January 08 [Thu], 2009, 19:36
Mhmhmhm I think I'll update this again maybe sometimes...
lady of hell is back! *laughs*

And to you...
Suki sugite!

Movin to ameblo 

October 21 [Tue], 2008, 23:41
From now on, I'll be using my account on ameblo better than this one.

See you there!


October 19 [Sun], 2008, 20:10
Ah... I've just woken up... I'm really tired... (@ ̄ρ ̄@)zzzz
Yesterday I went to bed at 3:00 AM... I continued reading "Amanecer" and forgot about time... when I looked at the clock it was really late *laughs*.
I should have something for breakfast now... so...
See you later!゚・:,。゚・:,。★゚・:,。゚・:,。☆

Listening to - Lynch, - Ambivalent Ideal


October 16 [Thu], 2008, 20:45
I'm back...!
I needed some time on my own, and some time to recover and not posting sad and depressing things here (-.-) that's not how I wanted this blog to be!
So... now I can say I'm fine, so I will start posting again!
Don't know where should I start from...
DIO's concert is getting closer and I can't wait for it really!
I also started university again, I thought it would be more difficult than it is really... and I'm really glad about one of the subjects which I really enjoy ^^
And... Oh yeah! I got a new tattoo! I'll show you a picture... like it? xP
What more... let's see... yesterday Lynch.'s Ambivalent Ideal single was released and also the PV! I really love it... they never deceive me! What an amazing band...
Also Vampire Knight started again!!!! Zero & Kaname, I missed you so bad... *laughs*
Well, my mum's calling me for lunch, so... have to go now!

Listening to - Lynch. - Ambivalent Ideal


September 07 [Sun], 2008, 2:56
He left me...
Without reason...

How am I supossed to be strong when everything I was believing on seems to be a lie now?

I'm back! 

September 01 [Mon], 2008, 3:08
I know, I know, I haven't updated for sooo long...
But my life has been a mess this summer, and I hardly had time for anything...
I've spent most of the time this holidays with Kirai, traveling to his home or he coming to mine... because now high school and university starts and we won't have much time to see each other...
And then, my mum had some surgery to fix a problem on her leg and she couldn't move at all after it, so I had to take charge of almost every house work... I even learnt to cook *laughs*.
Oh, at last, I couldn't see Kagrra (;O;). They cancelled the Spanish gig... but well, DIO is coming on December, and if it's not cancelled again, I will go for sure!
Well, now I have to continue studying, tomorrow exams start again...

Baichaaa! <3

Listening to - Chris Brown - Glow in the dark


July 17 [Thu], 2008, 23:10
Yey everyone!
How are you doing? Are summer holidays being funny? I hope so! ;)
I'm really busy lately, going out with friends and so on, simply enjoying summer time! so I'm not able to update too much, but I'm doing my best!
Kirai comes tomorrow, he will stay 4 days at home, so in 4 days I won't update for sure *laughs*. I can't wait to see him... ah... this must be love *laughs*!
Don't know what more to say... I need to buy the flight for the Kagrra concert but I've run out of money (-.-) it's too expensive... hope to be able to get it soon!
Also, on Saturday I'm going to a super party on the beach at night and I'm really excited!
Oh, I forgot to say, my fotolog account got closed (¬_¬) so I got an esflog one... the link is : ;)
Now I have to go! Bai bai!

Listening to - Fergie - Big girls don't cry

Jesus of Suburbia 

July 12 [Sat], 2008, 0:19
Sometimes I forget about music groups I love and then one day they come to my mind and I start to listen to them again (^ε^) ... Green Day was my fave group time ago, and they're still one of the best bands for me , but for some reason I hadn't listened to them for a long time...
By the way, since I noticed there were an Spongue Bob theme, I needed to use it! *laughs* o(^▽^)o.

Listening to - Green Day - Jesus of Suburbia


July 10 [Thu], 2008, 20:27
Yesterday I was finally able to go out with my friends!
Since my foot is getting better (I don't know if I mentioned it here, but I got burned in San Juan's night (^_^;) ) I can go out again!
We went to a tea house and Adel brought "parchis"... XD I lost because they were all against me (¬_¬) I will take revenge!!!
A few days ago I bought a kimono for the Kagrra's concert and it's supossed to arrive soon so when I get it I will take pictures!
Bye for now!

Listening to - Him - The funeral of hearts


July 06 [Sun], 2008, 2:06
I've started watching a new serie called Dirt and I'm totally mad about it now o(^▽^)o *laughs*. It's a bit strange and... dirty XD but I find it really cool o.o All related to the Hollywood world and the celebrities and their problems with the media and their personal lifes...
I recomend it to all of you!
By the way, Vampire Knight stopped on the 13th chapter until October *cries*...

Listening to - Duffy - Mercy♪
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