Zhang Zhong-Jin and gold campaign are Yizheng

December 28 [Fri], 2012, 11:39
Light fading away, like who accidentally knocked over the ink bottle the canopy layer dyed black and looked up at the sky, the dark one, it is clear to the upcoming heavy rain poured down. Colts to accelerate the speed and flew away toward the front, but this one almost barren wilderness, for a time but also where to actually find places head. The gold campaign through the Julian glanced slightly shook his head, said: "Bad weather, helpless ah." He Yiming smiling, shaking her head, said: "a few days ago, The weather is beautiful, so God jealous , to come to a downpour to greet us. "left the border town after they have line one day and night, on his way through several small villages, but they did not go in, but directly goes through. Gold campaign insist sat with a cart and Yiming two people talking in the car, especially when the conversation above Budokan gold campaign is his face red, excitedly Yau Wing do not stop the posture. Just did not expect this morning, Lang Lang is still sunny, but noon yet to come, it has been clouded over. Reached over and opened a Julian, mixed with a cool breeze blowing fresh earthy Yiming suck deep breath, said: "DASHEN weather turned out to be so unpredictable, almost mountains the same league. "gold campaign stunned laughed:" He brother, there is still kill real entry DASHEN of geographical Yiming back smiles: "has come here, and also far less to go there. Ride a Tude rushing from the front, before it is too late to stop outside their carriage immediately Knight skilled a pull Horsehead, suddenly keeping with the speed of the carriage counterparts. "Shizu gold, He predecessors, in front of a tea stall, can accommodate 20 to 30, and Zhang Shizu life juniors come to ask, whether to stay there." Gold campaign pondered a moment, said: "rest Hao, but all Zhang brothers decided it wants to. "immediately Knight Gongsheng should a horse bolted, and instantly rushed up. Eyes gold campaign take a look in the carriage luxurious car wall a smile: "He brother, waggon us inside the celestial palace special vehicles, even though we also may not be able to penetrate and then a big rain came in, but now may not necessarily, the case, or in front of a break "He Yiming down the glimpse of his eyes in the car a fist-sized hole in the wall above the point sheet cover , but if it is really under from the pouring rain, it fast sheet is better than nothing, to ensure that the entire cabin will be full of stagnant water. Face muscles just twitch a few times, Yiming mind very funny. The hole is the gold Battle with small stones to kick out, then of course is very interesting, but this time some regret. See Yiming smile on his face, gold campaign helpless shrug, and said: "He brother, if you insist on their way, and I do not object, but not have the slightest rain intrusion came in carriages." He saying this is like saying a single unimportant like. Yiming they know, in order to achieve what you really need words how much ability. Smiled Yiming said: "Golden brother, since the front Chating, then why should the rain before the line, rest walk no later than." When he finished, he proudly look at seven sky and said: "Summer Rain faster, go faster, perhaps before long, we can continue to hit the road. the fleet significantly faster many finally time for the first drop of rain before the fall came in front of the tea stall within this time, Chating already more than ten people, including these people are masked with a scarf, she is magnetic, Wu around with weapons near the body, obviously successful practice "walking people in the world. saw such a have over a hundred people, and accompanied by two giant luxury carriage team rushed to the scene, these people are a little nervous, even Aborigines also tightly grabbed weapons, led by two is not only using a washcloth masked people, two of them looks ordinary, but a pair of eyes is sharp to the extreme, flashing light only practitioners can have and the momentum. fleet horseback riding and head of a man floating from immediately launched into an instant had came to the pavilion of this - is to represent the spiritual night palace in the the Tianchi mountains beat the pack that Neijin the ten layers practitioners fee Concil Guo Mountain He came here to light a turn, the mother, has been inside the case give all the income in the eyes of the so-called tea kiosk, in fact, is a small temple transformation from the four walls are not broken, but it is very old. whole Xiaomiao not large internal tables and chairs inside, if the operator JL occupied space, up to only sit 20 to 30 charges read Chunyang enter a condensate eyes, who suddenly burst from an extremely strong momentum. although he repair Yiming and other people's eyes is nothing, but, after all, also a Neijin powerful acquired top ten stories children master a momentum of this stock dissipate, suddenly in front of more than ten people a face became pale and he waved his hand Snow Bunting, a gold bar suddenly wind