,Miss Lai easily played with ,show very strong strength .The uninhabited planet sharp melt into a star core ,nature is Wu Laigei handing .He is ready to go to refine a world print ,of course ,must be more than the world printed before some days printed a lot better ,after all the star core is rare material ,no refining are immortal implement foundation .
Planet was destroyed ,the Zerg queen has not placed on the heart .Queen seems to unintentional and Nanming from the fire fight ,also without a fight that swept across the high days of fire .
A planet destroyed nothing, it also can go to the next ,but the planet Reiki has will soon be it sucks .As for the star core ,the Zerg queen nor .It will star nuclear why Canada Goose Lodge Outlet?It will not mixing device .
Its body is its weapons .Like a sharp and Zerg queen ,basically is to rely on their own fighting instinct .Wu Lai stood aside, appears to have no intention to intervene in their battle, it makes the queen assured many .
The Zerg queen self-confidence can overcome restraint its sharp, but cannot support Wu Lai and sharp together .Queen size rose ,although large ,but very flexible .At this time, Wu Laicai really see queen size .
Queen body is stout, thousands of meters ,the head has a mountain so big ,looks like a boa constrictor ,but with different .Queen have thousands of giant insect claws ,one pair of antennae ,a pair of compound eyes ,and a pair of huge wings ,who seems to have a layer of shell ,looks very hard .
At this moment ,practiced Shinto Zerg queen aches and shining white, very holy .Wu Lai says that in heart : a bug are look like angel Clovis UGGs Boots,heaven the Birdman seen after not to die of shame ? Can imagine ,if the light God saw the Zerg queen ,will be angry .
This significantly affect their glorious image !Sharp and Zerg queen wars ,playing the pitch-dark ,huge energy rings shake out, Wu Lai kept back .Sharp sharp beak to the queen ,clawed to the queen .
If sharp pointed beak ,no sin Jun well-being, it is a blind alley .Sharp claws should not be underestimated ,gleaming ,feared .It can make the planet a jaw ,broken .However, the sharp tip beak in the queen as Queen ,pecks in place had sunk ,but soon recovered .
To a sharp peck ,gave Queen leaving a faint imprint ,light can be neglected .Similarly, sharp claws to catch in the queen who, also can not cause any damage to the queen .Sharp petrified ,it was the mother of emperor strong defense to scare .
Its beak and claws have much ,it was very clear ,even the fairy king also wants to avoid the edge .But its full play ,but did not cause any harm to the queen Felicity UGGs Boots,it makes sharp was frustrated .
Although there are restrained by sharp Zerg ,but the Zerg queen strength is better than it ,its beak and claws ,it could not break the Zerg Queen ,the queen is too thick in the .
This guy how such a pervert? Sharp did not think this Zerg Queen was not in Lai wu . Speechless !First met Wu Lai the metamorphosis ,is now experiencing a metamorphosis of the insect ,how such a metamorphosis ? Sharp is now no more tears to cry !Wu Laiye bull .
He knew the Zerg queen is very strong, but didn its flesh body defense is also so .Perhaps can only rely on their own shots .Sharp victory is no hope . Your tortoise shell is so hard .
Sharp cry .The Zerg queen with a sneer : Jenny ,don make a fool of oneself strength difference in this . Queen a claw out, will be sharp to take flight .Sharp is a body strong as iron ,but also can not stand the queen the claw ,a little bit hurt .
Sharp cry, fly back to the queen ,launched a fierce attack ,a strong attack on the queen .However, it attacks although fierce, but it took the queen can not .Queen was too scary .
The body as hard as steel ,the strength of which reaches down to artifact level . Top of a turtle cover ,also how to play ! Pour out one sharp heart .But due to the face ,it can not retreat !It is a beast ,how can it be afraid of a bug ?Sharp had huge wings ,large flow ,make space ripples, or even collapse .
But did not expect the Zerg queen tail directly thrown over, again the sharp hit fly . God bug wagging tail ! Wu ,a exclamation .A distance of fighting off ,sharp was scarred ,pant for breath .
As the fire bird Roxy Short UGG,when it had such a large deficit ?But also planted a bug ,it makes sharp are crazy ,and blaze a . Jenny ,you are not the imperial opponent .If it is not the end of the great fear ,the emperor had to draw on you by .
The queen looked sharp, said with disdain .The queen said that nature is the truth .It is because of Wu Lai watch ,although he across distant ,is also free to stand ,but Wu Lai strength ,can appear in the Zerg queen side to give a fatal blow .
Although the Zerg queen defense amazing ,but it is not a defense invincible .It and a sharp fight, always vigilant ,to prevent Wu Lai suddenly shot attack .Wu Laishi said : well, sharp, and come back to me ! Wu Lai words to the sharp one step .
It angrily said: if not stop me ,I would have beat the crap out of you . The Zerg queen jokingly said : the emperor waiting for you .And see who is pulling teeth . Sharp hate hate at a glance back to the queen ,Wu Lai UGG Starlit On Sale.
if you don call me, I will surely the bug fix . Sharp complained .Wu Lai readily gave it a sharp Li ,then give it a sound : who hit who !Not see you were beaten like a PigHead ?But don try to play ,when the odds are against him .
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