have been deeply attracted."

December 30 [Sun], 2012, 14:34
But as Zhao Qingwan said, two people went to the living room on the first floor, it appears holding a blue box king six came."Sir, this is for the 'ladies ready clothes."The king said, six will be in the hands of the blue box in the hands of Chen Fan."Thank you for the king" Canada Goose Camp Down Hooded Outlet;."Chen Fan also did not think of Wang Liu's actions would be so fast, just less than ten minutes of time, has clothes ready, so efficiency are fast enough." Canada Goose Constable Discount;My sister, I help you to your room on the first floor to change clothes."Chen Fan looked aside Zhao Qingwan said.'a nod, led by Chen Fan, soon came to a house one room.Slowly open the blue box, chen fan vision have been pointing to Zhao Qingwan's side, looking at the slowly put the clothes fading Zhao Qingwan in time will be her convex body show.Beautiful rounded slender legs, a long and very good stature by Tiao, as well as the seductive mature fragrance full tower, with baby companion on smooth, delicate Yurun's smooth and fair, it is God's masterpiece Mens Timberland Hydroclimb Hybrid.Chen Fan see alvine between the flame began to slowly burn."Little bad guy, how long will you be, don't you open the box."See Chen Fanna as things look, Zhao Qingwan did not allow aerobic back and glared at him, although it is not the first time his wonderful carcass show before Chen Fan, but Chen Fan was so staring let feel flush up to one's ears.Hearing this, chen fan quickly look back, hands quickly opened the box, a black one-piece dress appeared in his eyes, first of all to the eye is a piece of dark black eyes like color, have been deeply attracted."Wow, this pretty clothes."See the clothes, Zhao Qingwan also ignored now naked he hastened to pick up the clothes on the body moving, to Chen Fanpao a flirtatious way: "bad guy, okay?"As Zhao Qingwan took the clothes, on the body gestures, it partly hidden and partly visible, with Shu feminine carcass, straight to see Chen Fan and once expansion, said: "my sister, you don't in the Yin I, I will restrain the non give you executed."This made Zhao Qingwan noticed Chen Fan and don't know when I've propped up a small tent, now face composed of a charming red, Cui said: "bad guy, don't you" Chen who is as physical restraint the heart of the fire, because he knows now that Zhao Qingwan is definitely can't stand the shock / one after another.Now do a deep breath, calm the hearts of the flame, then from the box and took out a small bundle of clothes open look, black with a lace panties and bra appeared in front of him, the bottom placed a pair of half high-heeled black compact modeling chic leather shoes.Never thought of this box of clothes from the skirt attached to the peak of the underwear, even the shoes are supporting, this makes Chen Fan and Zhao Qingwan also have a little surprise, really don't know Wang Liu in such a short time, how to prepare so complete."My sister, you put on this clothes have a look."Chen Fan now also some expect Zhao Qingwan to put on this clothes style.Light is Chen Fan head, eyes watched, blushing Zhao Qingwan picked up the black underwear to wear up.Look at that little panties can encase Zhao Qingwan half buttocks, while in the mirror reflection, small black panties in following lines outstanding at present, it is very tempting, see Chen Fan eyes straight."My sister, think of your hips so warped."Chen Fan said sigh is completely out of their appreciation of praise."Oh what makes you little bad guy to see the light."Love the sound of praise that Zhao Qingwan was not a sweet, turned to the mirror for a giggle and flirt, probably also want to enjoy their beautiful buttocks.But little does she know, she so do, almost let Chen Fan cannot help flush, this can give down."My sister, you don't take, get dressed quickly, I can not stand fast."Suppressing flame Chen Fan some bad call."It just called you don't come, you want to come in, now know is wrong." Zhao Qingwan got angry at Chen Fan a look, found himself under the tent is worth more than just went up.
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