wheel rotation in the past, when came to a few people come on when Tude stopped straight and fell to the desktop with the a loud the bite rattle ring of up, that two bits leaders face increasingly ugly. this seemingly handy, a throw, but the force of the wonderful, absolutely not ordinary people can imagine. "Ladies and gentlemen, today's tea, we please Canada Goose Ontario, please leave here. "Fee tie Guo Mountain Lengran said that more than ten people obviously go together, Guo Mountain, then hear the charges read, although no one has verbally abusive, but they all take the weapons out even draw his sword out sheath, but is also eyeing a small temple in the atmosphere suddenly tense up, the old man selling tea that is responsible for water heating is curled up in the corner of the wall weave shivering fees reading Guo Mountain Lengheng soon, waved his hand, from the hundreds of Knight, he also came in a two-person, two of them look exactly the same, clearly is a pair of twins two of them side by side, each step, the momentum of the body all the more strongly a point that more than ten people in the two chiefs finally discoloration, they looked at each other and opt stood up, one person took the gold bars on the desktop, slightly Baoquan, a wave, said: "Walking. "With his words, behind more than ten people are quietly stood up along with him out of the door but the door has been some small raindrops, the person headed hesitated, With far hiding under the eaves. the charges read Guo Mountain hesitated quite a while, and finally a soft heart, not expelled again. Julian opened, naturally someone made the umbrella of the oil distraction Yiming trio did not care about a little rain, but since it was careful to serve, they will not bother to painstakingly. enter into the small temple, three gold campaign to pick a table sat down, and to have the identity came along absolutely no more than ten. "crackling ......... sounded a thunder thunderbolt from the sky, followed by large drops of rain, such as bullets generally shot leaves the rushing sound playing only a moment only, between heaven and earth, like a water curtain is hung, the white rushing things vacantly murmuring, distant scenery full sight. Nearly knights successful practitioners stood so straight outside the temple heavy rain, they did not have any cover, although there are a few pieces of huge rain cloth, but it is also the first to take care of that two Deluxe car. Horses with special Horse horse is pulled under the eaves near the small temple, threw a special rain gear is also on the horses. From inside the celestial palace knights did not get rid of, can be considered a mercy that more than ten people. Yiming sigh loudly, perhaps he could not understand such behavior, but he does not mean any accusations. This is the difference in strength between the dictates Yiming believe that if both ex situ in harmony, strength reversed, then these people will not hesitate to yourself and others driven out, and may rest under the eaves. "Boss, take water." Fee Concil Guo Mountain came up a jar removed from her, said: "with this tea." Obviously, in this environment, it is impossible to have good tea, so the fee reading Guo Mountain will use its own tea. That trembling old man this Peizhuoxiaolian from Fee tie the hands of Guo Mountain took the pot, and he carefully jar open, remove the tea inside, slightly put this pick up on the stove large teapot, pour some water Canada Goose Elijah Bomber. May be due to excessive shock, his movements slow and almost spilled out the charges read Guo Mountain secretly shook his head incessantly. The red tea to the the Yiming three before pivot "who did not feel thirsty, but spontaneously lent a hand, lift the cup. However, action Yiming suddenly paused, ears slowly twitching, his face slightly changed, said: "Wait a minute." Zhang Zhong-Jin and gold campaign are Yizheng, with the eyes of Yaran look to Yiming. Put down the cup, Yiming carefully looked at the cup of water, seems to be what treasures like. His action immediately aroused the vigilance of two gold campaign, their looks, also sunk down in an instant. Fees reading Guo Mountain inside the celestial palace into a small temple in the disciple is frowning at that tea and an old man, and the air was filled with a deep pressure. Old man legs a soft plop ass to mouth trembling, not even words can not tell. The He Yiming slightly waved, said: "nothing to do with this person, you made a mistake." Fee reading Guo Mountain hesitated and could not help heart Anjiao ashamed. Identity they acquired pinnacle practitioners, turned out to be an ordinary old threats, if passed out, and their faces were not. Yiming on hand lift, the Tude smile, said: "friends standing outside, come sit right under the eaves that more than ten people suddenly face became pale one Tude shouted, they suddenly the hands of a wave, like a large light like locusts flying out, subsequently moving in all directions, respectively, and fled away ...
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