A few times a week to adult sex is normal

July 11 [Wed], 2012, 17:10
The United States a "herself" magazine published an article that: the ideal frequency of both spouses to reach agreement on sex, rather than stick to a fixed pattern.Also invited a number of U.S. sex experts review guidance on the different frequency of sex.
  Night time.Expert Comment: praise your extraordinary effort, but do not for sex sex ", ignoring the feelings.New York State University at Stony Brook sociology professor John Gagnon suggested that the fight for both body and mind are met time and frequency of sex in the most recent month's time, attention, and to explore whether the frequency of sex with a partner, .
  Twice a week.Expert Comment: This is the standard frequency of sex, many people stick to the "Indiana University institute of sexology expert Dr. Eric Johnson said that this is not science.The real science sex frequency is determined according to body needs and both emotions.Husband and wife live a long time, frequency of sex will form a habit, tend to become form than substance.At this point the couple must learn to break the routine, such as changing a fixed time and place.
  Two or three times a month.Expert Comment: If they both accept this frequency, so do not worry too much.Pini said the United States Houston, psychosexual therapist Mary Euler, some couple's sex life, quality over quantity.Especially after 40 years of age, time, the quality of sex is better than a daily passion.The two sides together to learn new things, with expeditions and other activities to narrow the marital relationship and improve intimacy, sexual nature。
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